Daenerys Might Turn Out To Be The Next Biggest Villain On ‘Game Of Thrones’

We are quite used to the betrayals that frequently occur on ‘Game of Thrones.’ For many years, fans have postulated that Daenerys Targaryen would eventually become a villain eerily similar to her father, the Mad King Aerys. The developments in the final season’s first two episodes suggest that the Mother of Dragons could turn on our heroes, including Jon Snow and the Starks just to sit on the Iron Throne. You are in for a good ride. Spoilers alert ahead. Beware!


Right from the start, Daenerys had always had an intense hunger for the Iron Throne. This desire of hers is the motive behind many of her not-so-good actions (from the death of her brother, Viserys, to the burning of the Tarlys). While Dany had subsequently shown kindness to many characters such as Missandei, Grey Worm and the Unsullied, and all the slaves she freed in Slaver’s Bay, most of her actions were borne out of her selfish intent to sit in the Iron Throne. First, she bought the Unsullied because she needed an army of her own to win the Iron Throne. Due to the death of Khal Drogo and the fact that she lost his Dothraki army, she couldn't find boats to sail straight to Westeros.

However, she was able to achieve this feat at the end of Season 6, after she deserted Slaver's Bay even as the enslaved people she freed struggled through a period of reconstruction. She also left Daario Naharis, a sellsword of the Second Sons with no experience ruling a city, in charge of Maureen. Jon and Daenerys clashed during their first meet at Dragonstone in Season 7 Episode 3, when Jon Snow was asked to bend a knee. He refused and told Dany that she is “more of the same,” but she quickly corrected him and asked him not to judge her based on her father's sins. Paradoxical, two episodes later, she burned the Tarlys alive. This act clearly reminded us of how her father eliminated Jon Snow's grandfather, Richard Stark and uncle Brandon. Even though Dany often affirms that she is unlike her father, it doesn't mean she is the just Queen that she thinks she is.

In the first episode of Season 8, Samwell Tarly got to know about how Daenerys killed his father and brother because they wouldn’t pledge their loyalty to her. Sam was extremely terrified by this, yet Dany seemed not to have abhorred sympathy for him. She even felt affronted that Sam didn't beg for mercy. Even Jorah seemed to be surprised by Dany's cruelty. With this seldom violent acts, many who are not close to Mother Dragon assume that she is a ruthless ruler, and without her keen advisors — Jorah Mormont, Varys, and Tyrion Lannister—  she would indulge in more gruesome means to get the Iron Throne.


When Jon Snow and Dany arrived Winterfell in Episode 1 of Season 8, Dany revealed to Jon Snow that there would be consequences if Sansa— who she noticed didn’t seem to trust her— doesn't accept her. Dany's behavior here isn't impressive. It is okay not to trust people when you first meet them. Dany was skeptical of Jon Snow when she first met him too, but she wants Sansa who is politically intelligent to receive her with open arms, knowing that she could be a potential threat to the North.

Jorah successfully convinced Dany to speak to Sansa in private to iron things out in Episode 2. However, while Sansa was willing to set aside their differences, she became uncertain again, when she asked what would become of the North, after the battle with the Army of the Dead. Of course, Dany's cold response to the question implies that she still hopes to rule North, despite her family's vexatious history with the Starks and the North.


In the Season 8 premiere, Sam revealed to Jon Snow his true identity as the son of Rhaegar Targaryen. This makes him the nephew of Dany and the true heir to the Iron Throne since Rhaegar was Dany's older brother and the heir to the Iron Throne after their father, the Mad King Aerys. Sam isn't convinced that Dany would be able to bend her knee to Jon Snow, just like he did to her while trying to save his people. When Jon Snow told Daenerys the truth, her immediate face and body language change implied that she wasn't exactly pleased by the news.

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This suggests that even if Jon Snow shows no desire to sit on the Throne, she would still view him as an enemy or an obstacle to her ruling the seven kingdoms. It is evident that sitting on the Iron Throne is more paramount to her than everything —including the people of Westeros, whom she plans to rule. So, it will be no shock to many, if after the living become eventually victorious in the battle against the Army of the Dead, Daenerys may turn her back on Jon Snow (her ally/lover/nephew/ally) just because his claim to the Iron Throne threatens her.


In early April, right before Season 8 was released, Redditor nanoelite shared a theory that Dany will be the next big villain on the show with this convincing argument:

“Both the show and the book series seek to portray a fantasy setting in realistic terms, clearly displaying the grim aspects of medieval life, the brutality of warfare, and the grey morality of its characters. That's why I don't think that either the Night King (a supernatural entity with absolutely no characterization) or Cersei (a comically evil despot) will be the big bads. Both characters are too easy to root against, and having a clear conflict between good and evil doesn't seem in line with what we have seen from the first seven seasons.”

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The Redditor also pointed out that Daenerys would make a more thrilling villain than Cersei because she is stronger now in the story than ever with her two powerful dragons, strong allies, and a large army of Unsullied and Dothraki.

“Daenerys is just more of the same, believing her way is the only way, refusing to compromise, and slaughtering dissidents, only she has dragons and a moral banner to rally armies behind. But the road to hell is paved with good intentions, and ultimate power will ultimately corrupt Daenerys. Setting her up as the final villain would be a much more moving, and fitting, ending to the show, instead of having the power couple team up to kill the zombie army and the comic villain.”

GOT isn't a series where there is a fine line between good and evil, as no character is exactly pure and innocent. With this, it would make perfect sense if one of the main protagonists of the series suddenly becomes the villain. However, our fingers are crossed as we anticipate the release of more episodes of the season finale. What do you think about this theory? Do you have a theory of your own? Please let us know in the comment. If you found this article exciting, share it with your friends and let them in on the fun.

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