25+ Everyday Things That Make Perfect Purpose When We Understand The Idea Behind

Day by day we use objects that we probably ignore how to use them correctly or what is their real purpose. In the following list, you will see the most daily items, and we will tell you what are they for. And trust us, there will be some of them that will surprise you a lot. Let’s start!

1. The hole at the lit of a coffee cup acts as an insulator for the heat from the beverage. The hole allows the hot steam to escape.

2. The magnetic locks on fuel hoses at gas stations help to prevent the dispenser from any damage and keep the fuel from leaking.

3. Bubble baths act as a heat insulator. What does this mean? Your hot bath won’t get cold as fast as if there weren’t bubbles on it.

4. Some vehicles have detachable headrests because in case you get locked in a car, you can use them to break the windows and scape.

5. If you ever have bought ice cream in McDonald’s, your probably have seen their weird square spoon. The purpose of it is to mix the ice cream toppings while hooked onto the machine.

6. Containers usually have three handles for when two people need to carry one container.

7. The black film covering the microwave door it’s an enclosure used to block electromagnetic fields.

8. As you may have noticed, some shirts have a loop on the back. Decades ago, this helped to identify if a guy had a girlfriend or if he was single.

9. If you ever asked yourself why the microwaveable rice pouches have tabs at the bottom, it is because in this way you can open and prevent them from falling over while cooking.

10. You probably have noticed that the foil packages have flaps on the ends. If you push them, the roll will be properly attached inside the box.

11. Onesies have shoulder flaps so in case they need it, parents can pull the onesie downward over the baby’s legs.

12. If you push the small holes in chocolate boxes, you will extract the chocolates easily from the mold.

13. You can use the box of a pizza as a stand if you fold it in the same way as the picture below.

14. The purpose of the hole in the cap of a ballpoint is to lower the risk of suffocation in case a kid choked on it.

15. If you look the window of an airplane closely, you will notice there is a little hole at the bottom. This helps to compensate for air pressure, and it prevents the windows from fogging up.

16. If you buy a new piece of clothing and it includes an extra bit of fabric, is to test how different laundry detergents will react, so you don’t ruin what you just bought.

17. This little pocket in jeans was made so people could keep their pocket watches inside of it. Although no one uses them anymore, the design maintains until this day.

18. These little studs in jeans exist to strengthen the trousers at the most conspicuous spots. They helped the workmen and miners who wore them.

19. Those little holes you often see in shoes are made for ventilation among other uses. In other words, so your feet can breathe.

20. The little holes at the end of a tape measure are made so you can hook it onto a nail and in that way, the tape won’t slip while you use it.

21. And the little serrated-edge is for when you want to mark where your measurement is.

22. Of course, the hole in the handle of your pot works for hanging it onto the wall, but you can also use it to set down a cooking utensil.

23. The hole in your pasta spoon, besides straining the pasta and let the water drain out, it helps you to calculate a portion for one person.

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24. The arrow next to your gas gauge helps to remind you in which side of the car the gas cap is.

25. One of the sides of a bobby pin is bent into a zigzag because that is the part that should be in contact with the scalp for a better grip.

26. Padlocks have a little hole in the bottom so it lets water drain out of the lock in case this get wets do to the rain or other event.

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Now that you know the real purposes of all these items, they will never look the same for you. It is important for everyone to know about the proper use of the objects in this list, so share this article with your family and friends. Also, we invite you to keep reading our other articles, surely they will interest you!

Source: Bright Side, Buzzfeed


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