What Should Be Expected From The Recent Developments Of Game Of Thrones

It would be agreed upon that the recent developments of the HBO series Game of Thrones were thoroughly unexpected. To think that the great almost unbeatable evil, The Night King, that the fans of the series have been waiting for was defeated earlier than expected. It was virtually ironical that the Night King whom we all thought would not be defeated for the long haul of the final season was defeated. Arya Stark was seen to come out last minute in what came out to be an unexpected turn and took out the Night King for good. The introduction to this development was when the red lady, Melissandre had a conversation with Arya and spurred her to take on the great evil and finish him off for good. Arya went ahead mustering all of her pieces of training as a cold-blooded assassin, and the use of her "Valyrian Steel Dagger." She jumped on him and struck him, finishing him off for good.


This unusual turn of events brings up the question of whether Brandon knew or had an inkling to what was going to happen eventually. Perhaps Bran who had become the three-eyed raven though could not exactly see the future.  He, however, could predict what would happen and how the Night King was going to be defeated from the knowledge of the past and the present that he has.

It could be the reason why the Three-eyed raven gave the blade to Arya in the first place claiming that he had no use for it. That could be true to a significant extent, considering that he is very familiar with how much Arya loves Valyrian steel. She has indeed been fascinated by Valyrian steel for a very long time.

You would recall the scene in season two where Arya was having a conversation with Tywin Lannister about the Targaryen family history. She kept insisting to Tywin that Aegon Targaryen was not the only one that conquered the realm. She hammered that Aegon had his sisters with him and together they defeated the realm. Apparently, his sister had a Valyrian steel sword that was named Dark Sister. This takes on a whole new significance has Jon Snow has been revealed to be Aegon Targaryen.



According to George Martin, the ending of the show is supposed to mirror his own conclusion. In his main outline, there are meant to be five key players in this namely, Tyrion, Daenerys, Arya, Brandon as well as Jon Snow. Here, the books would include a sort of five-year jump but since he failed to make this happen, he had to resort into his young characters having very big roles to play. He asserted back in 2005 that if a 12-year-old would have to conquer the world then so be it. This backlash would be the foundation of the big move now made by Arya. Each character has evolved over the years and has been able to develop his or her own super strength with Arya inclusive. It is essential to point out that Arya’s skills were exceptionally hard won, especially that with which she used to take out the Night King.



The audience and fans of Game of Thrones had to follow how Arya painstakingly trained all through seasons five and six in the House of Black and White to become a faceless assassin. These brutal fight scenes seem to matter all the more now as her merciless training is beginning to pay off seriously. Her combat skills were on full display in the season seven scene where she had to spar with Brienne of Tarth in the Winterfell courtyard coupled with her significant dagger move. Now Arya has been able to take down not only the Night King but his officials as well as the scene was teased in the previous season’s ‘Beyond the Wall’ episode.

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All of these shed more light on the critical conversation that Arya had with the Red Lady. The priestess told her of 'a darkness' she sees in her that has eyes staring back at her. Those eyes were brown, green and blue, and eyes shut forever. She then assures her that they would surely meet again.

During the battle of Winterfell when they meet again, the Red Lady asks her what is said to the god of Death and Arya gives her the response taught to her by her teacher Syrio Forel, ‘not today.’ These codes show they were talking about the Night King who very well signified the god of Death.

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After the third episode of the eight Season, we are made to see in the trailer that though the battle of the dead was won, there is still the last battle to be expected. It merely is a sure thing to expect a complex development such as this in a 73 episode show that had Ned Stark dying in its 9th episode. With the trailer showing Cersei with her army of 20,000 soldiers against the standing survivors of the battle of Winterfell, it is quite clear that George Martin is much more interested in the realities of ruling over the victory of the supernatural.

Although it was not made into a movie, in ‘ The Lord of the Rings,’ after the conquering of the evil Sauron, Frodo and Aragon had to deal with the reality of the evils of men in the sequel ‘ The Scouring of the Shire.’ Martin seems to be interested in taking this inspiration from ‘The Lord of the Rings’ a step further. He believes that the story had what a medieval philosophy was and though the king Aragorn might have been said to be a good king who was wise and ruled for a hundred years, the truth is that ruling is hard.


There is definitely going to be clashes amongst the potential rulers, primarily between Dany and Jon as well as the ruler of Winterfell and Kingslanding. This would be the theme of which the last three episodes of the final Season of Game of Thrones.


This is undoubtedly the time for the fans of GoT to brace themselves further for the events that would soon be unfolding. You want to be as ready as possible for this. What do you think? You can share your thoughts.

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