'Game of Thrones': What The White Walkers Really Came For

‘Games of Thrones’ is no ordinary series. Its unusual plotline and eccentric characters have made quite an effect on viewers all over the world. Many fans have formulated different theories about how the war between the White Walkers and the whole of Westeros will end. However, many hardly know much about the mystical creatures (White Walkers) and what they truly want from the people of Westeros. Here is everything to know about the White Walkers, and what they probably want.


We know little about the exact origin of the White Walkers. Where they actually come from and what they want are burning questions on our minds. At the beginning of the series, the White Walkers were referred to as mythical monsters who walked through the woods and attacked humans during the long winter nights. For all we know, the White Walkers are an ancient race of ice creatures who lived in the Far North of Westeros and were in hiding for thousands of years before declaring war on humans.


Being supernatural creatures, the White Walkers are endowed with magical powers such as great manipulation with ice and cold weather. Whenever they approach a particular place, a snowstorm automatically precedes. Their unique weapons made of ice can easily destroy other weapons, and their immense physical strength cannot be compared to that of humans.

However, their greatest power which makes it almost impossible to defeat them is their ability to raise dead people and add them to their armies known as Wights. This power of resurrection helps them to keep reproducing, and surviving as a species. The Wights act as soldiers who fight in the army of the Dead. The White Walkers might seem invincible and almost impossible to defeat by humans or even the Children of the Forest, but this isn't totally true.Swords made out of Valyrian steel or dragon glass carved into a weapon will effortlessly end any White Walker's life. Sadly, both Valyrian steel and dragon glass are hard to find and in very short supply simply because they are made with dragon fire. George RR Martin describes these creatures with bodies made out of flesh and bones, and ice running through their veins as “beautiful, inhuman, elegant and dangerous.” Also, from the books, we know their language is referred to as ice crackling.


As we noted earlier, we think they are from the far north of Westeros. Despite the fact that the White Walkers are portrayed as armies who journey through the blizzards; it is possible that they might have formed their kingdom and experienced civilization in the far north. In season 4, episode 4, where the Night King made his debut appearance; we saw how a White Walker carried Craster's last son to an ice palace, where the Night King transformed the baby into one of them. They have known to be situated in a place known as the ‘Land of Always Winter.’


Generally, the White Walkers look very dangerous, ready to kill and invade Westeros. As the complete season finale approaches, many fans and viewers have theorized that the North and the South will unite to fight against the White Walkers and the Night King. Many believe Jon Snow will be playing a vital role in defeating the vicious creatures since he has had lots of run-ins with them. Perhaps, Jon Snow will lead the entire North and South army together with Daenerys Targaryen and her dragons to defeat the White Walkers. However, this plot seems too simple and translates to a happy ending, which is something George RR Martin has warned us against.

George RR Martin has stated severally that he isn't a fan of stories with obvious “good versus the evil” plot, which eventually leads to the good guys winning at the end. He also revealed that his stories about wars are morally complex, and more about the human heart in conflict with itself.

Martin gave us something to look forward to in the season finale of the series at Northwestern's Medill School of Journalism. He said:

“We all yearn for happy endings in a sense. Myself, I’m attracted to the bittersweet ending. People ask me how Game of Thrones is gonna end, and I’m not gonna tell them … but I always say to expect something bittersweet in the end…”

Co-executive producer of GOT, Bryan Cogman, confirms Martin's intent for the series, while on an interview with ‘Entertainment Weekly’:

“It’s an incredibly emotional, haunting, bittersweet final season, and I think it honors very much what George set out to do, which is flipping this kind of story on its head.”

Well, thanks to Martin, we know that this series is definitely not a regular tale of good against evil. There is a side unknown to us, and we cannot wait to find out in the final episodes of the series.


Thousands of years before Robert Baratheon ruled the land was primarily inhabited by the First Men and the Children of the Forest. Both party eventually signed a peace treaty after fighting for many years for the ownership and control of the Westeros continent. The First Men were made to rule all open lands and fields while the Children of the Forest would be in charge of the Forest. This pact remained for four thousand years, up to the time the First Men began worshiping the old gods of the forests, the same religion of the Children of the Forest.

This was when the White Walkers launched an attack for the first time, and somehow they were conquered. It’s not sure why the White Walkers chose to attack; however, according to the myth, the Last Hero of the First Men was the one who defeated them. It is said that the Children of the Forest assisted him in fighting the White Walkers. Later, the Night Watch was then formed, and the White Walkers withdrew to the far North. The Wall was then built to keep the White Walkers away.

Legends suggest that the wall, which was made out of blocks of ice gathered from the haunted forests and frozen lakes, was built by Bran the Builder, the founder of House Stark. He employed the help of the Children of the Forest and the Giants. The Wall also has ancient spells entwined into it to prevent the White Walkers from invading Westeros. Sadly, the wall has been destroyed by the Night King through the help of his undead dragon, Viserion

However, there is a plot twist. It seems it's quite logical to believe the White Walkers built the walls. With the amount of ice used in making the wall, it will take the First Men and Children of the Forest a very long time to finally finish building the wall. However, for the White Walkers building such a wall seems like an easy feat for them, mainly since they are used to extremely cold temperature, and have magical powers too.

You probably think that why the White Walkers would help build a Wall meant to keep them at bay. Well, this could be as a result of a pact made with the White Walkers, especially since they were not destroyed during the war, but only made to retreat into far north. According to Legend, this sort of agreement isn't unusual. But with the help of the Night’s King who was the 13th Lord Commander of the Night's Watch, it could have happened.

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In the ‘Game of Thrones’ novels, the thirteenth Lord Commander of the Night's Watch fell in love with a White Walker. He made her his bride and became the Night’s King. The two ruled together by enslaving men of the Watch and performed human sacrifices for thirteen years. It is possible that their marriage was as a result of keeping the peace between the two races. In ‘Games of Thrones’ marriages between two houses are usually arranged for gaining power, and ensuring peace. This means it could have been possible for the Night’s King to take a White Walker as a bride for the sake of a treaty between both parties.

In both the book and on the show, the White Walkers seem to be appeased by human sacrifices. Perhaps, this is how humans will subdue the White Walkers at the end.

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It is quite possible that the White Walkers felt betrayed because men began to live in the North, and refrained from giving sacrifices. The dragons also could have threatened them. Other major threats for the White Walkers could be the rise of Jon Snow, Bran Stark, and Daenerys. The Starks have incredible earth powers in line with their ancestry from the First Men while Daenerys possess a powerful connection to fire due to her Valyrian lineage; she is also the Mother Dragon. With the reveal in season 7, we know Jon Snow is a result of the union of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen. Having the blood of Stark and Targaryen running through his veins, he seems like the ideal candidate to unite the worlds of ice and fire together.

In the book series, Jon Snow is known as the mediator who tried to unite the Night's Watch and Wildlings, and he almost succeeds until he was killed. It is obvious that Jon Snow will be at the forefront of the war between the White Walkers and humans, but we aren't exactly sure what his role will be. Since we have been promised of a bittersweet and emotional ending, we are highly anticipating how the series will eventually end. What do you think the White Walkers are really after? Do you have a theory of your own? Let us know in the comment. Share this article with your friends who are fans of GOT.

Source: Nerd Soup, Vulture, Entertainment Weekly


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