Queen Elizabeth's reported take on Meghan Markle's independance

Right from the point of Meghan Markle’s engagement to Prince Harry, the Duchess of Sussex has been causing a rush in the tide of things in the royal family. Despite the fact that the couple was granted access to the Frogmore Cottage in order to have some space and level of privacy of their own, it seems total freedom would not be an option for the royal couple. According to a royal source for The Sunday Times, the Duke and Duchess had initially hoped for a form of total freedom over their relationship and affairs. However, this plan of theirs was vetoed by the Queen, stopping them from moving outside the jurisdiction of the palace.

It was revealed that the couple wanted to create their own family outside of Buckingham Palace’s influence but could not get the Queen to agree to this. Perhaps, this is due to the royal institutional structure that opposes the independence of this kind. There is the belief that it might not be good to have the couple go off and do their own thing.


It is hardly a surprise that Prince Harry and Meghan would very much like a space of their own. Kensington Palace is well known for its constant hustling and bustling, and this might not be so suitable for Meghan who is used to a calmer Californian lifestyle. Hence, It wouldn’t be so difficult for the royal couple to make a home out of Frogmore Cottage. As a matter of fact, the very idea of this can be easily made into a reality by the duo, especially now that the cottage has been newly renovated.

The completion of the renovation of Frogmore Cottage saw to some recent additions such as a green energy center and a yoga studio. With these new additions, it would be easy for the royal couple to move in and get properly settled before the birth of baby Sussex. Prince Harry and Meghan would be able to make the cottage into their own home and space.

Even though Meghan and Prince Harry were denied access to complete absolute freedom especially in terms of their home, they still strive for their independence in some other ways.


Of all social media platforms, Instagram is undoubtedly the place to keep up with the Sussex royal household. While it is custom for members of the British Royal family not to have personal social media accounts, it seems the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have found a way to tweak this rule to their favor.

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Prince Harry and Meghan recently premiered their own social channels on Instagram on April 2. This alone enabled them to break the Guinness World Record for the least amount of time to gain one million followers. Their account was able to reach a million in 5hrs 45 mins which was so much away from the previous holder’s record of 11hrs 36mins.

The account which already has over four million followers keeps gaining more followers by the day. This could be as a result of the couple’s exciting nature and willingness to keep their followers glued to their page. It is evident that the creation of their own separate accounts from that of the Kensington Palace was a subtle move on the part of the couple to establish their independence.

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Based on the debut of Sussex Royal on Instagram, it is evident that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are craving some sort of independence from the traditions of royal life. However, it seems that creating an Instagram account was not majorly to break away from royal norms but to create separate identities from Prince William and Kate Middleton. Before the birth of @sussexroyal, the Cambridges and Sussexes shared insight into their lives and duties to the world via Kensington Palace on both Twitter and Instagram.

However, since rumors of the split between Prince Harry and Prince William surfaced, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been doing all they can to gain independence from the Cambridges. It first began with them moving to their own apartment in Frogmore Cottage, and now individual Instagram accounts. Perhaps, the real freedom Prince Harry and Meghan desire is not from the rules of the monarch, but from any association with the Cambridges.

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It is quite amazing how the royal couple pulled this off. However, it would be more interesting to see just how much the Duke and Duchess of Sussex can get away with on their Instagram. It's easy to agree that with Meghan’s level of experience with social media, she could easily slip something through the age-old royal officials. Nevertheless, there is no doubt that there would always be a balance in their social media situation as royals.

This is because Meghan seems to know how far to take things to avoid causing so much drama with the royal family. It is quite evident that the Sussex couple is debunking old archaic ideas and are, in turn, reshaping what being royal actually means. For instance, they also took to the gram to create the #globalSussexbabyshow campaign. They used the medium to encourage the members of the public to make donations to select charity organizations for children and parents in need. Prince Harry and Meghan have made it clear that putting a brave foot forward in terms of becoming more open on social media would serve as an effective way to allow the royal family to evolve. They hope the changes get to a point where it becomes irreversible.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex unarguably make a unique and attractive couple. Despite their desire to be exclusively free of the ties of the British Royal family, we can't help but love them some more. Hopefully, with the way they have warmed our hearts, they would be able to work their magic on Queen Elizabeth to grant them total independence. Do you think the Sussexes are going too far with their 'freedom crave?' Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

Source: CheatSheet, Sunday Times

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