'Game of Thrones': Jon's Dragon Destiny Explained

Since the first season of ‘Game of Thrones’, fans have waited to see the dragons truly in battle, and when the Night King killed Viserion in Season Seven, everyone knew a big fight would take place soon. On Sunday night’s episode titled ‘The Long Night’, Dany and Jon rode Drogon and Rhaegal while the Night King was on top of Viserion. But something might have happened to Rhaegal. Let’s find out more!


Season Eight, Episode Three of ‘Game of Thrones’ made television history with the longest battle scene ever. It exceeded everyone’s expectations and delivered a surprising twist at the end. It was only natural that the final season of the show would have some shocking moments, but fans were still worried about the confrontation against the army of the dead.

The Night King was already powerful enough before he killed and revived Viserion. However, a dragon is pretty impressive. In true ‘Game of Thrones’ fashion, no character was safe from possible death, and while some hearts were breaking due to Theon, Edd, and Lyanna, others wondered about the fate of the dragons.

Fire was an important part of defeating the army of zombies as only dragonglass, fire, or Valyrian steel can destroy them. Dany and Jon had to stay on guard, waiting to turn on the trenches if things got too dicey. However, Daenerys got fed up with waiting and jumped into the fray, igniting the dead all over and helping her Unsullied troops after the Dothraki were completely annihilated.

Once they spotted the Night King on Viserion, they raced to attack him despite the intense fog that made it hard to see in the skies. It was a wonderful scene that all fans have waited to see since the beginning. On the other hand, it was also pretty confusing as the dragons fell while fighting. At some point, the Night King plummeted to Earth, and Jon was thrown off Rhaegal when they landed.

His dragon went on walking as it seemed like he was in pain and disappeared for the rest of the episode. Naturally, everyone thought that it would the death of another of Dany’s dragons at the hands of the Night King. Luckily, the preview of Episode Four has revealed that both dragons are alive as they fly in the distance above Daenerys’ ships.

Sansa is also looking at two dragons in the skies at Winterfell in the short footage. Jon rode a dragon for the first time in the season’s first episode, which further cemented the truth that Jon is a Targaryen. But, the show did not use it as a big reveal. Instead, it was just a beautiful moment to capture the landscapes and the romance between Dany and Jon.


Once it was clear that Jon could ride Rhaegal, it was clear that everyone expected him to help in the Great War on top of the dragon.  Unfortunately, the dragons were not as useful in this episode as everyone thought they would be. Drogon was almost killed when a bunch of wights went for him, and he had to fly away, knocking Daenerys off.

Additionally, his fire did nothing to the Night King, who even smirked at her for trying. In fact, the only dragon that seemed to be winning was Viserion as he got Rhaegal out of the way, crumbled a bunch of the Winterfell castle with his ice fire, and he stopped Jon from reaching Bran at the site of the weirdwood tree.

Viserion would have actually killed Jon if Arya had not gotten there and destroyed the Night King on time. Once the leader of the army was gone, everyone followed suit as his magic was the only thing keeping them alive. Now that the zombies have been defeated, the people North, especially Dany will look south toward the fight against Cersei.


It will be hard to face the Golden Company of Essos now. The Dothraki are gone. It is unclear how many Unsullied made it, but they were originally only 8,000, and Cersei hired 20,000 members of the Golden Company. That puts the dragon queen in a very tricky situation. Luckily, the preview for Episode Four also seemed to show that the Northerners are finally placing their trust in Dany.

She was a very important part of the battle and why they didn’t all die as they should have. Moreover, dragons will make a huge difference in the battle against the living. Of course, the opening credits of Season Eight give a big importance to the big crossbow – ballista – that Cersei has. The dragons can be killed, but they should be a lot more effective in that war because they are facing non-magical, living beings.

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People have cheered for Dany’s success since the beginning of the series. She went through so much, and now she has discovered that someone, whom she loves deeply, could have a stronger claim to the Iron Throne than her. Dragons are a big part of the history of House Targaryen as they were the main reason the Targaryens won the Seven Kingdoms in the first place.

Jon has said repeatedly that he does not want any titles or to be king, but he has to serve his queen. Since Rhaegal is alive, he should also ride him during the battles in the south. Moreover, he might be more effective because Cersei does not have much else to fight in the skies unless they made thousands of Qyburn's ballistas.

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The dragons’ fate is unknown and anything could happen, but most people want to see them rain fire on Cersei and the Lannister army. But, Dany might not be the one to actually kill her enemy Queen. It is expected that the Valonqar prophecy will come to fruition with her “little brother” delivering her fatal injury. Either way, though, fans hope that the dragons will make it in the end.

After all, the saying says that “all men must die”, and dragons are not men. Let us know what you think will happen with Rhaegal and Drogon. If you liked this article, share it with your friends who almost had a heart attack watching Episode Three. See you next time!

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