Big Bang Theory Cast: Where They Started & Their Final Table Read

After 12 wonderful seasons, the glorious days of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ are coming to an end - a fact that fans are still having trouble wrapping their heads around. The beloved cast will be seen one last time during the season finale on May 16. Instead of focusing on the bad, let’s take a walk down memory lane and see where the stars were before becoming our favorite characters.


Parsons knew right from the start that acting was his calling. He started by participating in high school plays, as well as taking up lessons in piano since kindergarten.

“My mother says I would come home from school and I wasn't even worth talking to until I played for 40 minutes.”

Although you’d think he’d have a bunch of job offers lined up for him right after college, unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. Parsons said he auditioned for over 30 television pilots, and when he got the part, the show never made it to a network. However, his luck finally changed when he landed on The Big Bang Theory.

Chuck Lorre, the creator of the series, said that when Jim walked into the room, they all thought he was Sheldon Cooper immediately:

"Jim was one of the most startling auditions I’ve ever seen in my life.”

Apparently, everything about Parsons screamed Sheldon Cooper - from his mannerisms to his clothes and speech. Everyone was simply blown away.


Kelly also loved acting since she was a kid, as well as playing tennis. Even though her parents were supportive of her acting hobby, she was allowed to audition only under certain circumstance:

“If I wanted to audition I had to play tennis. If I play tennis, I had to be in a dance class. I always had multiple activities, so I never had to count on any one of them to feel successful.”

Because the character was extremely different in the beginning, it was pretty difficult for Kaley to land the role of Penny. Amanda Walsh was actually picked to star, and her name Katie at first. However, when the actress decided to pull out of the project, we got the Penny we’ve come to love today.


Although he plays a Princeton graduate with a Ph.D. in the show, Galecki is actually a 14-year-old dropout. He decided to start his acting career young and got plenty of experience before getting called in for the show.

“I was working at a theater in New York and Chuck Lorre called and said, ‘Me and Bill Prady are talking about something; we don't have anything written yet but we will in a couple weeks. Can we fax you a couple pages?’ That was it.”

The actor also shared the first time he read lines with Jim Parsons.

“We just chatted. It was really amazing to see Sheldon come to life like that. It wasn't a character that I understood on the page initially and seeing Jim do his first line as Sheldon, I got it, and now I get these two together.”


Just like the rest of his coworkers, Simon already got some experience in the field when he was still young. But, truthfully, Helberg was always more passionate about music specifically. When questioned about what he would do in the music industry, Simon responded that he wanted to be in a boy band. After landing a couple of parts in different shows - such as Matthew Perry’s show ‘Studio 60’, and ‘Joey’, Simon was offered to audition for the role of Howard Wolowitz. And, he almost rejected the offer:

“I remember almost not going in because I was working on Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip and it was the beginning of the pilot season.”

I was working with a great group of people and loved this pilot. I read Big Bang the year before - they shot it twice - and read it the first year. I thought, ‘Why are they doing this again?’”

The actor clearly wasn’t too impressed with the script or excited for the show, but luckily, his agent convinced him to give it a shot - and he was glad he did so. Once he met the showrunners, they instantly hit it off.


The stars of the show have been posting numerous behind-the-scenes pictures and sharing special moments through this final season. But, as the end of the show is coming closer, the most recent posts have been more somber.

On Wednesday, Melissa Rauch, who portrays Bernadette in the series, posted the following photo.

"About to go into our table read for the series finale written by this group of geniuses," Rauch wrote in the caption. "People often ask what the secret is behind the success of the show ... well, it's no secret ... it's the sheer brilliance of these incredible minds. Love them all so very much."

Rauch later posted this picture as well, where we can see the entire cast giving each other a massive hug.

"Just because I haven't flooded my face with enough tears during/after today's final @bigbangtheory_cbs table read," she wrote, "here's a pic of our pre-show huddle last night."

Mayim Bialik, who plays Amy on the show, posted the following picture with Rauch.

"This lady and I have been through a lot together as the new kids on the block of season 3 of @bigbangtheory_cbs,"

Bialik wrote,

"We have cried together and laughed together and raised kids on a set together. I couldn't have made it without her with any semblance of sanity."

Kunal Nayyar, the actor who plays Raj, kept it simple by not getting too emotional. He captioned the photo below with,

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"Just read the final episode ... Gnite."

But, if we’re being totally honest, the most heartbreaking post of all was definitely Kaley Cuoco’s (Kaley plays Penny on the show).

"Post table read for @bigbangtheory_cbs finale episode," Cuoco posted a picture of her crying and hugging her final script for ‘The Big Bang Theory.’

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After 12 long years with the cast, and becoming so familiar with the characters and their lives, we’re going to miss them just as much as they’re going to miss each other! What were some of your most memorable and favorite moments from the series? Comment below!

Sources: INSIDERAmoMama, Twitter/@bigbangtheory_cbs


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