Salaries of Game Of Thrones Real Cast Disclosed. Who Is Securing The Bag?

‘Game of Thrones’ is the most watched television series of our time. Almost a decade now, it has accumulated a large and loyal fanbase. It is an American fantasy drama television series created by David Benioff and D.B Weiss for HBO and adapted from the book, A Song of Ice and Fire, written by George R. R Martin. 'Game of Thrones' was first released on April 17, 2011, and has since bagged many awards. It is also the most pirated TV show. It is the most significant recreation of a real fictional world in Minecraft. ‘GOT’ is the largest TV drama simulcast in 173 different countries. All of these accolades are to bolster the fact that show is doing well. This, in turn, means the actors are well-to-do. Do you ever wonder how rich the stars of this HBO series are? Stay with us on this article to find out!


Well, the question of how much money the show makes can only be answered with "a whole lot." But, how much precisely? HBO subscription costs $15 per signup for a month, and a ‘GOT’ fan needs a three-month subscription to watch their favorite show as a season usually runs for about two and a half month. While it isn’t certain, it is estimated that about 30-40 million are subscribed to HBO right now. Well doing a bit of math, three months subscription from all these people will bring in an income of about nine hundred million to one point two billion dollars. Wow! Let’s not forget about the DVDs, and the show merchandise like t-shirts, hoodies, props art and action figures.

Of course, HBO and Game of Thrones are making money, but they do have to spend money as well to get a profit back. Since 2011, each episode costs about four million dollars to make, and this number went up at season six to a cost of seven million dollars per episode. Shocking right? For a season they had ten episodes, so we're looking at a whopping sum of sixty to seventy million dollars.

Now let's take a break and think of how we could have spent all of this money. That money could have bought six pizza franchises. It could have paid for three hundred and fifty heart transplants.

Well, back to reality because we're talking about the money HBO spends. A recent report says that HBO is paying less for Season 8 than it did for Season 6, ninety million dollars versus a hundred million dollars. Though the last season surpassed it all, making each episode worth approximately fifteen million dollars. No matter what you feel about this sum of money being spent, ‘GOT’ is now big enough to be worth the extra expense.


In 2017, Variety released its list of the highest paid TV actors of the previous year. ‘Game of Thrones’ actors like Emilia Clarke, Kit Harington, Peter Dinklage, Lena Headey, and Nikolai Coster-Waldau were on the list with each of them is making half a million dollars per episode. Remember this was two years ago. The newest report says that the actors may be getting roughly two and a half million dollars per episode in season seven and will earn the same amount for the final season. That's crazy!

Emilia stands out even more on the list given that she's one of the highest paid female actresses in the TV business. ‘GOT’ fans are helping their favorite actors earn a fortune. The sixth season had a reported twenty-five point seven million viewers per episode. It was a significant record-breaking number of views and surely season eight will break GOT's previous record.


You might expect Emilia or Kit to have the highest net worth, but this might surprise you. At the age of thirty-two, Emilia Clarke's net worth is thirteen million dollars, and Kit has an estimate of twelve million dollars for the last year. Well, he probably spent a great deal of money on his dream wedding and a castle. Nevertheless, Peter Dinklage and Nikolai Costa-Waldau's net worths are estimated to be around sixteen million dollars. Well, Lena Headey has earned the lowest and worths only nine million dollars.


Of course, the stars do not only get their money from Game of Thrones. Peter Dinklage starred in ‘Rememory.’ Well, Emilia played a part in ‘Solo: A Star War Story’ and also a romantic drama, ‘Me Before You.’ Over the years, we have not seen much of Lena Headey apart from in ‘Game of Thrones.’ Lena had been going through a tough divorce. She got married once again and gave birth to one more baby.

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Lena was married to Peter Loughran, an Irish musician but the pair got divorced in 2012. She revealed her financial situation as part of the divorce proceedings saying that she had less than five dollars in her bank account.  She also mentioned that she had been surviving on credit cards to pay for her and her two-year-old son living expenses. Hopefully, Lena Headey is doing much better now because the last time Cersei needed money, it all went pretty severely.


Last summer, news about a gap between the salaries of the ‘GOT’ actors was rife in the media. Well, the main actors get paid more because they have more screen time. Judging by this criterion, Peter Dinklage has to be the main character with three hundred and thirty-seven minutes of screen time, but then with ‘GOT,’ you never can label a character the most important one.

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Even though Sansa and Arya played a significant part in the storyline, it was revealed that Sophie, Maisie, and Isaac (Bran Stark) only got paid a hundred and seventy-five thousand dollars per episode. Almost three times lesser than their half-brother, Jon Snow. Sophie was surprisingly very calm about this news, and none of the cast made a big deal of the issue. However,  be rest assured that the gap in payment has nothing to do with gender as Emilia Clarke and Lena Headey are paid the same amount with Kit Harington.

There is no doubt that GOT fans are the best as they help their favorite actors secure the bag. The wide range of audience brings in a massive amount of income to HBO. What do you think about the pay? What are your thoughts on how much HBO spends? Let us know your thoughts in the comment session!

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