Queen Elizabeth Had To Be Patiently Awaiting for Prince Harry to Settle Down

You might know him now as Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, a dedicated member of the British royalty who has recently got married and is about to become a father. However, some time ago, the red-headed royal was a real headache for the family, with his name on the headlines for numerous scandals. 

In fact, his relatives had been waiting for a while for the Prince to settle down, especially Queen Elizabeth. So now that we're talking about that, why don't we look back on Harry's early years? Several things are worth remembering! And at the end of the article, you'll fully understand why and how long his grandma was awaiting this stage of his life. 


Since his first years of life, Henry Charles Albert David had crazy and mischievous antics. Actually, News Australia reported Prince Charles saying the little royal was "very, very naughty." Likewise, The List revealed the nickname Princess Diana had for her littlest son. 

She used to call him "My Little Spencer," and this was not only because he had certainly inherited the red locks from Diana's family. Lady Di also declared, "Harry's the naughty one, just like me." In stark contrast, the ginger's eldest brother, Prince William, was a well-behaved and more mature youngster.

And it was this difference in personalities what came as a shocker to the royal family. But we cannot forget Harry also suffered two terrible events when he was still very young. As the source also claimed, the royal was just twelve years old when his parents got divorced in 1996. 

Only a year later, he experienced the grief of losing his mom. As we all remember, the People's Princess passed away in a tragic car crash in Paris, and her sons did not even have the chance of saying goodbye. Divorce and death can certainly affect a child. And perhaps, the two incidents could explain Harry's behavior later on.


It was during his adolescence that the Prince truly started to go crazy and starred scandals that the media benefited from. Let's consider Harry's first public embarrassment after he entered Eton College in 1998. Believe it or not, the blue-blood student was accused of cheating on examinations. 

According to CBS News, his former professor, Sarah Forsyth considered him a weak student who got a B in arts and a D in geography. However, she was ordered to give the royal extra help in a project to pass an important exam in 2002. To make matters worse, Forsyth was later fired. 


His grades were not the only problems during his time at Eton. Other news emerged around that stint that showed Diana's son partying a lot and even engaging in underage drinking. To top it all off, the royal made headlines in 2002 when reports about his illegal activities surfaced, which included smoking marijuana in the summer of 2001. 

As the Telegraph reported, Charles forced his son to go to rehab at the Featherstone Lodge Rehabilitation Centre in south London for one day, so that he could understand what addiction could lead to and the seriousness of drug abuse. But even after Harry created commotion with the drug news, he did not stop his partying ways.

 A few years after he completed his education at Eton and while enjoying a gap year, the royal went from trouble to trouble; however, the worst one was undoubtedly at a costume party in January of 2005. Pictures started to appear in several newspapers showing William's bro wearing a Nazi uniform. 

Okay, we understand that it must have been a joke, but a nasty one indeed. Needless to say, hundreds of people considered it a shame, calling him racist and insensitive. Afterward, the royal issued a public apology. According to the Telegraph, Harry claimed:

"I am very sorry if I have caused any offense or embarrassment to anyone. It was a poor choice of costume, and I apologize."


But hold on because we're not done with all the ways the ginger found to embarrass his family. The worst one of all was in 2012 during a trip to Sin City. Sadly for Harry, what happened in Las Vegas did not stay there. The young royal let his party animal get the best of him and decided to host a strip billiards game in his VIP suite, as per the Telegraph's report. 

During the game, a deceitful person captured all his naked glory on camera. The next day, the whole world could see Harry's nude photos on tabloids long enough before the Palace ordered a media blackout. When we said that Harry became a naughty boy, we truly meant it. 


For Her Majesty, one of the paramount aspects of her ruling is to preserve the dignity and decorum of her family. Therefore, Harry's scandals, one after the other, were terrible blows to her perfect image. Besides, it's crucial to keep in mind that Harry's embarrassments were just a portion of a bigger stir the rest of the family was causing.

We have Prince Charles' failed marriage and adultery, Princess Anne's divorce, Fergie's controversies, and the list could go on and on. Therefore, it's safe to assume that the Sovereign was eagerly waiting that at least her grandson made a 180-degree turn to become the royal she needed. And boy did he do that! 


As The Guardian explained, royals are very clever at adjusting and evolving to survive dark moments until brighter days come. As Oxford University historian Dr. Frank Prochaska, claimed a while ago, "My sense is that Buckingham Palace feels pretty comfortable at the moment. The Cambridges are coming on. And the jubilee, barring a catastrophe, will work to their advantage."

And we also got Harry's overhaul. After years of parties, drugs, and naked pics, the then 20-year-old Prince joined the British Army, and it was then when his ways started to change. He was now a man of the military who also began to work more closely with charitable foundations. 

Slowly turning his life around, Harry said goodbye to his military career in June 2015 after ten years, according to Today. As the source explained, the Prince wanted to dedicate more of his time to battle AIDS, help wounded service members, and work with charities that supported different causes. 

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One of his best contributions so far has been the organization of the Invictus Games in 2014, a global multi-sports competition for sick and disabled service personnel. It's so good to see that now Harry is reported on the news not for his scandals but for giving back to others. 


To complete his transformation and truly settle down, there was still an aspect of Harry's life that needed to be fixed: love. His romantic record is longer than you think, with nothing less than 14 girlfriends, by TheTalko's report. No wonder why there was a time when it was thought he'd never find his better half, and grandma must have been very worried. 

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But then an American actress appeared on the scene to give the final touch to the metamorphosis. The rest is just history: they got married last year, and their firstborn might arrive in a matter of days. Meghan has also had a good influence on the royal, encouraging and helping him in humanitarian work. 

Given the fascinating history, it seems that the Queen has nothing to worry about regarding Prince Harry. He's proven to be a dedicated and mature royal, and we're sure things will even get better for him once he becomes a father. We're so proud of the ginger royal and how far he's come! And we're pretty sure grandma feels the same.

And how about you? We're dying to know your opinion about Harry's transformation, so drop a message in the comment section. Are you fascinated by the British royals just as much as us? We've got you covered with more fantastic articles, so check them out as well! 

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