Daenerys Has Two Traitors In Her Camp And They Are Likely To Act Soon

‘Game of Thrones’ has indeed come a long way. Fans of the HBO series would agree that so many unlikely plot twists have happened and more are to occur. A lot of predictions have been made over the years in the course of the several seasons, of which some have proved quite close to the truth. At the same time, many forecasts have fallen below the mark as so many complexities were unveiled that turned against these fan theories. Without doubt, these interesting complexities are what interest the fans of ‘Game of Thrones;’ warming its way into diverse hearts and keeping them glued to itself. The producers of an interestingly intellectual show such as this should be seriously commended especially for the fact that they cause different speculations that, in turn, make fans to become very creative in their predictions. One of which involves Daenerys.

Daenerys is a favorite character on the HBO show. For a young lady, she has gone through fire literarily and technically and has come out stronger, richer and definitely more beautiful. To show the extent of her interesting character, so many enemies and co-enemies have become allies of the unburnt mother of dragons over the past seven seasons. Even improbable characters have turned out to be part of the table of Dany, as she is fondly called. Among these unlikely characters turned allies of Dany are the characters of Tyrion Lannister and Lord Varys.


Tyrion and Varys have been around since the first season of ‘Game of Thrones.’ They were initially not so close at the beginning of the show, but it is quite safe to say that the pair have grown on each other as well as the fan of ‘GOT.’ Their close relationship became significant when Varys was seen in the fourth season of the show helping Tyrion escape from Kings Landing.


Ever since then, there is hardly a scene in the show where one of them was present, and the other was absent. There were even both featured in the trailer of the final season of the show. Their friendship could be said to be influenced by the fact that they both do more counseling than fighting and as the last season progresses, there have been quite several fan theories as to what is to be expected of this duo in the episodes to come. Many people would like to know how their story ends. There is a fan theory that speculates a very high probability of either Tyrion or Varys or both of them betraying Daenerys. It might seem unbelievable at first considering that right now, both of them are close allies to the young queen. However, several clues suggest otherwise.


The first pointer to support this claim is the primary fact that Dany and Tyrion did not see eye-to-eye on different situations in season seven. Their friction began when Tyrion had to strategize the attacks against his family. It is an undeniable fact that Tyrion and Cersei do not like each other, but that does not mean that he wants to see her killed. The young queen understands this, and that is why she starts to question her hand’s loyalty. She knows after all that perhaps blood is always thicker than water.


Tyrion’s loyalty to Daenerys begins to become debatable during the battle of Blackwater Bay. He was put in the position to watch the men he had lived and fought side by side with die under the attack he plotted. The pain of watching them get killed was written all over his face coupled with that of having to watch his brother suffer a near-death experience. For Tyrion, no amount of horrible deed he suffered at the hands of the Lannisters was enough to end their lives in such a brutal manner.


Another clue to his shaking loyalty would be the scene where Dany had the Tullys executed for not bending the knee. Tyrion tried to talk her out of it, but it became clear that they both had different approaches to handling things. During the heated conversation, it is evident from their body language that Dany didn’t like the fact that Tyrion challenged her decisions. That placed some doubt in her heart about his loyalty to her. Shortly after the execution, Tyrion was seen having a conversation with Varys. The Lord tells Tyrion to find a way of making the young Queen listen to reason. What could that mean?


Another hint is the scene where Tyrion tries to talk to Dany about who would become her successor. It is obvious that the young Queen cannot have children and this matter is undoubtedly one of enormous concern. However, Dany does not want to hear of it until she ascends the iron throne. This leads to another disagreement between the characters and further causes a strain in their relationship. It is noteworthy to mention that Tyrion’s look after Dany gave her final instruction about not discussing the succession is one of contempt. What could have been on his mind at that moment?


In the final episode of season seven, Tyrion might have given fans a foreshadow of his coming betrayal in season eight. At Kingslanding, it was seen that Tyrion went alone to meet with his sister, Cersei, after the strong disagreement that developed in the bid for a truce. The scene is no longer shown after Tyrion discovers that his sister was pregnant. Cersei comes out to agree to the truce, but we later found out that she was lying. It then poses the question of what they discussed when the scene was taken off, did they both of them make some secret deal?


The look on Tyrion’s face was infamous when he discovers that Jon and Dany were making love. It reeked of treachery and disgust. This look could have been caused by different factors, one of which could be a disappointment in the fact that Dany let her guard down for Jon. However, it is not sure why Tyrion felt this way about them. We would have to find out in the final season of the show.

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Before leaving Westeros, the red priestess, Melissander told Lord Varys that she would be back because she has to die in a strange country as he would.  This was after Lord Varys warned her of the dangers of living in Westeros. This information about his foretold death scared Varys; this is quite remarkable as little things tend to surprise the lone Lord. It could be because this tallied with what the mysterious voice he heard as a child said to him. As a young child, Varys’ private part was cut off. In the scene where he narrated to horrible occurrence to Tyrion, he mentioned that the voice he heard from the fire still haunts him as an adult. Tyrion is the only person that knows this besides himself. This makes us wonder if the voice from the fire told Varys the manner in which he would die. It doesn’t look like Varys would die from fighting in the war as he is not the physical type. How then does he go?

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Another clue to the death of Varys is what Kenvora says to him in the sixth season of the show. This appears to scare the life out of him. She seems to know of the unknown voice that haunts Varys and tells him that he has nothing to be afraid of as long as he remains loyal and a friend to Queen Daenerys. Could that mean Dany might be responsible for Lord Varys’ death? What else could make her kill her trusted advisor if not treachery?

To cap it all, the scene where Dany asks Varys to promise that he would never conspire behind her back nor betray her when he thinks she is failing the people is a pointer to his disputable loyalty to the young queen. Varys swears this and Dany, in turn, vows to burn him alive if she ever discovers that he has betrayed her. This is a serious foreshadowing to the likely end of Lord Varys.

‘Game of Thrones’ is a show filled with treachery from all angles. We saw it when Lord Frey murdered the Starks. Lord Varys and Tyrion's betrayal of Daenerys would not be entirely unlikely. Do you agree with this theory? Who do you think would betray the Queen and who is most likely to die? Kindly let us know your thoughts.

Source: Talking Thrones


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