14 Truly Bizarre Things That Queen Elizabeth II Requires the Royal Family To Do

When you become a part of the royal family, there are some customs that you just have to follow - whether you like it or not. Of course, traditions are passed down through generations, and most of them are pretty logical. But, the queen has made her own set of rules - no matter how senseless they are.

1. Everyone needs to stop eating once the queen has finished

Whether you're hungry or not, the queen is the one who decides when dinner time is over. Once she's taken her last bite, it's absolutely necessary that everyone finishes at the same time.

2. You're not allowed to eat garlic or starches

It's unclear whether there's an actual explanation behind this one. Maybe it somehow dates back to old, royal customs - or maybe the queen just hates garlic and starches and decided they should be forbidden for all. Any starchy foods - like pasta, bread, or potatoes - are banned from the queen's diet. And if it's banned for the queen, it's banned for you as well

3. If the queen is standing, so are you

This one isn't too unusual - it's actually more common than you would think. It's considered basic, common etiquette in other countries and cultures as well, and is one the simplest ways to show your respect.

4. Her purse isn't just an accessory - if the bag is on the table, it's time to go

After eating, this is the next thing the queen gets to decide too. To make it more clear - the bag is put on the table to signal that she's ready to conclude dinner. Which means you also have to be ready to go.

5. Also, if the queen's bag is on her right arm - don't speak to her

When she swaps her purse to her right arm, she's basically signaling that she doesn't want to speak with you anymore and that the conversation is over. At least she's being polite about it.

6. She's always two steps ahead of Prince Philip

Ever notice that the queen is always waking in front of Prince Philips? Google it. And there's a good reason why - it's called order of precedence. Although married for more than 70 years, the queen is technically considered the most important royal.

7. Hats must be worn at all formal events

The BBC stated that back in the 1950s, a tradition began when it became socially-unacceptable for high-society women publicly display their hair - and to the queen's wishes, the tradition is still followed to date.

8. The word 'pregnant' is banned from the vocabulary

This one might seem unnecessary, but the queen just seriously despises this word. Why? Apparently, it's too "vulgar." The word 'pregnant' is replaced with the 17th-century term 'in the family way' - which explains that somebody is carrying a child. It's unknown exactly why the term sounds vulgar to the Queen. 

9. She gets to choose who gets which gift

Even though most gifts that are given to the royal family are donated and given away, some of them are kept. And who gets to keep what is also ultimately decided by the Queen.

10. The family aren't allowed to provide signatures or take selfies with fans

When it comes to signatures, it's pretty self-explanatory why this one might be an issue. And it's because of security risk. Autographs can easily be forged, causing problems at a grand scheme. Selfies, however, are another thing. The only reason selfies are banned is because the fan would have to turn their back towards the royal family. The queen considers this extremely impolite and unacceptable, so that's the solution she provided.

11. Drinks and food that are gifted to the family have to be thrown away

Accepting drinks or food from people you're not close with, especially strangers, has been frowned upon since probably the beginning of time. There is too much risk, danger, and vulnerability behind it.

12. PDA is banned for the royal family

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The queen and her husband have been together for so many decades, yet there never seems to be much - or any - photos of the two showing each other some form of affection. Even something as simple as a hug, or a kiss on the cheek. Hand holding is extremely rare too. The Queen expects the same from everybody else within the royal family.

13. She's allowed to drive without a driver's license

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It looks like the Queen has an advantage over the law as well, and some rules don't apply to this woman. This rule is part of a royal prerogative - this is a list of certain rules that apply to the highest royal within the nation. She drives herself around within her estate and didn't even need to practice or pass any tests to do so.

14. The queen made Christmas dinners mandatory

Spending quality time with family is important for most of us - not just the royals. Because they all live together in the same castle and see each other on a daily basis, it might not seem that necessary to force others to be present. However, the queen has made it quite clear and has been stern about Christmas dinner. The royal couples are to make no other plans around the holidays - she simply demands it.

When we look at different cultures, societies, and families, we can see that everybody has their own unique sets of traditions. Because they have such a huge responsibility of keeeping up a classy, traditional image, you can bet that the royal family has enough on their plate too. But, is all of it really necessary? Let us know what you think - should every small rule be strictly followed, or should members of the team have more freedom? Comment below!

Sources: CheatSheet, Marie Claire, Harpers Bazaar


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