Sansa Is Glad To See Theon Greyjoy Once Again; Though With A Remorseful Reason

The Season eight of ‘Game Of Thrones’ debuted last week and each episode aired brings with it a mind-boggling discussion for fans. For the second Episode of the Season finale, it was the reunion of Theon Grejoy and Sansa Stark that struck a chord. We all would have anticipated seeing Sansa and Theon meet again, if only we knew it would bring so much bliss to the eyes.

It has been a while that they've seen each other — since Season six. Nonetheless, they are eternally connected. This infinite relationship is all because of Ramsay Bolton; although they have had a bond since the first season. Theon's guardian is Ned Stark. Therefore, he was raised with the Stark children, which makes him one of them. The relevance of Sansa and Theon's reunion does not stem from a childhood history anyway. It was much deeper.


Before seeing each other in Season eight, Episode 2, the last time they saw was when Theon rescued Sansa from the hands of Ramsay and took her to Brienne safely. At that time, he was just overcoming the trauma of being called “Reek.” When he was with Ramsay, Theon, the Greyjoy heir suffered. He was crushed, beaten and humiliated. Before Ramsay made Sansa his bride, the illegitimate Bolton had put Theon through a lot of inconceivable psychological and physical torment. He even went as far as castrating Theon. We also know that Ramsay Bolton coerced Theon to give him Sansa, who he then rapes in front of him. Despite all she went through, the Lady of Winterfell knew that Theon was in no position to help her as he was going through hard times himself. So, It was unexpected when he summoned the courage to help her flee.


If two people knew how horrible Ramsay Bolton was, it is Sansa and Theon. They have both gone through a lot of incomprehensible torment by the hands of Ramsay. This is partly why Sansa was begging Theon to head North to find Jon with her in season six when Brienne found them in the forest after they ran away from Winterfell. Unfortunately, Theon was too crushed to follow Sansa. Instead, he went to find his sister, Yara. Also, Sansa also reunifies with Jon at the wall.


Although the chances of Sansa and Theon seeing again were slim, it had an unexpected outcome. Their meeting in this season's second episode was phenomenal. His foster sister, Sansa warmly received him. They later had dinner together after which the battle against the army of the dead began. They were so ecstatic to see each other, and it almost seems like in another life they could have been together romantically. Let's not forget that it's the ordeal they have been through together that connects them.


Sansa and Theon were like siblings before they both went through hell, suffering at the hands of Ramsay. Although they liked each other when they were younger, it seems they found out they both share a new sense of respect and love towards each other after their ordeal. Only through determination did Theon emerge out of his “Reek” persona and help Sansa run away from Winterfell. Although the future doesn’t look promising for the Greyjoy heir, he is ever ready to fight for Sansa and his foster siblings regardless of the consequences. This could mean Sansa will still be alive after the war. Ensuring she's still alive after the war may be one of the best things Theon may leave behind.


A loving reunion was witnessed in the most recent episode of ‘Game of Thrones’ when Sansa received Theon Greyjoy. However, what stood out to many fans was the fact that he promised to fight in the war against the dead. Despite Daenerys Targaryen, the queen of the North being there, he directly addressed his old friend and sister are saying

"I want to fight for Winterfell, Lady Sansa. If you'll have me". Sansa then enclosed him in a hug, with relief on her face. This scene portrayed the deep love Theon has for Sansa. At this point, it would take Theon nothing to die for Sana, and this is surprising given that he lost his identity and underwent a lot of agonies. He must love her, for her to come first even in his difficult moments.


Theon had psychological problems earlier on. He battled depression, loneliness and feeling neglected which, in turn, led him to inhumane behaviors like sadism and deception. Fortunately, ever since he has been given second chances to redeem himself.  Likewise, Sansa was an impulsive child that was involved in extreme misconduct as a result of her naivety. She became one of the most vital players in season eight after being taken as a captive for political reasons. Theon and Sansa share a deep connection due to their compelling redemption story.

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Fans were very thrilled to see their reunion and couldn’t stop talking about it on social media, as it brings much relief to the tormented duo. Some of their comments read:

“Aside from everything else people need to remember that Sansa and Theon have this bond of having been serially abused by the same person #GameofThrones.”

“The way Theon and Sansa look at each other is so soft.”

“She looked so relieved, pure and happy here. after seeing her so stressed and cautious with all the things happening in the north this is such a warm moment smh i love seeing Sansa stark happy, and Theon being the reason of it makes it 1000x times better.”

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The bond between Sansa and Theon is mostly platonic but a very strong one. Although it would be beautiful for the two to have a happily ever after story. It might seem out of place and improper for the showrunners to include romance for Sansa after all she had gone through; especially with her history of abuse. Theon, on the other hand, cannot be romantically involved given that he is castrated. It seems the two would remain best of buds with one sacrificing his or her life for the other. However, only time would tell.

Many fans hope Theon and Sansa have a happy ending, even if not together. We all love the way Theon is always down for Sansa, and they have indeed come a long abusive way. Do you think they could likely end up together? Do you think there could be more for them? Please let us know what you think in the comment section and share this with your friends.

Source: PopSugar, Insider

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