The At-Home Workout Collected From Meghan Markle's Suggestions: Perfect For Busy Moms

Exercise has always played a huge part in Meghan Markle’s life. However, now being a member of the British royal family, sneaking in workouts and making time for the gym are not as easy as they once were. This is most likely the reason why she and her husband, Prince Harry, had an indoor gym and yoga studio built in Frogmore Cottage, where they plan on raising their family. Although reports tell us, yoga and gym sessions are apparently just two of the many ways Meghan Markle stays fit. So, what other ways does the Duchess of Sussex remain fit despite her busy schedule? We have all the information here for you!


You may not already know, but the royal family takes health and nutrition quite seriously. They understand that staying active is more important to Meghan now—with her pregnancy—than it has ever been. A few stretch and yoga classes here and there are needed once in a while, but variety is always crucial- a little daunting and a lot convenient. Find out what at-home workouts are favorites of the former actress and just what exactly she has had to cut out. They come with the added advantage of being perfect for moms always on the go!


Still reeling from her life as a star in Hollywood, it is no doubt Meghan Markle swears by the Tracy Anderson Method. In 2013, she told Shape in an interview,

“I’ve been doing the Tracy Anderson DVDs gosh for five, six years almost now. I  just find that the results are great and you can do little 15-minute increments—I’ll do it in my trailer—and at the end of the day you’ve had a full workout.”

Filming ‘Suits,’ very much like being a pregnant royal, leaves on with very little free time. So, maybe the Duchess has turned back to her tested and trusted Tracy Anderson DVDs. With a little here and a little there, she might not end up missing much of her workouts after all.

If, although, she finds this a bit hard to follow with all the many changes her body is going through, Tracy Anderson also has a Pregnancy Program she recorded while being pregnant, with techniques based solely off of her own experiences carrying her two children. This is quite serendipitous, considering the Duchess was already a fan.


Most people go for runs in the morning to clear their head or see the world through a fresh pair of eyes, and Meghan Markle is no different. Of course, she doesn’t run as often as she used to, but she finds it is still an incredible way to shake the weight of her shoulders. The Duchess also uses it as a way to crunch in her cardio numbers for the day. She once shared with the Canadian magazine Best Health,

“As I’ve gotten older, running has become hard on my knees, so I can’t run outside the way I used to.”

Nevertheless, the Duchess was spotted jogging outside of Kensington Palace sometime before her pregnancy announcement October of last year. This isn’t at all surprising since she told Shape:

“For me, running, I need it as much for my head and to clear my head as I do for keeping in shape, so I love to jog.”

It is quite likely that her new indoor gym is home to a treadmill, so we expect the Duchess still gets her running done without all the extra stress on her knees. This helps her not to miss out on all the wonderful benefits running has to offer she and her baby, a few of which are, strengthened heart and muscles, better blood flow, improved moods and reduced risk of gestational diabetes.


We have said it time, and time again yoga is a huge part of Meghan Markle’s workout routine. The Duchess remembers doing yoga with her mother as young as seven years old, and partly because of this, Meghan Markle refers to yoga as her “thing.” She practices it every single day, sometimes as early as 4:30 a.m. Although yoga is a long-established workout, there are a few things you can and cannot do when you’re pregnant.

According to Sara Haley, a certified pre and postnatal fitness expert and trainer, it is advised to avoid going into extension while practicing yoga during pregnancy.  This is because it can cause diastasis recti, which in turn makes postpartum recovery longer and more frustrating.

Prenatal yoga has been proven to improve sleep, increase the strength, flexibility, and endurance of muscles needed for childbirth, and reduce stress and anxiety.


Us Weekly recalls Meghan saying in the past just how much she loved performing her Pilates routine on a Megaformer. The Duchess herself mentioned in a past interview that it’s “hands down the best thing you could do for your body.”

Pilates is low impact, and focuses on strengthening the tummy, back and pelvic floor muscles, which are the areas that cause problems during pregnancy and after the birth. According to sources at the Palace, the Duchess together with a fitness expert kept up with it during the earlier stages of her pregnancy, with some routines having to be modified for her convenience.

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While the Duchess won’t be advised to keep up the workouts until her body fully recovers from having the Sussex Baby, there is no doubt that Meghan Markle will settle back into her routine once the doctors give her the go-ahead. Also, with the added news of her mother Doria Ragland staying a while after the birth of baby Sussex, there would be inevitable mommy-and-me postnatal yoga sessions!

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We all know that staying fit is no stranger to the Duchess of Sussex, and being pregnant and royal won’t change that. Even after welcoming baby Sussex, we are sure Meghan would waste no time in running back to her work out regimen. Are you a fan of Meghan’s varied workout regimen? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section. Also, remember to share this article with any busy mum you know. They might find it quite helpful.


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