15+ Times People Simply Hacked Life and Others Loved It

We all want to make our life easier daily. So, most times we invent strategies or techniques and adopt them in order to carry out daily activities in a more efficient way. While some think a little outside the box to get things faster, these people have gone way too far to find easy solutions to life problems. We have compiled a list of funny and smart life hacks for you. Enjoy!

25. Nobody loves to pay for excess baggage fee, so we avoid it as much as we can. However, for this guy, he prevents it at all cost. We hope he has enough money to pay for a fine when he gets caught finally.

24. Well, this seems exceptionally illogical, but we never can tell! So, basically never run out of sausages in your home and perhaps in your pockets. It's a lifesaver, especially when you’re in need of search dogs to find you.

23. No puddles and rubber boots: We all need puddles and rubber boots during winter. However, this kid is an exception, even though we are wondering how comfortable he is; he seems pretty fine!

22. It's hard to be stuck; trying to locate your muse and eventually running out of ideas when trying to complete a task. If you find yourself in this situation, be a risk taker, and do the needful.

21. It turns out that iron can be used for other things apart from clothes. Well, in case you plan on trying this unconventional cooking method, make sure you have a backup plan to effectively clean the iron when you are done.

20. This is so clever...until the lady insists she wants the flower because it's her favorite. Warning: This trick will not always work!

19. This man is the real deal. What do you need a hand pruner for, when you can fix up a homemade hedge and trim your flowers with little stress? Well, you need to have a lot of strength to make this work!

18. Really? Perhaps, we are all buried in pillows too, and growing up is our way of ripening. Now, we can stop asking "how old are you?" And stick to "how ripe are you?"

17. Necessity is the mother of Invention. When you push your child to the wall when it comes to a smartphone; their need to deceive you will make them more inventive.

16. We are waiting for the invention of such bags. However, until then, you can deal with being shy of openly admitting to regularly drinking by making those bags sound pretty loud.

15. It is hard to believe that this is romantic; there is probably some fishy reasons for this action. Nevertheless, this lady is happy with it, so we'd pretend that it's adorable. Hopefully, the table doesn’t turn so soon.

14. Having strong hands is a privilege, at least you wouldn't need to visit a mechanic to fix your wiper because that's a secondary reason for having two hands; drive with one, wipe with the other.

13. Do you hate it when people watch you from behind and startle you? If you do, a spoon is all you need for rear-view security. You’re well on your way to being an FBI agent with this hack.

12. This person should be a Hollywood star because this seems too impractical to happen in real life. Nice script with a good story ending...Until one of his client's relative catches him alive. What happens next?

11. We are not sure if this is illegal; however, If you cannot afford an extra coin for a shopping cart at the mall, your key can do the magic. Hopefully, you don’t get caught.

10. Toilet paper is a comfort that many tend to take for granted until they reach for it and find nothing but a cardboard roll. For this person, he/she will probably never know how it feels to run out of toilet paper.

9. Going to the mall to get stuff could be stressful; however, what could be more exerting is carrying the bag around and holding a kid at the same time! This person found a way to reduce the hassle.

8. When your husband loves you too much, that he'll do anything to have you in his arms even if it rids you of a good night rest and makes you catch a cold in the morning. Is this romantic or evil?

7. Stuck in a crowded subway car? Just try this, and you'll never have to stand again. Beware, if you want to pull this trick continually. Try not to give away your identity; a costume will be just fine.

6. This man just showed us the easiest way to develop a habit! Look for a strong bait and put it in the right place. You don’t need 21 days with this hack.

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5. This person is a genius! No one will ever snatch a diaper from anyone. Can we have purses designed like diapers already? Until we get this kind of bag, real diapers can serve as our thief protection device.

4. You all remember Scheherazade, the female storyteller in One Thousand and One Nights, right? Well, we bet she can compete with this person's protection strategy. Telling one thousand and one bad things to people is a feat even the renowned Scheherazade can’t beat.

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3. All you need is some peanut butter to convince a dog of taking his regular bath - Owner: "Come on little pup, it's time for your regular bath" - Dog: "Will there be peanut butter splattered on the wall as usual?" - Owner: "Of course!"

2. This is the only good thing that probably comes out of depression; feeling sad and crying while eating caramel will get you salted caramel, which we think tastes better! Finally, a silver lining.

1. We secretly feel better when people agree that we are right while our significant other is wrong, especially with issues that concern our marriage. If you need help in achieving this feat, this man is your guy. All you need is $250!

These hacks are pretty hilarious. However, this doesn’t mean we do not understand how they relieve many from certain stress. Do you have other life hacks you'd like to share with us? Let us know in the comment! Share this article with your friends to make them crack up.

Source: Bright Side

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