Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton Seem To Have More In Common Than Most Of Us Might Think

Being married to the grandsons of Queen Elizabeth II is no easy task. The media's eye seems transfixed on Meghan as it was on Kate years ago. While we all believe the royal wives are worlds apart, many of their actions have made us reconsider these speculations. It seems the two women are not as different as we think. These Duchesses, although born in different countries, are resilient women, with a knack for dealing with the press effectively. Their shared behaviors come as no surprise as their husbands most likely chose women that mirrored their mother, Princess Diana. Here are a few ways Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton are alike.


Middleton might seem like such a royal now, but she was a regular girl from a middle-class family before she married Prince William. Both of them met at the University, fell in love and eventually got married. On the other hand, it is quite apparent that Meghan clearly has no ties with the British royal family. She is not only an American, but she a mixed race too.

Both women were commoners from ordinary families before they became involved with royalty. However, despite their background, they seem very skilled at fitting into their lives and making the best use of their royal status.


In the past, it is hard to find royal brides who possessed college degrees, but things have changed now. Kate Middleton is UK's first royal bride with a university degree. The Duchess earned a master's degree (with honors) in art history at the University of St. Andrews in Fife, Scotland, where she met William.

Meghan isn't too far behind either. She attended Northwestern University in Illinois where she bagged a bachelor's degree with a double major in theater and international studies. Also, she was a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority. This makes Meghan the second royal bride to have achieved this feat in history.  


Way before Markle became famous as an actress or even met Prince Harry, she has been focused on giving back to the community. This led to her participation in various community service and charity projects. As reported by Glamour, Markle once said:

“I started working at a soup kitchen in Skid Row of Los Angeles when I was 13 years old, and the first day I felt really scared. I was young, and it was rough and raw down there, and though I was with a great volunteer group, I just felt overwhelmed. I remember one of my mentors told me, ‘Life is about putting others’ needs above your own fears."

Luckily, being a royal has not slowed down her passion for the community. Instead, it has given her a better platform to implement more charity projects. In March 2019 the Duchess was made the vice president of the Queen's Commonwealth Trust, which focuses on projects involving children and welfare of prisoners. Apart from this, she has also been in support of other causes which includes women's right and social justice.

This strong sense of community is something Meghan shares with her sister-in-law, Kate Middleton. The Duchess of Cambridge is involved in a couple of charity works which are mainly focused on issues surrounding young children, addiction, and art. Even though these women were once regular people who married into the royal family, they still hold a strong responsibility for giving back to society. Also, both royals seem to share this impressive quality with their late mother-in-law, Princess Diana, who quite a philanthropist herself.

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Both Middleton and Meghan are fashion trendsetters. The “Kate Middleton effect” is the trend that the Duchess is reported to have had on others in sales of particular products. If Middleton is spotted or photographed wearing a dress, that dress sells out within days. This has attracted many fashion designers to her. Meghan’s unique fashion sense is also quite impressive. ‘Tatler’ named the Duchess on its list of Britain's best-dressed people, and praised her for redefining "modern royal style with every subsequent appearance" in 2018.

Although it is evident that both royals have different fashion styles, they both often break fashion boundaries by making bold statements in their choice of outfits. Princess Diana was also extremely fashionable too. We all know how she made short hair, bright clothing and square necklines quite popular back in the days. Whether these women are glammed up for a royal engagement or dressed casually for a less-formal event, no one can deny their excellent fashion sense when it comes to rocking beautiful outfits.

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Many assume that Middleton dutifully follows all the royal rules, but that’s false. Right before Harry and Meghan came into the picture, all eyes were on William and Middleton. They attracted a large amount of media attention, and everyone wanted to know everything about them. Traditionally, William is meant to marry someone who is most probably from an esteemed family that would benefit the monarchy. However, he chose the less traveled path and married Middleton who was a regular girl. William decided to marry for love, respect and immense friendship.

For many royal trips, the kids are supposed to stay back. However, Middleton brings along her children on some of these trips. We are all quite familiar with how many royal rules Meghan has broken, primarily since she was raised with American traditions which are different from that of Britain’s. A good example is her recent baby shower. She is the first royal to have had a baby shower. Also, before she embarked on maternity leave, she insisted on traveling with her husband, despite being pregnant. Both royals seem to be on board when it comes to breaking some royal rules and implementing changes when needed. This is something Princess Diana was also well-known for during her marriage to Prince Charles.

Conclusively, Middleton and Markle are just normal women who happened to have fallen in love with Princes. The royal lifestyle isn't an easy one, but both women seem to be doing just fine. With these amazing similarities, we hope both women get along really well (regardless of the rumors) and find strength in each other during challenging periods.


What do you think about these similarities? Are there other similarities between them that didn’t make it to our list? Please tell us in the comment. Share this article with your friends who love these royal women.

Source: Cheat Sheet, Glamour, BBC

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