Meghan Markle's Reported Assigments And Rules For Hospital Staff During Birth

The Duchess of Sussex has definitely shaken things up in the world of British royalty as she has not been afraid to bend some rules. When Meghan married Prince Harry, she knew that certain things were expected of her, but there are some situations where she wouldn't compromise such as the birth of her child. Markle will have a completely different experience from Kate Middleton. Let’s find out more!


Every royal woman has a team of medical professionals for the birth of their children, but Meghan is being choosier than others. The Queen even doctors that she prefers, but the former actress is not interested in them. She apparently does not want “men in suits” and would prefer female physicians at hand.

Because of her decisions, Meghan has been accused of being difficult. They are also stating that she is straying from traditions, especially because she is not listening to the Queen’s advice.


Among the many royal birth traditions is the fact that all women deliver at St. Mary’s Lindo Wing. Kate Middleton has photo-ops in front of it with her three children with Prince William, and those moments are especially loved by the public as they get to see the new baby. Furthermore, they might also get to learn the name.

Princess Anne and the late Princess Diana also delivered their babies at St. Mary’s Hospital, but Meghan wants to change that tradition. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have recently moved to Frogmore Cottage, and it is a bit farther away from the hospital than Buckingham or Kensington Palace. Additionally, the couple recently stated that they would keep the details of their birth plan private.

They might choose another clinic, or perhaps, a home birth. After all, home births were considered the norm in the past. Queen Elizabeth II delivered all four of her kids at her palaces. Therefore, she might end up honoring another tradition that was scrapped before.


Prince Philip is never far from his wife, Elizabeth II, and he has even said that being a supportive husband is part of his duty. However, most people do not know that he was playing a game of squash during the birth of Prince Charles. At that time, it would have been weird for him to be nearby while his wife was giving birth.

He was not there to see his first three kids, but the Queen insisted that he had to be there for Prince Edward’s birth. That started a new tradition of royal fathers being present during deliveries. Prince Charles was there to see his children arrive, and Prince William followed suit. Naturally, Prince Harry is expected to be at the birth of his first child.


As mentioned earlier, Meghan is looking for own medical professionals to assist during birth. It is important to note that it will be a team. Some reports have stated that the couple has already enlisted around 20 doctors for the due date. They had to be prepared for the last three months and are probably at the final lap of the race as Meghan is expected to give birth anytime now.

Unfortunately, these people had to give up a bunch of things to become part of the royal delivery team. For three months and until the birth of the baby, they cannot drink alcohol. Allegedly, the team is comprised of two obstetricians, three midwives, three anesthetists, and four surgeons.


The baby’s gender and the name are a huge secret, and the first person that needs to find out is Queen Elizabeth II herself. Prince Harry has to call his grandmother as soon as the baby is born and tell her the news. However, he has to use a special, encrypted phone for extra security. It would be a huge scandal if the news got out before an official notice from Buckingham Palace. Therefore, the staff has to be extremely careful.


Royal women have had nannies for their children for hundreds of years, and it is expected of them to have someone on hand to help with their baby. Being the nanny of a royal child is a huge honor, and they have to be trained for it. However, it seems that Prince Harry and Meghan will not hire a nanny for a while.

Prince Harry says that despite being part of the royal family, his childhood was pretty normal. Meghan Markle was just an ordinary person with a regular upbringing. Therefore, it makes sense that the couple wants to decide some things about their child for themselves. Instead of a nanny, the former actress will seek her mother’s help. Frogmore Cottage even includes a room for Doria Ragland.


Royal birth announcements are posted on an easel in front of Buckingham Palace, and the tradition started in 1837. After the special easel is placed, the bells of Westminster Abbey and St. Paul’s will ring. It is expected that sometime after, the social media accounts will be updated with the news. Therefore, the medical team has to keep completely quiet about the arrival.


One important rule is that others cannot touch the royal family members, but physicians will obviously have permission to forgo this rule. However, they cannot go beyond necessity. It is even direr that no one touches the children of royalty. Luckily, some of the younger royal members shake hands with others at official events.

Prince Harry and Meghan have been even more expressive, hugging and high-fiving with their fans. But, the rule was originally made for their health. The members meet a lot of people during their travel, and sicknesses can be transmitted through contact.

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One old royal birth tradition does not go well in these modern times. In olden times, they were often worried that the royal baby might be switched with another. There were no DNA tests at the time. Enemies of King James II and Queen Mary Beatrice started a rumor that their child, James, was not the royal baby. Therefore, the home secretary would attend the delivery so that he could confirm the baby.

Fortunately, this tradition was broken after the birth of Queen Elizabeth in 1926, the last time the government official attended a birth. When it was time for her to have children, she decided that it was not necessary. Meghan should be grateful to the Queen for this because it truly seems too intrusive because she wants even more privacy

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People are always eager to see the new baby, but royal mothers have to show their newborns almost right away. This means that despite the difficult effort of child and their changing bodies, they have to look their best for the paparazzi and the public. After the birth of Prince George, Kate Middleton had her hairdresser come in straight away for the photo-op.

She and the Duchess of Sussex have a lot in common, but they are pretty different. Since Meghan and Prince Harry have chosen to keep their plans a secret, there is no telling when they will show their child. The former actress will probably have more time to recover from the situation. Some people believe the couple already had their baby

Things are very different for Meghan Markle, which indicates that the royal family is adapting to modern times better. Let us know what think of the Duchess’ decisions. If you liked this article, share it with your friends who love learning more about the former actress. See you next time!  

Source: Youtube/TheTalko, Town and Country Magazine, TIME, ET Online, Mirror UK, Town and Country Magazine


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