Game of Thrones': People React To The "Prince That Was Promised"

Episode 3, Season 8 of ‘Game of Thrones’  left us in total awe. The great war had us glued to our screens with its memorable, epic moments, and twists that led to the unexpected end of the battle. Most importantly, we were overwhelmed by how our dear Arya Stark killed the Night King. This event has evoked lots of hilarious and interesting comments from Netizens, and we have compiled some of the best reactions for you. Enjoy!

25. This person couldn't have described her better. All Hail Queen Arya Stark!

24. We can imagine how many other guys feel the same way towards Maisie Williams.

23. This is hilarious but true! Gendry must be so proud of Arya.

22. With Arya Stark’s latest achievement, she’ll be strutting to Winterfell.

21. This user feels the same way about Arya's victorious walk into Winterfell.

20. We bet no one would have believed Arya if she truly said this before attacking the Night King. Well, except Missandei.

19. Yes, Arya Stark slew the Night King. Period!

18. Only if the Night King had been warned about one of the bravest warriors in Westeros, Arya Stark, he probably wouldn’t have been so confident about winning the battle.

17. Truthfully, no one knew Arya would be the Night Kingslayer, and this was how we felt when she did.

16.  So this means Arya Stark is the Prince that was promised. We were so clueless; our eyes were on Dany and Jon the whole time!

15. This is how the whole of Westeros should have clung to Arya Stark in gratitude after her victorious feat.

14. We totally agree he might have “laughed up his liver.”

13. We hope user Starboybellamy has stopped crying now!

12. Just when the Night King thought Arya was another puny mortal he could kill, she ended him!

11. Well, Arya Stark is our girl too, and probably everyone else’ now.

10. This Gif perfectly shows the amazing stunt Arya pulled off to kill the Night King

9. This user's Mourn-day may never come at all. Arya Stark has killed Westeros’ biggest threat. She cannot be defeated.

8. Even though Arya Stark is more of a badass warrior, she could pass for a baby too. Our baby did it!

7. Beyonce's soundtrack should have been played when Arya finally destroyed the Night King. Who runs Westeros? Arya Stark!

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6. Please tell us, you woke up with a ‘thank you, Arya Stark’ today. Imagine if the Night King had destroyed Westeros. We all had a good night rest thanks to Arya's bravery.

5. We are so proud of you, Queen Arya Stark!

4. Some viewers probably had to watch the scene over again, to be sure it was truly Arya. No one was expecting it!

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3. Even the god of death didn't stand a chance with the fierce Arya Stark!

2. Arya Stark's name will forever be ingrained in history as the warrior who ended the great war.

1.No one else deserves this accolades, but Arya Stark. The lord and savior of Westeros!

We hope you found these tweets about Arya Stark both hilarious, and adorable. Do you like how the great war ended? We'll like to know how you reacted to the scene where Arya killed the Night King in the comments. If you found this article exciting, share it with your friends who are GOT fans and let them in on the fun.

Source: Buzzfeed

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