Meghan Markle's Engagement Ring Raises a Wave of Followers All Over The World

Meghan Markle has been tagged with a special kind of ability which has been referred to as the ‘Meghan Markle effect.’ The Duchess of Sussex has been able to sell out a clothing item, accessory, and jewelry by simply wearing it. This uniqueness of hers was first felt after her engagement to Prince Harry. Almost immediately after the engagement was announced, the belted white coat from ‘Line the Label,’ which she wore for her engagement photos, was quickly sold out. Also, her handbag, which she rocked for her first official royal engagement followed the same vein. Just ss her clothes and accessories have taken the world by storm, it seems the ‘Meghan Markle’ effect is about the take over the jewelry industry. Jewelers everywhere should brace themselves because Meghan’s engagement ring is on a dazzling mission of its own to set off new trends.


The sapphire engagement ring that was once Princess Diana’s was given to Kate Middleton by Prince William during their engagement. According to the President of WP Diamonds, Andrew Brown, this caused a lot of replications of the ring and created a significant change across the jewelry industry. As huge as this effect was during its time, Meghan’s engagement ring is expected to have something similar, if not more.

According to Town&Country Editor, Will Kahn, a center stone that has two stones flanking it was quite common. However, Meghan’s choice of round cuts on the sides was truly unique. He believes that so many women would definitely want to go for such a style like Meghan’s.


Prince Harry himself had Meghan’s engagement ring designed. The ring was made by the court jewelers Cleave and Company with featured stones which were once owned by Princess Diana. During his first interview together with Meghan, Prince Harry informed the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) that the ring itself was yellowish gold because that was Meghan’s favorite. The main stone was sourced from Botswana while the smaller diamonds on either side were from his mother’s jewelry collection. Harry believes that including his mother’s jewelry in Meghan’s ring would mean making sure that she was with them ‘on their crazy journey together.’

Harry is definitely not the only or first royal to specially design a ring for the love of his life. Prince Albert also gave Queen Victoria an exceptional ring. The ring was in the form of a snake shape which had an emerald stone. This stone was meant as her birthstone. The CEO of Fred Leighton Ltd. and CFO of Kwiat Enterprises, Greg Kwiat affirmed that the ring was meant to be for her as something personal to reflect who she was. He thinks this idea of representation has always been present in the royal family.


Kwiat explains that the style of Meghan’s engagement ring has a strong history in the British Royal family. He revealed that its round center stone goes deep and has its root in history as some of the world oldest diamonds are cushion cut. This kind of cut, according to him, has seen a resurgence in popularity over the years. This fact alone accords Meghan’s ring a traditional as well as a modern feel at the same time.

The contrast the ring creates in terms of its cushion cut, and round side diamonds will cause a whole lot of copycats. Kwiat believes that often, three stone rings will be of the same matching shape, but this time, Meghan’s ring makes use of a round shape against the softness of the center cushion. This will most likely set off a trend in many ways in the years to come.

Not only are the diamonds on the ring going to set off trends, but the yellow gold of Meghan’s engagement band would also make some waves of its own. This will primarily be because the yellow gold is of a rare kind, as platinum and rose gold have been more in vogue in the past years. Kwiat asserts to the fact that platinum is the most traditional metal for engagement rings while at the same time so many people are who wear mostly gold jewelry would rather choose to have an engagement ring made in yellow gold.

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Meghan Markle’s engagement ring has been praised for its gorgeousness and its incredible value. The president of WP Diamonds, Andrew Brown, estimates the retail to be above fifty thousand dollars. However, when the royal prestige of this kind of ring is considered, it could be sold anywhere at a rate between five hundred thousand and a million dollars.

This ring might be simple, but the cost was far beyond that. While no one can actually put a total value on a single ring, having diamonds from Princess Diana’s royal jewelry collection makes the ring priceless. Depending on their quality, the diamonds alone could be worth up to three hundred and fifty dollars while a three-carat diamond like that of the ring would cost around two hundred thousand dollars. Despite diverse estimations, one fact is very certain, Meghan’s custom-made ring costs more than Princess Diana’s sapphire ring.

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Irrespective of the cost and value of Meghan’s ring materially, the sentiment behind the ring matters more. After all, it is the intention that accompanies a gift that counts more than the gift itself. In the couple’s interview with BBC, Meghan confessed that it was incredible. One might think she was referring to the ring, but she actually meant Harry’s thoughtfulness and the inclusion of Princess Diana’s jewels. As Meghan was not obviously able to meet his mom, it was imperative to her to know that Princess Diana is very much a part of their journey.

Indeed, there is a phenomenon like the ‘Meghan Markle effect’ at play in the fashion industry. While most brides prefer to choose something symbolic for their engagement rings, it seems the ‘Meghan Markle effect’ would override that choice. Do you agree that the Duchess of Sussex is about to make a wave on the jewelry scene with her iconic engagement ring? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

Source: Town&Country, BBC

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