13 Biggest Reveals Of ‘Game of Thrones’ Actors About Their Favorite Behind-the-Scenes Memories

We have patiently awaited the release of the season finale of one of our most favorite TV series ’Game Of Thrones’ for a while now. While episodes of the season finale are finally being released, much to our excitement, we also know that the end of the series is near.

This gives us mixed feelings, as we'd have to bid the entire cast of the series goodbye very soon. Today, we will not be sharing theories about how the show will end, but we'll focus on the actors. Here are reveals from  GOT actors about their favorite scenes, memories of their days on set, and moments that shocked them the most.


Kit Harington is one of our favorite characters on the GOT series. For him, his favorite day on set was in Iceland; this was also the location where they filmed a scene that involved Rose Leslie (the scene where Jon Snow couldn't terminate Ygritte's life). He revealed that he was taken aback by the beauty of the area, and he felt really comfortable acting with Leslie, whom he eventually married him in 2018. The actor's most shocking moment in the series was when he died. However, he was also at peace, because he had earlier gotten a call from the producers, confirming his death.


We got to know that Mother Dragon, Emilia Clarke fell off a horse on her first day on set. Due to her prowess as an actress, she still tried to stay in character while falling. Even though she noted that she cried and told them to stop filming when it happened, she now looks back at this moment and laughs. Such a good memory! Emilia also relished the moment when Daenerys got the Unsullied.


The Mad Queen, Lena Headey's most exciting scene is the one in which Cersei and Robert Baratheon talked about their marriage. Headey disclosed how the scene turned out to be inspiring and showed the two characters from a different perspective. Who would think these two characters can be so outspoken?


Nikolaj Coster-Waldau particularly liked the scene where Jaime and Brienne sat in the bathtub. No, he didn't find the scene interesting because he was naked, sitting in a bath, what he loved about it, was how that moment showed a new side of Jaime's personality.

However, the most fascinating scene for Nikolaj was that of the loot train attack. He enjoyed being on the horse all day and was surprised by the beauty of the location where the filming took place.


Peter Dinklage revealed how he never really loved the idea of starring in a fantasy series. He prefers real-life series. However, Peter believes otherwise now. He thinks that 'GOT' is one of the most realistic because of the relationship between the heroes, even if dragons (fictional creatures) live alongside them.


Sophie Turner referred to her most favorite day on set as the reunion day of Sansa and Arya. She regarded it as the funniest day for her, and she was glad she and Arya, Maisie Williams, who happens to be her friend in real-life were back together. Turner's most shocking moment was the execution of Ned Stark. She revealed that it was at that moment that she realized that none of the characters were safe and that they could be killed off from the series at any point in time.


Maisie Williams hilariously narrated how she threw a pie at Sophie's face instead of her cheek on her first day on set. It was no surprise to us when she revealed that her most fun day on set was the reunion with her sister, Sansa. We all know the two are best of friends in real life. She shared that they both had lots of fun and rode on Bran's wheelchair.


Isaac Hempstead described one of his coolest scenes in the series. For him, it was the one in which he stood next to the army of the dead and the Night King. He noted that a fan was spraying snow the whole time and there were a lot of walk-ons with zombie makeup, which made the scenery amazing for him. Hampstead also opened up that his moment with Hodor was quite shocking and emotional as it revealed the significance of Hodor's stay with Bran.


Gwendoline described her first meeting with Nikolaj, Jaime Lannister. Apart from the fact that she was quite nervous right before the meeting, Nikolaj didn't make a good impression on her. When she entered the truck to meet him and found him sitting in a chair; he merely looked at her from head to toe and asked dryly, “Yes?” However, it seems evident that Gwendoline wasn't provoked back then, as the two actors regularly tease and laugh at each other now.


Iain Glen loved the day the gladiator contest scene was shot. Beautifully, his daughter was on set, and she announced the beginning and the end of the shooting. He also disclosed how he was fascinated by the scale of the set decoration because it looked so real. How beautiful!

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Rory McCann’s most exciting day on set was when the impressive fight between the Hound and Brienne was shot. Apparently, the actors had prepared for it, for a long time. McCann also expressed how the ‘Red Wedding’ episode shocked him. He only knew of his part in the episode, and he felt quite upset, and even cried at how things turned out in the episode.


John Bradley's most enjoyable shooting day was The Fist of the First Men scene. The scene was filmed in a beautiful location in Iceland. Bradley revealed that the landscape and his friends made that day unique. Bradley also had an awkward time on his first day, when he had to shoot a fight scene. It was his fourth hour in front of the camera, and his first three hours were in drama school. Poor Bradley!

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Liam opened up about his weirdest scene on the series. It was the shadow birth scene, which was filmed in a cold cave. He admitted that it was strange, but he was impressed with what he saw on the monitor, which looked like a painting according to him. Liam also liked the battle of the Blackwater because of its amazing visual aspect.

We are certain the actors will immensely miss each other after the show ends. They have been together on the series for years, so we know they are more like a family than just a crew. We are definitely going to miss them too! What are your most memorable and favorite moments and scenes on ‘Game of Thrones?’ We'll like to know in the comment. Share this article with your friends to brighten up their day.

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