Scott Disick's Own Reality Show Seems To Differ From 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' In A Big Way

Whether you love him or hate him, Scott Disick has become just as popular and loved amongst the Kardashian fans. But, unfortunately for those who’ve been keeping up with Scott just as much as the sisters, it sounds like we’ll be seeing him less on everyone’s favorite reality show. The celebrity has just announced that he plans to do his own reality series instead. However, it comes with a twist. Read further to find out what Disick’s come up with this time, and how he’s trying to manage healthy co-parenting with his current girlfriend and ex-wife, Kourtney Kardashian.


Scott Disick is no stranger when it comes to living a luxurious life. From expensive mansions to living the yacht life, it's safe to say that the star probably knows a thing or two about living a glamorous life. Which is why he decided to explore the exciting world of prime real estate. It turns out that Disick is interested in taking his knowledge of luxury living and applying it to this sphere, pursuing his entrepreneurial side.

Lord Disick has been working on a new docu-series that will have an interesting HGTV vibe to it, setting it aside from the other drama-filled reality tv shows. The series is called ‘Flip It Like Disick’ and, as we’ve already established, will be focused on flipping houses. But not just any houses - these will be some of the most luxurious properties and mansions that have ever blessed our screens.

Although it might come as a surprise to fans and sound somewhat random, the celebrity has apparently been pursuing this sphere for a while now. Scott’s been working with property development for some time and is finally ready to showcase his passion on national television.

Unfortunately, we can’t get too excited just yet. We don’t have an official release date for the show. But, we do know that the reality star has brought together an amazing, A-list team to work on and tackle this project with him. It’s been said that Scott Disick will work alongside pop singer/interior designer Willa Ford, friend and business partner Benny Luciano, all-star contractor Miki Moor and Moor’s longtime assistant Lindsay Diamond.


The one thing everyone can agree on is that Lord Disick is absolutely hilarious. In fact, his witty comments and an amazing sense of humor is probably one of the main reasons why he’s become so popular and he’s become known as the shows comedic relief. And even though we won’t be seeing this as often on ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s’ anymore, Scott has promised to deliver the same type of entertainment to the new E! Network series. Long story short: being funny on the show is a definite must. E! Executive Vice President of Development and Production Amy Introcaso-Davis stated about Scott:

“Scott Disick is funny, unpredictable and unfiltered. Fans of Scott on ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ will get to see another side of him in ‘Flip It Like Disick’, as an entrepreneur and design guru, leading his talented and opinionated team through difficult design challenges that result in astonishing reveals.”

It looks like Scott is ready to show his viewers that he’s more than just some regular reality star. He actually flipped his first investment 5 years ago, so it looks like he knows exactly what he's doing when it comes to design.

“I’m excited to bring fans a new series that shows what I’m really passionate about professionally, which is flipping real estate and doing crazy and impressive renovations on celebrity homes,” Scott revealed in a statement. “E! has never had a show like this before. It’s a bit different than viewers are used to seeing, but I think they will be both entertained and inspired by my team.”

With the premiere set to happen sometime this summer on E!, we also know that the show will include 8 one-hour episode. We don’t know for sure who’s homes he’s going to flip, though. But, there is a big chance that we’ll be seeing the Kardashians around, helping Scott his future design projects.


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Although many of us would love to see the Kardashian and Lord rekindle their flame, it doesn’t look like anything of the sort will be happening soon. In fact, Scott actually brought along his current girlfriend, Sofia Richie, on a family vacation - that included his ex-wife Kourtney.

Kourtney decided to celebrate a milestone birthday and headed all the way to Finland, far away from sunny Southern California.

"It was the kids' spring break from school and they decided to go for a quick trip to the snow in Finland," a source shared with E! News. "It made sense for Scott Disick and Sofia Richie to join them for a family vacation. They travel well together and Kourtney is happy with how co-parenting is going."

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It might sound odd at first, but it simply boils down to healthy co-parenting. The ex-couple want to set a good example for their kids, and everyone is trying to be mature about the situation as much as possible.

"I feel like I can show a message, too, of like parents can get along and work together and travel together," Kourtney recently explained on Today when discussing her close relationship with the father of her children. "And I think it's a good message to show other people. I am not doing it for that reason but I think the positive things that we are doing is nice too."

From the looks of it, it seems like Scott is slowly pulling it together. With an exciting reality show of his own on the way and the fact that his baby mama and current girlfriend are able to vacation together with his kids, the reality star has it all planned out. Who would you like to see on Lord Disick’s show? And what do you think about Scott and Kourtney’s co-parenting method? Let us know in the comments below - we’d love to hear your thoughts!

Sources: E! News, CheatSheet, E! News


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