'Counting On': A Fan Just Spotted A Hint Of Another Duggar/Caldwell Wedding

The Duggars always have something big to announce. In the last one year, engagements have been announced, weddings have taken place, and babies have been born, and with 19 kids there is no slowing down.

Now, Jason Duggar is in the spotlight. Jason is the 12th Duggar child, he is 19 years old and there are rumors going around of him courting. Of course, there’s a chance that these rumors are true because although he seems fairly young, the Duggars tend to start courting and getting married around this age.


Jason has been linked to Lauren Caldwell, the younger sibling of Kendra Caldwell. Last year, Kendra married Joseph Duggar and the couple now shares a son. While there were gossipy tidbits going around about a love triangle existing between Joseph, Kendra and Jedidiah Duggar, no one noticed that Lauren featured in a lot of Duggar photos.

In March 2019, Celebrity Insider and many other media outlets began speculating about Jason’s connection to Lauren. Jason is reported to have recently flipped his first home and allegedly raked in a neat profit, and for the extremely conservative family, that implies he is ready to take on a wife and family.

According to Radar Online, some observant fans noticed that Lauren was always positioned next to Jason in most pictures during a church trip to Greece. After some digging, supporters uncovered photos of the pair posing together last fall in an airport. The picture, taken by Anna Duggar, further fueled the rumor. Supporters surmised that Anna was chaperoning the couple.

Lauren Caldwell, 18, has featured on several episodes of Counting On alongside her sister Kendra. Kendra, 20, is less than 2 years older than her younger sibling, making the pair close. Lauren nor the Duggar family have commented on the courtship rumors.

Before courtship, however, they enter a dating phase where they get to know each other better. Physical contact is strictly forbidden, and the potential couple is not allowed to be alone together.

Supporters strongly believe that the old pictures were taken during the “friendship phase” of Jason and Lauren, but they have since begun the courtship phase of their relationship. If that is true, a proposal is possibly forthcoming.


According to a Facebook group named Life is not All Pickles and Hairspray, devoted to snarking on the Duggars, there were good vibes between Jason and Lauren in Greece. In the public discussion, a lady named Anne Bates appears to confirm that she spent a good amount of time with the pair during their mission trip to Greece.

Anne purportedly worked as a translator during the weeklong trip. A photograph of herself and Jason graces her Facebook page profile, and when asked about the man in her picture she confirmed it was Jason.

Anne went on to tell friends that she met both Jason and his “future bride” during their time in Greece. She also claims that she has been given an invitation to visit the couple at their ranch.

Although neither the Duggar family nor do the Caldwells own a ranch, followers seem to be taking the information seriously.  While Bates' story seems to check out, her link to the Duggar family hasn't been confirmed.


The Duggars have remained quiet on the rumors, but that doesn’t mean it is not in full swing. The famous family changed some of their rules about the announcement of courtship after the mess that was Josiah’s first step toward the altar. Josiah and his former girlfriend, Marjorie announced their courtship relatively too soon, but quickly called it off arousing speculation from supporters.

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Since then, the Duggars have been pretty tight-lipped about Courtships until they are certain they will go all the way.

The Duggars are also strategic in their announcement schedule. Generally speaking, they try to keep fresh news under wraps until the last press dump runs its course. At the moment the family is awaiting the birth of two new babies.

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Jessa and Ben Seewald are anticipating the arrival of their third child, while Kendra and Joseph Duggar just declared they are awaiting their second kid together.

The family may be keeping Jason’s courtship under wraps until they announce Counting On’s new season. After all, the new romance would be the perfect storyline to bolster a new season.

What do you think is the best option for the Duggars? Issue a statement and kill the rumors or allow the speculation to continue? Please leave a comment and don't forget to share this article with other fans of the Duggar family.

Source: Celebrity Insider, TV Shows Ace, Radar Online, Facebook, CheatSheet


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