Queen Elizabeth's II Reported Role In Stopping Kate Middleton From Posing For a Photo Shoot In Underwear

There is a new rumor out there that Kate Middleton was going to be part of a sensual photo shoot back in 2007, and people are only recently talking about it online. However, someone important stopped her from posing for it because it would sully her reputation despite it being for a good cause. Let’s find out more details about the scandalous request she received.


The Duchess of Cambridge entered a 21-girl rowing group called The Sisterhood. It happened just after her public breakup with Prince William in 2007. As most fans know, they met each other in 2001 at St. Andrew’s University, but they started dating around 2003. Their relationship had many ups and downs like regular people, and they broke up after four years of seeing each other.

Everyone was surprised by the news because people were sure they were going to get engaged soon. Most women try different things after breaking up with their boyfriend, and Kate joined the team. However, she was soon asked to do a charity calendar. Her friend, Emma Sayle, who was also part of The Sisterhood, told tabloids,

“Kate is strongly considering it — we are all leaning on her a bit.”

She continued stating, “We realize if Kate was involved, sales of our Art Of Sport calendar would go through the roof.” Luckily for fans of the Cambridge couple, Kate and William started dating again just a few months after their separation. Therefore, the future Duchess decided against the calendar, but there is a reason for that.

According to The Guardian, the Queen herself told her not to pose for the photo shoot. The reports go on to say that Middleton also left the rowing team in August 2007 at the request of the Queen as well. However, the rest of her teammates continued with the idea, posing with England cricket team captain Alistair Cook.

Famous photographer M.J. Kim was the master behind the camera, and the proceeds from the calendar went to the organization called Babes in Arms, which supports research for babies who are born with abnormalities. They also gave funds to the children’s charity CHASE Ben Hollioke Fund, which is for hospice care.


By the time Kate joined the team, she seemingly had nothing to do anymore with the royal family or Prince William. She was seen with him shortly after, and it was probably the right decision in the end. Queen Elizabeth II apparently did not like how much attention Kate was getting back then. Too much of it is never good for anyone.

The media wondered if Kate would get back together with William, and her every move was probably watched and scrutinized terribly. Interest can turn from positive to hurtful with just one wrong choice. Elizabeth II might have predicted that her grandson would marry Kate, and it would have hurt the family if the pictures of her in underwear were made public.

Furthermore, the Queen thought that Kate’s training days for the team drew too much curiosity as well. Her main concern was “overexposure”. She was being pressured by the team, and wisely, Kate followed the correct advice at the time.


She might have said no to the charity calendar, which would have required her to wear only underwear, a baseball hat, and body paint, but Kate participated in something else. Avid fans of the royal family might remember hearing about her in a fashion show during her time in college. The future Duchess strutted down the runway in a black, see-through piece with black lingerie underneath.

According to some reports, Prince William first saw her during this show, and that is how he fell in love. He even bought front-row seats for it. They announced their engagement in 2010 and had a fairy-tale wedding on April 29, 2011. They currently have three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

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The Royals might be used to having their pictures taken by the paparazzi, but that does not mean that the media can do anything they want. Considering the fact that Princess Diana’s accident happened because of zealous reporters, it is reasonable that the Queen wanted to protect her family from any future harm.

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Elizabeth II even went so far as to use her lawyers to stop the paparazzi from hurting Kate Middleton even before the rowing team calendar. This happened back in 2005. A documentary titled ‘Chasing The Royals’ details how the Queen used her attorneys to stop some pictures of the Duchess from getting released to the public. These images were a complete violation of her privacy, especially since she was just dating Prince William back then.

Apparently, Kate was on vacation with her family at Restormel Manor in Cornwall, and pictures of them were taken while they played tennis on Prince Charles’ estate. The lawyers moved quickly, convincing the British media not to buy those pictures, which unfortunately were still released in Germany. The Queen’s legal team could not do much about that.

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According to the photographer Niraj Tanna,

"[The Royals] do not want any private, unofficial photographs released to the press whatsoever, so they are clamping down like there is no tomorrow.”

In the documentary, he also stated,

"If I’m on a public footpath, I would assume it is all fine. It has been okay up to now, and suddenly, the goalposts have been changed."

It is clear that the Queen knew something special was happening between Kate and William, and heartwarmingly, she helped them. Let us know what you think about the Duchess of Cambridge and her almost-sexy photo shoot. If you liked this article, share it with your friends who rooted for Kate as soon as she started dating William. See you next time!

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