20 Celebrities Who Invested a Fortune To Change The Way They Look

Many of us envy the glamorous life that most of our favorite celebrities live. However, we tend to forget that being in Hollywood means living a life constantly under the scrutiny of the public. Everything about you is up for discussion, especially your looks. It’s why many of these stars do all they can to look their best at all times. 

Some even go as far as going under the knife, and in the process dish out a ton of cash. While some of them ended looking like 'goals', others didn’t turn out so well. Regardless of the outcome of their decision, here are 20 celebrities who spent a butt load of money to change their looks entirely.


Before this mother-of-three became the sensual goddess with a body to die for, Kim looked nothing like the beauty that she is now. Reports have that the queen of the selfie has undergone multiple procedures including a nose job, jaw surgery, and chin shaving to get her envied sculptured look. 

The ‘KUWTK’ star didn’t stop there as she allegedly got fat transfers and injections to produce her iconic hourglass figure and apple-shaped behind. Kim has reportedly spent at least $35,009 to get all these procedures done. Don’t even get us started on how much she pays to touch up on fillers!


While most stars deny ever going under the knife, the 66-year-old English media personality is an exception. Sharon has been very open about her several procedures and once joked in 2016 saying:

“I’m on face three and counting.”

Her first procedure was a stomach-stapling surgery that reportedly cost a vast amount of money. She has also had liposuction, a lifting done on her neck, a tummy tuck, and a breast lift. What a lover of surgeries! We can’t even begin talking about her implants. In total, Osbourne is said to have spent $160,000 on plastic surgery. Luckily it was worth every penny!


Despite being 56 years old, Demi has never looked better. Although many of her fans believe it as a result of good genes, the truth is Demi owes her ageless looks to plastic surgery. As reported, the American actress has gotten breast implants, fillers, liposuction and Botox all over her face. She also had laser surgery done on the skin on her knees. Who knew that could be done? All in all, Demi has spent close to $400,000 in looking like a work of art. Who could blame her for that?


With great humor comes a lot of knife work. Despite being such a beauty at the age of 30, Blake has had some work done to enhance her looks. She has reportedly gotten a nose job that cost about $7,300 and has fixed her crooked teeth of which cost above $925 each.


With a face like Megan’s, it’s almost impossible that the help of plastic surgery wasn’t employed. While Megan insisted that her jaw-dropping looks are God-given, reports suggest that she has had two nose jobs, cheek lifts, and lip fillers. All of which cost at least $8,000. This is one investment she would never regret!


All hail the queen of plastic surgeries! Back before Nicki came into the spotlight with her surgically enhanced curves, Onika Alaran was just a regular looking girl from Queens. Rumors have it that Nicki has worked on her butt and chest over seven times and has spent over $20,000 in achieving her killer looks. Like that’s not enough, Nicki has reportedly undergone a lip surgery that cost $11,500. We’ll leave you to do the math!


If there’s one thing that runs in the Kardashian-Jenner clan, it’s a love for looking good. We all watched Kylie evolve from the thin-lipped teenager on ‘KUWTK’ to the make-up mogul with impressive curves. 

According to plastic surgeons, Kylie has had lip fillers, breast augmentation, and nose jobs. She also had fat transfer to achieve her hourglass shape. In total, Kylie has spent a whopping two million dollars to achieve her look. However, what’s $2,000,000 when you’re a billionaire at 21?


Being the chief designer of one of the biggest fashion houses in the world comes with a great responsibility of looking good. Donatella has reportedly had multiple Botox injections and lip fillers as well as invasive procedures. She has spent at least $25,000 on Botox alone.


The famous rapper looks utterly unrecognizable from the melanin queen she was in the ’90s to the curvy badass that she is now. Lil Kim has reportedly done multiple nose jobs, cheek fillers, breast implantation, and liposuction. While her face work cost about $25,000, her body procedures range from $2,000 to $3,500. Her chest implants are said to cost above $4,000.


While Kathy is an iconic comedian, her great sense of humor hasn’t made her immune to the pressures of Hollywood beauty standards. Kathy has been open about her surgeries confessing to having gotten a nose job at the age of 26. Kathy has reportedly spent at least $30,000 to look years younger at 58.


Who says only Hollywood women are concerned about their looks? The 75-year-old singer has gotten a lot of work done over the years including a nose job, cheek implants, and an upper and lower facelift. All these and more reportedly cost $70,000.


No one is surprised that Caitlyn has spent a ton of money to look the way she does now. Before completing her gender reassignment surgery, Caitlyn reportedly spent $70,000 on chest implants and a 10-hour-surgery to make her face more feminine. She’s also had several procedures while transitioning. All in all, Caitlyn has spent $4,000,000 to look like the radiant woman that she is today.


It’s safe to say Kris passed on her love for the knife to her kids. The “momager” is no stranger to plastic surgery as she has had a boob job, liposuction, laser procedures, and Botox injections. She spent at least $70,000 on her face and body procedures.


The Swiss-born socialite is known for her extensive cosmetic surgery. As reported, Jocelyn has spent over $6.7 million on plastic surgeries. Unfortunately, all that money worked no wonders as she has been dubbed Catwoman and not in a good way. Nevertheless, Jocelyn doesn’t plan on giving up plastic surgery procedures anytime soon.

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The 32-year-old former ‘The Hills’ star is famous for her love for going under the knife. Heidi made headlines in 2010 when she underwent ten surgeries in the space of 24 hours. All of that must have sure cost a fortune. She’s had a chin reduction, breast augmentation, and fat injections. She has reportedly spent over $1,000,000 on surgical procedures, but not without regrets.


‘The Real Housewives Of Atlanta’ star is very open about her plastic surgery and doesn’t care about people’s opinions. She’s had two nose jobs, two breast augmentations, and liposuction since 2010. For her nose jobs, NeNe spent a whopping $12,000 and in total over $30,000 for her overall looks.


The ‘Days Of Our Lives’ star claimed she had had only a few procedures, but her photos say otherwise. The 54-year-old actress has gotten breast implants and Botox injections on her face which she has admitted having. In total, Vivica has spent at least $26,500 to look as beautiful as she is now.

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The 49-year-old actress spent a fortune on plastic surgeries, but the results were nothing to write home about. The nose jobs, Botox injections, and lip fillers have resulted in her having a puffy look. She has reportedly spent over $28,000 on her face.


The 66-year-old actress was famous for her roles in the early 2000s and lived her life satisfied with being fat. She was quoted several times saying it was okay to be fat, but it seems Roseanne isn’t a woman of her word. The comedian has reportedly undergone several weight reduction surgeries that have cost about $45,000 in total.


The iconic singer is one of the few men that are open about their decisions to go under the knife. He has gotten a nose job, chin surgery and facelifts which all cost a total of $46,000. We guess looking your best isn’t restricted to only ladies.

While plastic surgeries aren’t necessarily a bad thing, its outcome is not entirely determined by how expensive it is. At least, some of these stars know that for sure. Which of these celebrities were you surprised to see on this list? Let us know in the comment section. Also, remember to share this article with your friends to burst their bubbles.

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