The Names Princess Diana Would Stop Prince Charles From Giving Their Sons

Everybody believes that having a royal baby is a fairytale come true. Some pregnant women in the British monarchy carry the future kings and queens of a whole nation, as it was Princess Diana's case. That's why many royal parents have to consider so many aspects to bring their offspring up.

But for The People's Princess, her pregnancies were far from being daydreams. She had to face numerous hardships that made her journey to becoming a mother pretty troublesome. So, if you were wondering what child-bearing meant to Diana, here you have a rundown of the difficulties she had to experience, even when it came to naming her sons. Take a look!


It is no secret that Lady Di's life is renowned for her troubled marriage, her fight against bulimia, and the constant press scandals. But even her way to motherhood, which is supposed to be one of the most special times a woman can enjoy, was tough due to morning sickness. 

As you might remember, the world watched Lady Spencer tying the knot with Prince Charles in July 1982, and only a couple of months later, precisely in November, the Palace heralded that a new heir was on his way. But Diana had to battle with her condition, describing her first pregnancy as very, very difficult, according to The Sun

Lady Di claimed that she felt sick every time she stood up but refused to take any medication because she didn't want to cause any harm to her firstborn. Despite the morning sickness, the Princess of Wales struggled to carry her royal duties, but every time she was out, she felt sick or fainted.  

This means that her ailment was not confined to the mornings solely; Diana suffered it at all hours. "Suddenly in the middle of a black dress and black-tie do, I would go out to be sick and come back again," the Princess stated. To make matters worse, she also endured the same illness with her second pregnancy, although her condition while carrying Harry was not as severe as with William. 


Amidst her morning sickness, Lady Di was also struggling with her failed marriage and the Prince of Wales’ rekindled relationship with Camilla Parker Bowles, her long-lasting lover (check more tacit facts about their love affair here!). 

Diana's misery was such that Daily Mail revealed she threw herself down the stairs, in the hopes of getting her husband's attention. She was four months pregnant with Prince William when the terrible incident took place. About it, the Princess of Wales told author Andrew Morton:

"I had told Charles I felt so desperate, and I was crying my eyes out. He said I was crying wolf. ‘I’m not going to listen,’ he said. ‘You’re always doing this to me. I’m going riding now.’"

Diana ended up bruised around the stomach, but fortunately, she did not lose her baby. However, her efforts to gain her husband back were in vain. Charles would not listen to her, thinking she was only acting like an immature, overdramatic, and spoiled woman.  


When the time was close for Diana to give birth to William, she encountered another trial on her way, and this time, it came from the father of her child, again. As sad as it sounds, the People's Princess had to plan William's birth around Charles' polo matches. 

As per CheatSheet's report, the couple had to find a spot in Charles's busy agenda that suited his polo. Eventually, "we had found a date where Charles could get off his polo pony for me to give birth," reportedly said Diana. On June 21, 1982, Prince William's birth was indulged because his mother couldn't handle the pressure any longer. In her own words, "it was becoming unbearable." 

  1. Prince Charles had a firm conviction that his marriage with Diana would be a mistake.

  2. There was scandalous evidence of Prince Charles having an affair during his marriage with Diana.


But after welcoming the second in line to the British throne, Diana's next set of troubles began: postnatal depression. According to The Sun, this disorder affects only one in ten women within a year of giving birth. And the Princess of Wales was a misfortune mother who suffered it. 

She confessed that the serious mood disorder struck her. The birth triggered off many more things that were going on in her mind; she was severely troubled.

"Tears, panic, all the rest of it. Everything was out of control, everything. I wasn’t very well, and I just blubbed my eyes out,"

PEOPLE reported Lady Di's words. 

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Naming a baby seems to be one of the most manageable steps in having a child, but even this aspect was troublesome for the Princess of Wales. We all know her sons as William and Harry, but those weren't the monikers they were supposed to receive from their father. 

The royal couple couldn't even agree on the names for their sons, which is something quite crucial for high-born babies. As Pop Sugar explained, the noble offspring should receive regal monikers that can fit the title of king or queen. That's the reason why the British monarchy picks them out from prior sovereigns in the family tree. 

But shockingly, Diana nixed the names her husband had in mind for their two sons. As per CheatSheet's report, Lady Di went against Charles' wishes and opted for two entirely different monikers for her boys. In Andrew Morton’s book 'Diana: Her True Story,' the royal mother shared this unexpected info:

"He wanted Albert and Arthur, and I said no. Too old!"

However, she also explained that Charles did have a say since he chose the middle names. Therefore, their firstborn was given the name of William Arthur Philip Louis. Two years later, the couple welcomed Henry Charles Albert David, aka Prince Harry


But the jewel of the crown in Diana's pregnancy and motherhood struggles came with the birth of Prince Harry. In the same book, Lady Di unveiled the heartbreaking comment Charles made when his second son was born. Sadly, the remark evinced he was was not thrilled at all.

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According to Pop Sugar, the mother of two explained that she knew Harry was going to be a boy when she saw him on the scan. But the Prince of Wales wanted a girl, so Diana kept the gender of the baby as a secret. When the child was born, Charles disappointingly claimed:

"Oh God, it’s a boy. He’s even got red hair."

Besides, Mirror reported Charles telling his mother how saddened he was because he wanted a girl. Diana confessed that after that comment, something inside her closed off, and since that instant, her whole marriage went down the drain. Quite sad, isn't it?

Did you know all these tragic details in Princess Diana's pregnancies? Which was the most shocking one for you? Share your opinion in the comment section down below, and keep on reading more of our fantastic articles about the British Royal family. See you later! 

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