25+ Most Awkward Clothing Failures

We all have different styles, and clothes are the perfect way to express them. However, there are some fashion trends that should have been killed even before they reached the store. The following people really loved them, but that does not mean that they are not awful. You won't believe what people are wearing. Let's check it out!

30. T-shirts and pants with holes are not new and have been trendy for many years. However, this particular purple number is so sloppy that no one should wear it outside. 

29. Some people like open-toed shoes, while others hate them. There are things in the world that should not mix and cowboy boots are definitely not sandals!

28. Ripped jeans can look pretty stylish, but they have to be paired with the right blouse and accessories. This woman was wearing a smart jacket that simply does not fit with those ratty pants. 

27. Some people enjoy wearing clothes that have body parts printed on them. It took us a while to figure out that this shirt was not just sleeves. 

26. You can make your own clothes with old tattered jeans but actually buying something like this at the store is out of the question. That's just wrong. 

25. This might be from a huge, prestigious fashion brand, and it is probably worth thousands of dollars. However, it is still awful. You might as well make one from your old car. 

24. Some leggings show off a bunch of skin, but this particular pair is like an x-ray. It is very funny and would work for some sort of cosplay, but not on a normal day. 

23. Some people love wearing onesies to bed, and this could work fine for people that love 'The Little Mermaid'. However, we hope nobody will wear it outside.  

22. Well, perhaps it does not look that awful when someone is wearing them. The idea might be funny, but hopefully, the sandal is only used at the beach. 

21. We have no idea if this man is wearing several pants or if his normal black trousers have several slots for belts. This is just weird. 

20. These leggings encompass everything people like about the internet: cats and the stars. While it would be cool to have a pair at home, they should not be worn outside. 

19. Everyone loves wearing purses that lot like other objects, but this nude handbag is "udderly" ridiculous. It would be a great conversation topic, though. 

18. What kind of alien is this person? There is absolutely no reason why this man should be wearing those distorted shoes. It is just wrong.

17. Once again, we see the use of ripped clothes as a fashion statement. Well, we say, "Stop it!" This girl even looks like a model. Wear normal clothes, please!

16. These women look like they are at some sort of audition, and if their number or character requires those clothes, it's okay. Otherwise, it would be a big, fat no!

15. There is a trend among feminist that are refusing to shave their armpits. It might be disgusting to some, but it is natural. However, dyeing armpit hair is just weird. 

14. We sometimes go to the salon and ask the hairdresser to make us look like a million bucks, but this is just going too far. Who would wear this on a normal day?

13. This is another example of ripped jeans that simply don't work. It is just too much, and it is almost like they are constricting that lady's thighs. 

12. Others might think that our clothes look like s**t, but this is literally pure human waste. It doesn't even look good for a photo session. 

11. We wonder if this man changed pants with his girlfriend. Also, why is it that they are loose at the booty area and tight at the ankles? Look in the mirror, people!

10. Everyone is allowed to choose their own clothes, but it is always best to learn what looks good and why. This skirt might not be the best choice for her.

9. This pants that include high heels could work for cosplay as they seem to be what a videogame female-character would wear. On a normal day? Nop.

8. This is such things as exposing too much skin. These pants cover her private areas and the back of her legs. But, they look awful. Where would we wear them?

7. Another example of useless jeans. This is literally garbage because they defeat the purpose of wearing clothes in the first place. They don't even look good for the beach. 

6. We really hope this couple was rocking their outfits for some sort of party. Otherwise, we have to question their fashion choices. We like the colors, though. 

5. This pair of pants/shoes were used by Willow Smith to the 2010 Nickelodeon 'Kid's Choice Awards'. It was a long time ago, and trends have changed, but they are just the worst. 

4. At some point in the 90s, men started using low-hanging jeans, but this is just ridiculous. Might as well just take them off and go out without pants at all.

3. This high heel defeats the purpose of shoes in general. They are supposed to protect your feet. We hope these were just worn on the runway and not sold. 

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2. These are the kind of blouses that should be worn without a bra or with a backless type. We cannot imagine what the front looks like, but shirts are supposed to cover us. 

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1. Wedding dresses come in all shapes and styles, but this one is like taking several rolls of toilet papers and gluing them together. It is a fun bachelorette-party game, but it would not work for the real ceremony. 

It's crazy what designers and people, in general, decide to use. Let us know which one was the worst in your opinion. If you liked this article, share it with your friends who have eccentric fashion styles. See you next time!

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