Bizarre Beauty Rules Women In The Royal Family Are Forced To Follow

The royals are known to follow some super bizarre traditions - from not being allowed to eat garlic at dinner, to banning the board game “Monopoly”, this family is pretty strict with their rules. And, when it comes to dress code, you can bet that they’re just as strict. Meghan Markle is a prime example of this. She’s no stranger to bending and breaking the royal family rules, and honestly, we can kind of understand why.

They range from basic informal rules (like packing certain things for a royal excursion) to some pretty ridiculous ones (like not being allowed to wear bright nail colors). And the list is a long one. Let’s take a look at the royal family’s beauty secrets that keep England’s first ladies always looking clean, classy, and elegant.

13. Hats Are A Must At All Formal Events

According to the BBC, hats must be worn at every formal event if you’re part of the royal family. If we recall the queen’s last years Christmas party, all three ladies - the Queen of England, Kate Middleton, and Meghan Markle wore hats or decorative headpieces (which are called fascinators). British etiquette expert Diana Mather explains:

“Up until the 1950s ladies were very seldom seen without a hat as it was not considered 'the thing' for ladies to show their hair in public. But all that has changed and hats are now reserved for more formal occasions.”

12. Crowns Are Only Worn At Very Specific Times

As you would assume, every woman in the royal family has either a crown or tiara. However, they aren’t allowed to wear the ornate headpieces whenever. Apparently, jewels and tiaras are strictly reserved for married women. In addition, they can be worn only at formal events, and only after 6 pm.

Royal expert Grant Harrold explains this tradition in a little more detail:

“For married ladies it was a sign of status and would show you were taken and not looking for a husband. For the gentleman it was a clear sign not to make advances toward the lady in question.”

11. Makeup Has To Be Simple and Refined

Makeup isn’t an exclusion when it comes to the rules. There’s a reason why the Queen of England has kept a simple makeup routine throughout the years. Princess Diana is also remembered for her natural-looking rosy cheeks.

When it comes to Kate Middleton, the Duchess has stayed within the lines as well - although she did shake things up a bit by rocking a neutral smokey eye once in a while. And, our favorite rule breaker Meghan Markle, tries to adhere to the minimal makeup rule too, although she does sport a glossy lip once in a while.

10. Pale Pink Is The Only Allowed Nail Polish

Meghan Markle was known for rocking some bright manicures before marrying into the royal family. Alas, she had to say goodbye to her favorite colors and designs once she married Prince Harry. Apparently, the only shades the royals are allowed to use are pale pink or clear nail polish. Rumour has it that the queen loves Ballet Slippers, a pale pink shade from Essie, whilst Middleton is known to rock Allure, a similar shade from the same brand.

9. All Royals Must Pack A Black Outfit When Traveling

Once you find out the reasoning behind this one, things get a bit morbid. Apparently, members of the royal family need to pack an all-black outfit in their suitcase if they are traveling abroad. Why you may ask? It’s so that they’re always prepared for a funeral, in case of sudden death. Morbid? Yes. But practical? Also yes.

8. When It Comes To Clothing, The Queen Prefers Bright Colors

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This week The Queen, accompanied by other members of The Royal Family will attend #RoyalAscot. The Ascot racecourse was built in 1711 on the orders of Queen Anne and since 1825, during the reign of King George IV, The Royal Family arrive in a 'Royal Procession' – travelling in horse-drawn Ascot Landau Carriages from Windsor Castle to the racecourse. Since then, very little has changed with Queen Victoria describing the spectacle on 12 June 1838: "The carriages were landaus, each with 4 horses, the Postillions in their State Ascot jacket & caps." Today Her Majesty was joined by The Princes of Wales, The Duchess of Cornwall, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, The Duke of York, Princess Beatrice, Princess Eugenie, The Earl and Countess of Wessex, The Princess Royal & Prince and Princess Michael of Kent. 📷PA

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Even though it's not an official rule that the royal ladies abide by, the Queen of England is known to prefer brightly-hued garments. The reason behind the style choice is that it’s both self-aware and practical. Royal Collection Trust curator Caroline de Guitaut says: “The Queen has always been aware that she needs to stand out from the crowd.”

Since Queen Elizabeth gathers such large crowds, her outfits need to be attention-grabbing. This is so that everyone who comes to pay their respects can actually see her.

7. Hair Must Be Neat At All Times

It’s been said that the Duchess of Cambridge gets a blowout three times a week in order to keep her hair smooth and in place. After marrying Prince Harry, the Duchess of Sussex has been doing the same way. Ponytails, however, are allowed as long they’re styled in a sophisticated manner. Messy buns are a definite no.

6. An Obvious One - Absolutely No Cleavage

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Lady Diana 🖤💜🕊🕊🕊

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If you look at pictures of Princess Diana, Kate Middleton, and Meghan Markle, you’ll find one thing in common. None of these royal ladies show even the slightest bit of cleavage. Although Princess Diana dared to be risky once in a while and wore a lower neckline sometimes, she still held her clutch over her chest in order to avoid scandalous photo ops.

Overall, low tops are completely forbidden when it comes to the women of the royal family.

5. Bright Lipstick Has Been Banned Too

We know now that Queen Elizabeth II is a fan of bright colors - she even made her own lipstick shade called the ‘Balmoral Lipstick’ from Clarins. The lipstick is a soft red share with blue undertones and is the Queen’s go-to choice. However, you won’t see her wearing a shade bright than that.

Most of the time, royals keep their lips a neutral color. Only on special occasions are the ladies permitted to wear a muted, classy shade of red. Purples or pastel shades are a no.

4. They’re Not Allowed To Touch Up Their Makeup In Public

Being part of the royal family means attending numerous public events, and communicating with others for hours on end. And, apparently, whipping out a compact for makeup touch-ups just isn’t classy. This is why the royal family members’ makeup has to stay in place for hours. Setting powders and makeup setting sprays are a lifesaver for public events and keep the royal family looking picture-perfect at all times.

3. Outfits Have To Match

A matching outfit sends the right message - it makes the wearer look balanced and collected. And this is exactly why the royal women are dressed head-to-toe in coordinating outfits. From the hat to the makeup to the outfit and shoes, everything is planned out and perfectly matching.

2. They Don’t Use Large Purses

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Large purses aren’t really acceptable when it comes to the royal family members. Instead, they’re expected to carry around simple clutches in order to keep their hands occupied. And there’s a hidden secret behind why - apparently, clutches prevent members of the public from reaching out and shaking royals’ hands. Royal etiquette expert William Hanson even says: "It is protocol that you do not extend your hand to any member of the royal family unless their hand extends first."

1. Wearing Pantyhose Is A Must

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For 91 years, the Queen of England has never been caught without pantyhose. Kate Middleton also brings her shiny stockings with her everywhere she goes after marrying Prince William. Although they might be somewhat outdated, they’re encouraged within the royal family. You can always count on Meghan Markle to ruffle some feathers, though, as she stepped out bare-legged during her engagement announcement!

Even though some of these might seem ridiculous, the royal family has a duty to keep up a pristine and proper image. If members began even breaking the smallest rules, things could get messy real quick, so it's understandable why they have to be so strict with one another. Which one of these rules was the most ridiculous for you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! And make sure to check out our related articles about the royals for the latest developments.

Sources: Ranker, BBC, Readers Digest, Style Caster


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