Lori Loughlin's Home Estimated At $35 Million What It Looks Like

Following the college admission cheating scandal, in which the Department of Justice charged 50 people who participated in a scheme to get students into colleges by cheating on entrance exams or bribing athletic coaches, actress Loughlin, and fashion mogul Mossimo Giannulli have been in the headlines. According to ‘People magazine’ the couple and their kids have solely retreated to their $35 million Bel-Air mansion since the issue. Have you ever wondered what their $35 million house looks like? Look no further as we have got you covered.


According to Elle Decor, Loughlin and Giannulli had made renovations on their seventh real estate venture before they moved into their current estate. The pair are profession renovators. It must be quite a task for both of them, since demoting and remodeling houses all the time isn't such an easy task. However, it is Giannulli’s passion as revealed by Loughlin:

"'My girlfriends say, 'You're a saint.’ But it's always been his passion, and I roll with it because he does the heavy lifting. I know it will turn out beautifully."

Apparently, Giannulli had a reason for this passion of his. The couple has been moving into bigger and more luxurious apartments over the years. Their previous accommodation was in Beverly Hills, a 7,000-square-foot villa that was built by the founder of Columbia Pictures in 1929. The house has some historical significance as it was once occupied by the famous talent agent, Johnny Hyde. He found discovered and dated the renowned actress, Marilyn Monroe.

As reported by ‘Variety, ’ the couple later sold the home in an off-market deal in 2015 for $18,246,500, before they moved into their current abode.


The house in which they currently live was bought for a whopping amount of $13.995 million. The renovator pair implemented massive changes on the Palatial Biel mansion, which cost them a huge budget When Giannulli was done with his ostentatious renovation, the home was listed for $35 million, twice the price they bought it initially. This confirms that the family spent a vast amount of money on renovating the already-extravagant house.


Are you familiar with the posh town of Bel Air, in which the residents are incredibly wealthy, from the series ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air?’ Well, this isn't too far from what Bel Air looks like in reality. The ritzy residential enclave in the verdant foothills of the Santa Monica Mountains has the highest income in all of Los Angeles. The ‘Los Angeles Times affirmed this.’

Speaking of opulence, the Loughlin-Giannulli clan estate has an equally magnificent neighbor as their home overlooks the famous Bel-Air Country Club, as reported by ‘The Real Deal.’ The proximity has a significance, as Giannulli is in charge of a golf apparel company, a high-paying venture. He once inquired while on an interview with ‘The Hundreds:’

"The reality is there are companies doing hundreds of millions of dollars in the golf space, so why can't it be us?".

The business is paying off really well, but we wonder its fate now, following the cheating scandal.


According to Variety, the compound is completely enveloped in hedges and is snuggled in a Picayune Cul-De-Sac. If you were to be visiting the home, you'd need to pull into the double-gated driveway, where two large, front-facing garages would welcome you. Do not be surprised. There is enough room for about five cars, so you might be allowed to pack inside. Once you are out of the vehicle, you would approach the house from the driveway on a long flight of stairs made out of stone. As reported by Live Science, right on both sides, you'd be encompassed by Eastern Mediterranean olive trees. Since the Loughlin-Giannulli home is designed with a Mediterranean theme, it seems reasonable that the flora on the property would be from the region. Finally, at the top of the stairs, you would reach a looming set of arched wooden doors, and you'd be faced with a door to enter the building.


The first room in the big compound will beautifully impress you. By the first room, we mean the foyer which is artfully fitted and furnished. If you happen to look up, you'd see an exposed wooden ceiling, which is quite higher than a regular ceiling, letting in lots of light and air. Also, you'd see the gallery on the second level, with mind-blowing artworks gracing the walls.

Moving past the first floor, you'd find yourself standing on a gorgeous stone tiled floor, with a basket weave pattern. The incredible part of the room is the back wall made wholly of black-framed floor-to-ceiling glass doors that open out to a narrow, arched, covered corridor. Beyond that, you'd be staring at the sprawling grassy land of the country club next door.


The living room is adorned with super-wide plank floorboards that goes beyond the living room into the rest of the spaces in the home. The ceiling is decorated with wooden beams, and there's a lovely fireplace perfect for Los Angeles winter evenings. Also, it will be hard not to notice the grand piano and the graceful abstract art.

On one side of the room, the doors open out onto the golf course, just like they do in the foyer. However, on the other side, the doors open out to a courtyard, which is encircled by hedges. At the far end of the space, there are triple archways that connect the living room with the next room in the house.


Once you get to the far end of the living room, you'd enter into a lavish and spacious space which serves as the bar and den. The bar seems to be stocked by everything you could ever think of drinking, and it will be hard for you to miss the curved facet over the sink for cleaning out glassware. It is possible that the family rarely spends lots of time at the bar, as it seems they aren't big fans of alcohol. Loughlin once told People Magazine,

"I'm not a big drinker, I love champagne, but I don't have champagne every night. If I go out and I want to have a drink, I'll have a glass of champagne."


Just beyond the bar space, there is a lounge area with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves. If you are a bookworm or just like being around books, this is the perfect place for you. The room which is also equipped with media equipment and amazingly comfy looking furniture has an open view of the golf course. In addition to this lounge, there's also a paneled library elsewhere in the house. Incredible!


On the second floor of the manor, you'll find four suite-style bedrooms, a second family room, and a jaw-dropping master suite. Right there, you'll notice multiple walk-in closets for clothing, accessories, and other items, as well as an entrance point to a terrace that overlooks the green grass below. The men's bathroom is furnished with beautiful dark colors, while the ladies’ room is filled with bright colors. In an interview with E!News in 1999, Loughlin revealed how she loves spending time in the master bedroom.

"Besides the kitchen and family area, this is where I spend most of my time,"

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A large painting on the wall adorns the elegant dining room. The piece was painted by Mick Namarari Tjapaltjarri, who is a founding Aboriginal Australian artist from the Papunya Tula art collective. The upholstered chairs are in blue, with similar light fixtures above to give light to the long wooden table. If you are ever invited to their home, this is most likely the place you'd be served a meal. Who wouldn't want to dine here?


The Chez Loughlin-Giannulli kitchen is an opulent and stylish one. The countertops are slabs made of white marble, and the appliances are commercial-grade. There is also a five-burner gas range; that means the family can choose to either go for gourmet eat-in-kitchen or dine outside on the adjacent terrace outside. If you'd like to see more of the swanky kitchen, you can check out a video of Oliver Jade on Youtube, in which she, her, and a friend made meatballs and French toast sticks.

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As revealed by one of Olivia Jade’s Youtube videos, her private bathroom is incredible. Inside, there's a large shower enclosed in clear glass, a sturdy white cabinet that holds the sink, and generous space for beauty and skin care products, and additional clothing and shoes. Also, the room which is characterized by many windows allows plenty of light in from the outside, with a view of trees. Olivia Jade also has her claw foot tub, a feature she really loves. She said in the video:

"Right here is my bathtub. This is the best thing in the whole entire world.”


Out into the courtyard, you'd find a rectangular and long pristine pool. There are also comfortable looking loungers covered by umbrella to reduce sun exposure. Also, you'd be blessed with the view of green grass and trees from the pool. Additionally, the family's dwelling has a spa, a gym, and a private staff room.

Loughlin’s family might be in trouble, but we think they are holding up well, Who wouldn't be in the comfort of a posh and lavish home? What do you think about the Loughlin-Giannulli clan and their home? Let us know in the comments. If you found this article amazing, share it with others to let them know about the upscale lifestyle of the family.

Source: YouTube/The List

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