How Queen Elizabeth and Meghan Markle's Relationship Got Better In The Blink Of An Eye

We all love the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, so much. She is beautiful, pleasant and elegant. She has endeared all the royal fans with her kind gestures, and her numerous charity cases. Apart from being a lovely person, we all live for her elegance in fashion. If you do not like anything about the Duchess, be rest assured you will appreciate her predisposition to dress fashionably. Being newly married to the Queen's grandson, Prince Harry, she gives us major goals when it comes to style. We don't think it would be a problem for anyone to be won over by Meghan Markle. So, it comes as no surprise that Meghan has endeared herself to the great Monarch of England, Queen Elizabeth.

While the Queen's presence may appear quite intimidating as there are due protocols you have to follow when in her presence, one way or the other, Meghan Markle has been able to warm her way into the Queen's heart. She has made sure she has a great relationship with her grandmother-in-law early in her marriage. We wonder how Meghan and the monarch's relationship adjust so rapidly.


The Queen can be quite jovial at times. Although she can let loose and enjoy a good joke, there are still some strict rules to follow when relating to the Queen. Members of the Royal family must follow duly the protocols involved when talking with the Queen. For example, when women see her for the first time on a particular day, they must make curtsy. Likewise, men are also required to bow their head as a sign of obeisance. A straightforward, simple and basic dress code must be observed at all times. Some appropriate table manners too must also be observed. The long list of dos and don'ts is unending.


In actuality, it seems like they have a good relationship. More than once, Meghan Markle and the Queen have been seen, communicating cordially. They even appeared together a month after Meghan Markle's marriage to Prince Harry. Queen Elizabeth has always been close to Prince Harry. There were even some rumors some time ago that he is the Queen's favorite grandchild. It may be because of her fondness for Prince Harry that the monarch loves his wife. She sure must adore Meghan for making her grandson so happy.


When Meghan was newly married to Prince Harry, we heard some rumors that there was a discord between the Duchess of Sussex and Queen Elizabeth. A lot of people assumed that it was because Meghan Markle was prone to breaking the rules and having things the way she wants, especially when it came to fashion. She even did so at her wedding. Happily, these rumors died down as quickly as they arose as it is clear that things are great between the Queen and her granddaughter-in-law, Meghan.

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Not long after Meghan Markle got married to Prince Harry, she got an honorable invitation from the Queen. Precisely twenty-seven days after Meghan Markle joined the Royal family, she was invited by the Queen to join her overnight on the Royal train. The royal train is quite luxurious and classy. It is reported to be as comfortable and convenient as Buckingham Palace. However, why was it so special that the Queen invited Meghan to have a treat on the Royal train? This is because the Queen does not allow just anyone to come on the train. Even Kate Middleton and Prince Williams have never been on the train with the Queen. How surprising!

Well, it is possible the Queen invited Meghan because Prince Harry is her favorite grandchild, and she wanted to bond with the new addition to the family. The invitation is a sure indication that the Queen has a liking for the new bride and also has a great relationship with her. With time, their relationship will undoubtedly blossom. At least we hope it does!

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Although there have been rumors flying around that Meghan is not on good terms with the entire Royal family, it seems most of the suggestions are entirely untrue. Meghan makes Prince Harry a happier man, which makes his whole family happy too. She is such an excellent match for her husband, Prince Harry. She is also a great fit into the family as they have only pleasant, enjoyable moments whenever they are together. She is conforming so perfectly to the Royal family, The Duchess is also introducing some of her avant-garde ways into the royal family, and we are obsessed with her for that.

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Contrary to all that is being said about Meghan Markle not having a good relationship with the Queen, she does have a sweet nickname which she calls the queen when they are not on royal duties. When in public, performing their royal duties, they keep a formal distance which makes people think they do not have a good relationship.  A royal expert disclosed that the exterior of their relationship may look tight, but they do relate well. In fact, the Duchess has a cute name for her grandmother-in-law, which is "Mama." This was the same way Her Majesty was addressed by Princess Diana when she was married to Prince Charles.

Meghan might have recently joined the Royals, but she is definitely getting along pretty well. One of the most important things - she already has a great relationship with the Queen! What’s your opinion about their relationship? Is it genuine? Or an appearance for media? Do you think there's not much to the solo visit on the train? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section!

Source: Cheat Sheet, Her

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