What Stands Behind Daenerys Falling For Jon Snow

Why does Daenerys fall for Jon snow? This is the question many fans of the HBO series continually ask themselves. Although Jon is powerful and good looking, Daenerys has been pursued overtime by many powerful and handsome men like Jorah and Daario. Unfortunately,  none of them interested her like Jon Snow. Something must be different about Jon. Their sizzling love story can teach us a lot about attraction and love. However, to know what is unique about Jon, we must first consider her history with other men. First, we begin with Daario Naharis


Daario Naharis has some traits and features that Daenerys finds appealing, of which his propensity for taking risks and coming out successfully ranks on top. Even in the real world, women are naturally attracted to men who take risks. It’s important to know that risk-taking does not necessarily involve life-threatening decisions; it might be as simple as starting a new business venture or performing on a stage.

It could be asking a woman out even if she is queen and can order for your head to be severed. Regardless, that didn’t stop Daario as he made his feelings known to Daenerys without fear. His playful and laidback ways of relating with Daenerys is something she strongly admires. Humor is also vital in creating an attraction between two people. If you stay playful in the face of rejection; it's an incredibly attractive trait. It’s no surprise that Dany fell for the gambler!


Jon also is a risk taker and can sometimes be irrational about it. It happens he takes his risk-taking disposition too far. He also, like Daario Naharis, is not afraid to tell Daenerys the truth. Jon does not hesitate to let her know the truth even if she may not like it. However, he is not even half as charming as Daario Naharis, and he is rarely playful. So what then makes this character so special?

Although the attraction between Daenerys and Jon took a while to build up—as a result of Jon's placid and brooding personality— their chemistry leads to deeper feelings. It took so much time because Jon has standards. He blatantly finds Daenerys beautiful, but to him, it's not enough reason to go after her and woo her. Jon is more concerned about her character and needed proof of her selflessness and dignity. It was after he had found evidence of her valor that he then named her his queen. Note that he did not fall for her beauty or power, but he did fall in love with her character.

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Daenerys did not also love up to Jon Snow because of his looks. In fact, she mentioned that he is below her. Who dare says that about Jon Snow if not the mighty Dany! She only began caring about him when she understood the kind of person Jon was. This is something everyone values in a relationship — having someone who loves them for who they are not for how they look. Everyone wants a partner who cares for them regardless of what they have or do not have, be it status, looks or financial stability. Daenerys was open about why he wanted her — that was for her good looks. Daario’s reason seems shallow to Daenerys.

Although it is absolutely okay to get attracted to someone for their good looks; however, over time that should change. You should start loving them for other reasons if not, the feelings on both sides will stay relatively baseless. Although Daario did grow to appreciate Daenerys for her great character and was impressed with who she was, he was sorry about their breakup majorly because he might not get the opportunity to have such a conquest of that status and title ever. That's why it was not so hard for Daenerys to leave Daario's life.

It also seemed like he was more concerned with his pleasure than hers,  as he mentioned it severally. Daario looks at what he wants and sets his mind on getting it. While that is a confident and appealing feature, it does not help so much when it comes to attraction and connections as it does not foster love. Daenerys would be more interested in someone who lives their life by principles and has a love of the people at heart. Daenerys would prefer someone who is not wrapped up in their self-interest. She would want someone with a mission and purpose higher than they are, someone who inspires her to be better. All of which sums up to be the person of Jon Snow.

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Jon Snow repeatedly proves himself an honorable man to Daenerys.  He keeps to his words and gives Daenerys the re-validation she needs. He demonstrates his courage with his sometimes unreasonable self-sacrificing acts. When Daenerys realizes that Jon is willing to be there and sacrifice for others, she falls helplessly for him.

The moment she fell deeper was when she saw his scars, physical proof of his selfless heart, despite Jon lying about them and hiding them from her. This is partly proof to Daenerys that he is not trying to impress her. His love for the people is true. Jon doesn’t use it as a way for her to fall for him or anything of the sort; it is truly genuine. Daenerys finding out the way she did reinforces that he is indeed a leader with the people's best intentions at heart.

The primary reason they have such a strong connection is that; firstly, the people come first. Secondly, they both honestly appreciate each other's personalities than looks. They are both driven by a mission bigger than and important to them. Jon has high standards for Daenerys. Likewise, Daenerys has high standards for Jon Snow. Those standards are what differentiates a fickle attraction from a strong connection which has a high tendency of becoming love.

Many love and look forward to Daenerys and Jon's love blooming. Fans of ‘Game of Thrones’ love this couple and are optimistic about their future together. As a fan, do you think their love is genuine? Do you think their love is enough to take them through hard times? Or is it all for the iron throne? Let us know what you think in the comment section!

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