Maisie Williams On Her Feelings While Filming Arya's Scene With Gendry

Some people have been disappointed by the slow pace of the first two episodes of Season Eight. But, they are forgetting that there are only four more left in the show, and everyone needed some time to say goodbye to one another. In any case, some interesting things happen such as Arya’s first time. Some fans loved it, others didn’t, but the actress has opened up about it. Let’s find out what she said!


One of the most shocking aspects of Sunday’s night episode was Arya losing her virginity to Gendry. It was the last night for the people of Winterfell before the White Walkers reached their castle, and everyone was doing different things. Some were gathered around a fire, drinking and reminiscing about old times.

However, Arya decided to do something else, and it was probably what everyone would have hoped for in that situation. The problem is that fans have watched actress Maisie Williams grow up on ‘Game of Thrones’. She was 13 years old during Season One, and it was hard to let go of the image. Williams is now 22 years old.

Therefore, everything was absolutely normal as the show has had some young-looking girls in sexual situations before. Everyone has different opinions, but let’s look at the scene. For her first time, Arya chose Gendry, Robert Baratheon’s bastard who she met years before, but they separated when he was taken from the Brotherhood Without Banners for Melisandre’s plans.

In Episode One, they had a bit of flirtation that hinted that something would happen between. Additionally, the beginning of Episode Two had a short scene where she proved to him that she was not the little girl he once knew. She talked about the weapon Gendry had to make her and threw dragonglass spears with accuracy towards a wall to show her skill at sword fighting.

Arya also added, "I know death. He's got many faces. I look forward to seeing this one.” She is definitely not that afraid of the coming fight, although, from some previews of Season Eight, it looks that might change soon. Gendry was naturally impressed and decided to go ahead and make the weapon Arya wanted.

However, he probably did not expect, and neither did the fans, what waited for him when he met Arya that night at that secluded spot. Furthermore, Arya demonstrated once again what an awesome and liberated girl she has become. She started questioning him about his past sexual experience while taking her gloves as if preparing for something.

She told him that she wanted to know what it was like before dying, and Gendry happily obliged. It seemed that Arya was always infatuated with Gendry, especially during a scene at Casterly Rock where she watched him work without a shirt. However, she took control of her first time, and it was definitely awesome for a woman in that world.


As mentioned, some fans were not comfortable with that scene because Arya is still a little girl in their minds. HBO cleared up that the character of Arya is 18 while reminding everyone that Maisie Williams is 22 years old. Clearly, having sex is no big deal at this point in Arya's journey. 

But, some did not want to believe something like that happened. 

Maisie Williams is short and cute, but she is an empowered woman that can do this kind of scenes just like other actresses. 

Luckily, some fans were ecstatic about the scene, especially those that have shipped Gendrya for years. Way to go, girl!

Just like we cried during Brienne's knighting, we also rejoiced while Gendry and Arya gave us a little romance on the eve of doom. 


Actor Joe Dempsie, who plays Gendry, talked to Entertainment Weekly about that moment, stating, “It’s obviously slightly strange for me because I’ve known Maisie since she was 11, 12 years old.” He continued,

“At the same time, I don’t want to be patronizing toward Maisie — she’s a 20-year-old woman. So we just had a lot of fun with it.”

Meanwhile, Maisie told that publication that she initially thought the writers of the show were playing a joke on her. “At first, I thought it was a prank,” she said. “I was like, ‘Yo, good one.’ And [the showrunners were] like, ‘No, we haven’t done that this year.’“ She also added,

"I got to the read-through and I’m reading the scene and thought, ‘Oh, we’re actually going to do this. When do I shoot this? I need to go to the gym!’"

Furthermore, even Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa Stark, had something to say about it. She and Maisie have become like true sisters since the beginning of the series, and they got the script at the same time. They called each other right after reading it. Williams commented,

"Sophie said, ‘Whatever you do, you have to skip to this episode, this scene first.' So I just read that and it was practically all I knew about the entire season.”

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The actress was quick to point that the showrunners asked her what level of nudity would she be willing to have. “David [Benioff] and Dan [Weiss] were like: ‘You can show as much or as little as you want,’” Williams said.

“So I kept myself pretty private. I don’t think it’s important for Arya to flash. This beat isn’t really about that. And everybody else has already done it on the show, so…"

Maisie continued explaining that the directors rushed through that scene, and the staff was very respectful in that moment.

“No one wants to make you feel uncomfortable, which kind of makes you feel more uncomfortable, because no one wants to look at anything that they shouldn’t look at, which in turn makes you feel like you look awful!"

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Some people online thought that the scene was unnecessary, stating that show was trying to sexualize a young girl, but the actress disagreed with those statements. “It was really interesting because it’s a very human relationship for Arya,” Williams added.

“This is something she’s stayed away from, an emotion we’ve never really seen her engage with."

It was important to let Arya be a teenager for once in her life, especially on what is possibly their last night alive. Let us know what you thought of that shocking scene. If you liked this article, share it with your friends who are waiting on the edge of their seats for more surprises from ‘Game of Thrones’. See you next time!

Source: Buzzfeed News, Thrillist, Entertainment Weekly


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