10+ Photos That Show The True Side Of Our Grandparents

Have you ever wondered how far one could go in life in terms of age, and at the same time still have it in them to rock this life? You no longer have to wonder too much. Some good old grannies have decided that aging is not going to be a barrier to the magic they have and their ability to create more of it. It is no gainsaying that grandparents have been and will continue to be the ones with the most philosophical approach to life.

The following compilation of photos will enable you to see the unique ability of the older generation in terms of their wit, kindness, and creativity. A lot of people especially in this current generation tend to see the aged as being overbearing and overly frustrating. However, one should be thankful for the presence of these pillars of wisdom in the world. This article presents the reasons why every young person ought to appreciate the importance of the older generation in their lives.

20. Grannie’s cat photoshop

Would you know the best thing to do if your lovely cat did not get into the frame of a photo? I’d bet not. A lady’s mother in law photoshopped one of her cats into a picture with her other cat. What a touching and emotional image this made.

19. Free advice

You probably have heard that saying "advice is a dime a dozen." Well, this saying accurately applies to the old coot. They are always eager to bless you with advice. Though it may be wrong, it is most definitely free. You might want to get that piece of information.

18. Creative packaging

You would agree the clip pins have made the world of snacks a better place. However, the oldies seem to be fine without them. Check out the creative way with which this granny closes a bag of chips.

17. Once they dislike you, you won't hear the last of it

You certainly do not want to get on the wrong side of the older generation. Even their style of expressing dislike is one of a kind. This picture shows what a grandma did to her grandson’s ex who she was not particularly fond of.

16. Cat family

Oldies indeed treat their pet animals in a golden manner. This guy’s father-in-law considers his cat like family. Little wonder the cat went ahead to create and bring a family of its own to be part of the more prominent family.

15. The wild love them too

The love that radiates from the old ones sometimes gets to wild animals as well. Love is a thing that can tame even the fiercest animal. So is the case with this granny who gets visited by a fox every morning,

14. Excellent at accumulating what they love

When the grannies love a thing, they keep on going for it. The younger generation might think this restless of them, but hey, it is what they like right? Look at this picture of an old grandpa’s record collection that took up two whole trucks when he moved into a new apartment.

13. Never too old to explore

That they are oldies does not mean that they stop being "smart pants." Here is a look at a granny who has an art interest but never owned a tab to explore her art love. Her grandson gets her one, and the first thing she does is to design her face on the gadget.

12. Their emotions run deep

The elderly ones never want to see a cute thing suffer. Their emotions simply won’t let them. This grandma went ahead to buy a defective pig because she felt sorry for it.

11. They are innovative as well

The younger generation may consider this silly, but the oldies always find a way around hard stuff no matter how silly it might seem. This old man covered his parts of his TV screen he didn't want to look at with a blanket because he did not know how to simply make it full screen.

10. Sometimes sneaky as well

The male oldies sure know how to play their game. When this man was young he chose to propose to his wife by presenting her with a jar of buttons. This was meant to show her how badly he needed a wife. Every lady would find it hard saying no to this kind of man.

9. Never too late

While many young’ uns are seen to give up on a dream quickly, the oldies tend to differ. This old couple decided to become hardcore Pokémon Go players. They both reached level 37 and are still going quite strong.

8. Sometimes Ridiculous

One would easily agree that the elderly ones think of the most ridiculous ideas. Imagine sending your grandchild a sea grape leaf as a postcard from Florida. Yes, a grandma actually did that.

7. Amazing Agriculturist

The knowledge of the green is not lost on the oldies. A lady’s father in law grafted 12 different mango types on one tree. How cool is that?

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6. Eternal Disciplinarians

That they are old does not mean they are slack when it comes to their responsibilities. This girl loves the movie ‘Inside Out,’ and this naturally makes her grandmother get to work.

5. Master in the Kitchen

What most young cooking lovers still struggle with is what the grannies have moved past. This grandma has mastered the art of cutting onions without shedding a single tear. This art is definitely worth learning by the young generation.

4. Who is happier?

The excitement and happiness of the aged tend to be contagious. A granny surprised her husband on their route with their grandson. The happiest amongst them is hard to determine.

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3. Their consistency is worth rewarding

A guy’s grandma goes to McDonald’s every day for her morning coffee. It turns out the restaurant created a party for her on her 90th birthday. Her consistency did not go unappreciated.

2. Flexible Granny

Once flexible will always be always flexible. This granny will never cease to blow many minds as she can split in her old age. Very few oldies possess this kind of ability.

1. Never underrate their influence

The older generation is an influential one. If you think otherwise this picture of three generations will certainly clear your doubts. Their influence should never be undermined.

The older generation will never cease to surprise the younger. No matter how knowledgeable the younger seems to be, the oldies will always surpass in their unique ways. Do you have unusual and amazing things your grannies have done? You can share and blow several minds away.

Source: Brightside

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