The Game of Thrones Cast Reveals What Life Is Really Like Behind the Scenes

For many people who watch 'Game of Thrones,' imagining that Cersei and Tyrion are the best of friends in real life and can not avoid laughing every time they see each other during a scene is impossible. However, the reality behind the cameras is different because all these actors have become a vast and strange happy family. Through this series of images, you will see a more human and funny side of the series that has us on the edge of our seats.

27. Here you can see the happy and fun Bran you all know, giving a deserved ride while resting from a scene.

26. After seeing this image, it's guaranteed that you'll love these beautiful girls even more.

25. She may look very regal in the inclement weather, but the red woman is also very cold.

24. One of the happiest and most crazy families in all of Westeros showing some brotherly love.

23. This is the routine of the vast majority of Night's Watch members as they rest between scenes.

22. Another photograph of our beautiful Red Woman while resting before her next scene.

21. Everything seems to indicate that now they are very good friends.

20. We thought it was just Dany, but, apparently, there are too many Targaryens on the set of 'Game of Thrones.'

19. Daenerys Stormborn, first of her name, and her beautiful baby Drogon before all the necessary special effects.

18. It is effortless to listen to Dany's voice just by looking at this image: "If he'd only bend the bloody knee there'll be no problems ..."

17. The beautiful Dragon Queen in all her royal glory, waiting for her subdicts to call her for her next scene.

16. Winter came much quicker to King's Landing, and all the actors must be protected from the flu.

15. The reunited Stark sisters are ready to put an end to all the "Littlefingers" that exist in Westeros.

14. During the series, it was not very obvious, but this image seems to indicate that Myrcella enjoyed her stay in Dorne.

13. While everyone is fighting the White Walkers and losing their lives, Cersei will be at King's Landing laughing at the situation like this ...

12. This is a photograph that proves that the actress, Lena Headey, is totally the opposite of Cersei and her behavior.

11. You can almost read the expression of the faithful and sturdy Hodor in this image: "I held the door; it's time for you to hold the rock and protect me."

10. Stop all battles! The whole world must wait because Gemma will not risk hurting a muscle without first warming up a little.

9. Maybe the scene is theatrical, and they should focus, but there is always time to show a cat video to your best friend.

8. It seems that many cast members became very good friends of the Septa despite everything she did during the series.

7. HBO announced that the last season would only have six episodes, but as they are longer than usual, viewers showed their affection as Tyrion did here.

6. A ubiquitous photograph on the set due to long working days: Sophie Turner, aka Sansa, taking a nap.

5. Birthdays are not an excuse to stop the recordings, so you should celebrate them during the scenes.

4. The Dragon Queen and her squad have a lot of style, and when the recordings are over, and nobody sees them, they demonstrate their skills.

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3. Outside the set, even the Lannister deserves a pleasant holiday on the beach away from all the blood and political arguments of Westeros.

2. This group of actors undoubtedly became one of the most iconic and incredible casts on television, and they will always be remembered as that.

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1. Jon Snow, or rather, Aegon Targaryen, decided that he is also a dragon and will not let anyone change his mind.

Each of these photos shows a different side of these actors and their characters, but they remind people of the camaraderie and friendship that has been forged between them during all these years. This is undoubtedly one of the reasons why the series is so good. Are you a fan of Game of Thrones? What do you think will happen in the next episode? Let us know your best theory about the end of the series and do not forget to invite all your friends to be part of the debate.

Sources: Brightside


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