Game Of Thrones Might Just Have Divulged The True Identity Of The Night King

Our favorite series of all time, ‘Game Of Thrones,’ knows how to put its fans on suspense. Nevertheless, the HBO series has been making some big revelations of late with the airing of its season finale. Besides the distinct discoveries made by fans and characters in the show's last few episodes, the show might also have unknowingly divulged something about its primary villain. One fan theory presently trending the internet is that ‘Game of Thrones’ may already have given us a spoiler in terms of the identity of the Night King.

Though this theory has been going around the internet since the conclusion of season seven, it found new a new dimension following HBO's Inside the Episode featurette for the season eight premiere. During the post-episode promo, ‘Game of Thrones’ co-showrunner and director, David Benioff, offered information that many are taking as evidence that the Night King is, in fact, a secret Targaryen. Do you think the Night King could be a Targaryen?


Fans are of the thought that we might know the identity of the Night King. This opinion was gotten from what David Benioff said during HBO's Inside the Episode featurette for the season eight premiere.

“No one has ever ridden a dragon except for Dany. Only Targaryens can ride the dragon, and that should be a sign for Jon. Jon's not always the quickest on the uptick but eventually gets there."

As the son of Rheagar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark, Jon's Targaryen blood makes him worthy of riding a dragon, though he was unaware of that at the moment. However, it seems David omitted the fact that Jon and Dany aren’t the only ones to ride a dragon. Could that be a spoiler of some sort?


While David Benioff might be right in saying that only Targaryens can ride dragons, he is wrong to say that Dany was the only person to have ridden a dragon before the first episode of Season 8 because the Night King rode a dragon.  That makes three people to have ridden dragons in the series so far; Daenerys on Drogon, Jon on Rhaegal, and the Night King on Viserion. Well, this has got a lot of the ‘Game of Thrones’ fans thinking that the Night King is a Targaryen. If only Targaryens can ride dragons, then that must mean that the Night King is a Targaryen too as he rode a dragon, right? While this theory makes sense, we cannot be too quick to conclude as the HBO series has unexpected turns and outcomes.


Sadly, it's not hard to find holes in this theory. Firstly, Viserion isn't the same type of dragon he was before he died. He is an ice dragon now not a fire dragon. That stands to mean that the old rules don't accurately apply in this situation. While Targaryens do have a secure connection to dragons, they do not have any old links to Ice Dragons. According to Game of Thrones novella, The Ice Dragon which was written by George R. R Martin,  humans can't tame, train or ride Ice Dragons. An excerpt of the text reads:

"We have tales of those that tried, found frozen with their whip and harness in hand. I've heard about people that have lost hands or fingers just by touching one of them. Frostbite."

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Another problem with this theory of the Night King being a Targaryen is that the Night King is a member of the First Men who came to Westeros from Essos twelve thousand years ago previously before the Targaryen conquest. After the First Men attacked and invaded Westeros, the ancient Westerosi inhabitants known as the Children of the Forest captured one of them, and the Night King was born. Neither House Targaryen nor the Valyrian Empire from which they came was around at the time.

And the Targaryens didn't come into power in the Valyrian Freehold until thousands of years after the war between the First Men and the Children of the Forest. Considering the timeline, it is quite impossible that the First Man to become the Night King could have been a Targaryen. Well, we are still keeping our fingers crossed on who the Night King is.


Regardless, we should put in mind this mind-boggling similarity between the House Targaryen and the Night King that people noticed in the Season 8 premiere as regards to the famous spiral symbol. We have seen this spiral sign, but we do not know what it means or what it stands for. In one of the last scenes of the first episode of Season 8, Eddison Tollett, Beric Dondarrion, and others got to Last Hearth only to find little Lord Umber pinned to a wall with multiple severed limbs surrounding his body, forming a spiral shape.

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Isn't that frightening? We also saw it once before, around the Weirwood tree when the Children of the Forest created the Night King, also when the White Walkers slaughtered horses to terrorize the wildings. Lastly, we saw the spiral in etchings carved in the caves of Dragon store. It might not be a coincidence as this spiral seems to look a lot like the sigil of House Targaryen, and spirals of a kind have even been known to appear around the only two living Targaryens on the show.

We all know that ‘Game of Thrones’ has one of the most twisted storylines we have ever seen. So, it would come as no surprise if the Night King is actually Targaryen. Considering his ability to ride Viserion, there really may be a connection. Or maybe not. Regardless, only time would tell the truth. What do you think about the similarity of the spiral and the sigil of House Targaryen? Do you think it's just a coincidence or there is more to it? Tell us what you think in the comment section below and share this with your ‘GOT’ loving friends!

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