New Details On Meghan Markle Maternity Leave Surfaced: It May Take Longer Than Expected

The Duchess of Sussex is heavily pregnant and will be due anytime soon. All through her gestation, she has been up and about. Meghan has been busy with lots of things including Royal duties and charities causes. As we know, her husband, Prince Harry, and she are charitable people and love to get involved in a lot of charity events.

There have been many speculations about the length of her maternity leave. There have also been discussions about Prince Harry's intent on paternity leave. People have speculated and questioned if he should have one or not. Although, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are interested in making positive changes. Their interest in charitable events is not limited to Britain.  Nevertheless, the duo has ages to spend together as they have lots of life-changing projects ahead. All these come secondary as they are focusing on baby Sussex right now.


The arrival of baby Sussex is around the corner. There has been an interest in how long the parents, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are willing to take a leave. Though we don't know yet, we can look at how long other Royal maternities took. Usually, Royal mothers have more time to spend with their babies at home than the fathers as they have to go back to work. However many fathers in Britain are now deciding to spend more than two weeks with their newborns at home. It is possible Prince Harry is going to follow suit. Although royals don't have to quit jobs like non-royals, yet they struggle like ordinary people to strike a balance to carry out royal duties.

When the Queen had Prince Charles, she wasn't a monarch yet, but she had several weeks to spend with her baby. When Princess Anne also had her baby, she had a few months with him. She even had a public outing four months after her child's birth. When Princess Diana had Prince Williams, she had her first official appearance a month later. Kate Middleton too scaled back to work months after her children's births. This is to note that royal mothers always had maternity leaves after the births of their newborns before they resume to work. At least they usually have a month to themselves.



Reportedly, the Duchess of Sussex plans on taking a maternity leave of three months. This has been making people compare her choice of length of maternity leave and that of Duchess of Cambridge, her sister-in-law. This has made lots of people form their own opinions. The speculations about the Royal baby only points out the more how different the life of a working Royal is. Meghan Markle and her husband are basically like every other potential mum and dad. If they want to spend time with their newborn baby, they should have the liberty to without any hindrances. Anyways, this is not the case as they are not the average new parents, they are royalty, and this makes them unique.

When Kate Middleton had her first baby, Prince George, she had to make a public appearance five weeks after. But we can't say this was when she resumed her Royal duties as she had little engagements during the following months. Likewise, two days before Prince Louis was born, Prince Williams had to attend an official meeting. The same thing happened after the Prince was born as Prince Williams had to make a public appearance two days before his son was christened. After then, his schedule got lighter though.



There was much discussion on Prince Harry’s decision to have paternity leave. Some think that he is a Royal and he shouldn't take a break. While some are of the thought that at the end of the day, he is just an expectant father.
It was reported that the Prince wants to take two-week paternity leave to spend time and bond with his newborn son/daughter. Time spent with the newborn is essential because it helps the father bond with the baby. Although, these are still speculations as it is not clear how much time Prince Harry is liable to spend with his newborn.


According to a Royal source, Meghan Markle is likely going to elongate her maternity leave. The source said that though she might extend the maternity leave to over three months, she will make some appearances during this period. It is expected as she's becoming a mum for the first time.

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It is highly probable that she will be at the Queen's birthday parade, Trooping the Colour. This is going to take place on Saturday, 8th of June. She is also likely to do some work underground, but we should not expect a public outing anytime soon. They will be at their son or daughter's christening, although, this does not count as an official appearance.

Prince Harry will, however, have to resume public and royal duties sooner than his wife. This is depending on when the baby arrives. He is obliged to carry out some responsibilities, so he has to return to duties. However, his schedule should be very light.


While the whole world is waiting for the arrival of baby Sussex, Prince Harry has continued to make public appearances. He previously attended the Anzac Day service alongside his sister-in-law, Kate Middleton in London on Thursday. It was not an announced appearance though.

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In all likelihood, he may also be present for the London Marathon as he has a role as Patron of the London Marathon Charitable Trust. He released a thank you video to the supporters who are running for the young royals' mental health campaign heads together. He has continued to work and go about his duties.

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We all can't wait for baby Sussex to be born. We anticipate adorable pictures. What do you think about the leave? How long do you think is ideal for maternity leave? Leave us comments in the comment section to let us in on your thoughts and don't forget to share this article with a fan of the royal family.

Source: Town&Country

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