'Lion King' New Trailer Trashed by Fans: Why It May Not Work

Disney has been making a live-action version of their most famous animated films for the past couple of years, and they already released ‘Dumbo’ in March. Fans are waiting for ‘Aladdin’ and ‘The Lion King’, but some people think that the new movie about Simba won’t be as good as the first one for several reasons. Let’s find out more!


Of course, ‘The Lion King’ is not exactly a live action movie. It is more of a CGI rendering of the original story, and it’s expected to be a big blockbuster this summer, but there are several concerns from die-hard fans. 1994’s film was one of the best in the Disney catalog with amazingly colorful musical scenes, drama, and a great interpretation of a Shakespearean tale.

Voice actor for the original version included James Earl Jones as Mufasa, Jeremy Irons as Scar, Nathan Lane as Timon, Matthew Broderick in the role of Simba, Moira Kelly as Nala, and even Whoopi Goldberg as Shenzi. Clearly, they were the big A-listers of the time, but the casting choices won’t be a problem because Disney has lined up great stars.

James Earl Jones will be returning as the voice of Mufasa once again, while Beyonce Knowles will be Nala. Donald Glover was cast as the voice of Simba, and many more popular celebrities will be joining him. Choosing to bring James Earl Jones back was a smart move by directors and Disney as his iconic voice is the only one perfect for the role.

Comedy actors Seth Rogen and Billy Eichner will voice Pumba and Timon, and they are bound to provide the same hilarity that Lan and Sabella did back in 94. However, there is one choice that truly worried fans, and it might affect fans’ opinion about the movie. Chiwetel Ejiofor was chosen as Scar, and while it seems like a good choice, the first trailer had people thinking otherwise.

After watching the preview of the upcoming motion picture, fans thought that Scar has lost everything that made one of the best Disney villains in their animated history. He was condescending, arrogant, sarcastic, and narcissistic, as well as evil. The new version might be better suited for our modern era, but it has definitely changed the original character.


Therefore, several Twitter users took to their account with the hashtag “#notmyscar”. Scar always acted like he was better and smarter than everyone else, especially above his big brother, Mufasa. His voice perfectly delivered that feeling, but changing that aspect of the evil lion ends up erasing everything fans loved about him.

It is important to remember that Disney villains are almost as loved as Disney princesses. They have their own fandoms, and their songs are some of the most iconic in the original soundtracks. It is hard to say if the new songs will convey the same feelings as the one from 94, and that is also a concern among fans that support the hashtag.

It is hard to transmit feelings with just sound, but that is the task of voice actors. However, his speaking and singing voice are not the only problems concerning the new Scar. Fans also complained that the lion itself looked nothing like the original version. Naturally, 2D animation took a bunch of liberties, and Disney wanted to make a new version with real-looking lions.

It would make sense that the animals won’t look exactly the same or have the same coloring. Scar was a dark brown unlike the rest of the pride which was more golden like lions tend to look. Additionally, the original film anthropomorphized the characters as they were talking animals with human mannerisms. But, while the changes are somewhat expected, Scar was a letdown.

Complains stated that his CGI rendering removed everything they loved about the character and would further render the ability to transmit the villain’s personality.


While fans showed concern about Scar’s differences in the new version, and how his new image would affect the outcome of the film, there is another problem. People believe that the CGI version will make the story much darker than it originally was 1994. The hyenas seem a lot meaner instead of the stupid minions of the villain.

Furthermore, 2D animation makes it easier to show facial expressions and gestures that added to the story and were a big part of the funny side of ‘The Lion King’. This film is most-importantly a family-oriented feature, and the preview made it seem like a truly dramatic version of ‘Hamlet’ with lions.

Our era of social media can be ruthless because everyone becomes a critic with just a couple of clicks. Twitter user @Alexander_TG12 posted,

“Okay, I like the new lion king trailer. I’m just wondering how we’re supposed to tell these lions and lionesses apart when they all look like real animals. Scar isn’t even darker or anything. He just looks like he got ran over by a truck. #NotMyScar”

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Meanwhile, @eclaidley said,

“Disney took the majestic being that is Scar and turned him into a ragged lion without luscious, dark mane. Just.... why. #NotMyScar’

Voice actors have to work twice as hard with their tones and impressions to make the fan-favorite personalities come out because realism has its pros and cons. The characterization will be difficult for a CGI film, but the cast should be able to do a great job. Jon Favreau did an amazing work with ‘The Jungle Book’, but ‘The Lion King’ is a much more popular movie.

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Disney fans have seriously high expectations, especially since because ‘Dumbo’ was already released and ‘Aladdin’ comes out on May 8. Fans have to wait to see the final product before deciding on anything, but it is not looking good due to Scar’s issues.

We just hope that Timon and Pumba are the funny, goofy pair everyone has loved for more than 20 years. Let us know what you think about Scar’s new look. If you liked this article, share it with your friends who live by the motto “Hakuna Matata”. What a wonderful phrase!

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