William vs Charles: How The Future Of Monarchy Will Be Decided

Queen Elizabeth II is already 92, and we never know when she could leave this world. With that in mind, royal followers are scratching their heads over the future monarch of the United Kingdom. Some people believe that Prince Charles, as the first in line, will undoubtedly be the next ruler, whereas others claim that Prince William will take over the throne before his father.

Therefore, the one-million-dollar question is: which of these two royals is more likely to ascend? Let's break down this matter thoroughly to identify the possibilities for this father-son duo, and then you can draw your own conclusions. Let's dive into this! 


The month of March marked the 50th anniversary of Charles' investiture as the Prince of Wales. When this royal was only nine back in 1958, he became the Prince of Wales; however, the Queen formally invested him with the title on July 1, 1969, at Caernarfon Castle. 

That means Charles has been tirelessly working on this sacred duty of service for more than half a century, thus becoming the longest and oldest serving Prince of Wales in the history of Britain. So, it is safe to assume that the first in line should be more than ready to take over the power after all that time, right? Well, the answer isn't that simple.


Over the last few years, the Queen has been handing over many of her royal duties to her children. In fact, Prince Charles and Princess Anne are the two blue-blood members who go to more engagements. Thus, with five decades of experience, the Prince of Wales seems to be the most qualified person to be a monarch, and that might be sooner than expected. 

Recent information indicates that Charles won't necessarily have to wait for his mother's passing to ascend to the throne. The Sun reported that the Queen might step down in three years' time and allow her son to take over the power as Prince Regent. This could happen if she is still among the living by the age of 95.

Royal correspondent Robert Jobson was the one who predicted the early abdication in his 2018 book. Although there are no official comments on the possibility, the current odds are as short as 2/1 that Elizabeth II will take her well-deserved rest from ruling a whole nation. 

And in fact, should she decide to relinquish her position, she wouldn't be pioneering the matter. Elizabeth II's uncle, Edward II, abdicated in 1936 to marry the love of his life, an American divorcée. Moreover, King Juan Carlos of Spain also renounced to his position in June 2014, and there are also some queens in the Netherlands who resigned in their 70s. 

Plus, there is no constitutional reason that could prevent the Queen from relinquishing. However, some other media outlets have reported she would never do so. The author of 'Queen Elizabeth II: Her Life in Our Times,' Sarah Bradford, claimed that the monarch would never contemplate abdication because she feels she must fulfill her duty. 


Therefore, it is still uncertain when the UK will need a new monarch; it could be following the Queen's demise or her abdication. Either way, Prince Charles has another hindrance to overcome: his decreasing popularity. Two thousand sixteen statistics from The Week show that the enthusiasm for Charles as a ruler plunged after his divorce and has gone downhill since then. 

A 2018 survey by BMG Research for The Independent indicates that 46% of the respondents believe that Charles should remove himself from the line of succession and hand over the crown to his eldest son, Prince William. And if you were wondering the reason for such poor acceptance, the answer might be simple: his past. 

As Allison Pearson from Daily Mail noted, "we know far too much about his foibles and past errors to revere him as we revere his mother." From his infidelity and affair with Camilla to his contentious divorce, Charles' image has deteriorated dramatically over time. 

Moreover, some others question his capacity to remain neutral in politics because his numerous interventions have been well-documented. For instance, he was accused of meddling in political matters when he stated his position about farming, the environment, and architecture in private letters addressed to ministers. Therefore, it is no surprise that the Prince of Wales is not the most popular member of the British monarchy. 


According to MSN, there is an increasing buzz surrounding Buckingham Palace that claims the Queen would like to overlook the line of succession to the British throne, disregarding Prince Charles and Camilla and appointing the Duke of Cambridge as the new monarch.

However, the same source explained that not even the very Queen has the power to do so as it is against the law. Per the 1701 Act of Settlement, to be a monarch's heir, the person needs to be a direct successor and a Protestant, and Charles fulfills both requirements. 

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The only party that could change the political law is the Parliament of the United Kingdom, and it isn't a secret that the legislative body is not prompt to pass new laws. Nevertheless, this doesn't mean the public wouldn't be pleased with the decision of making William a king. 


As we previously stated, Prince Charles lacks in popularity, but Will's case is the opposite. According to The Sun, he had a better approval rating in some polls that were conducted last year. Many Britons would like to see the fresh and young Prince taking control of the kingdom with his beloved and beautiful wife by his side. 

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But the Queen's opinion seems to be entirely different, by Romper's report. The source reported Elizabeth II's statements that confirm her viewpoint when she was at the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting last year. Allegedly, the longest-reigning monarch stated: 

"It is my sincere wish that the Commonwealth will continue to offer stability and continuity for future generations and will decide that one day the Prince of Wales should carry on the important work started by my father in 1949."

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And if that is not enough, the same source reported that the 53 leaders of the countries have agreed on accepting Charles as the next head of the Commonwealth. Therefore, the Prince of Wales has not only the backing of his mother but also of a bunch of countries as well. 

Moreover, MSN noted an opinion that cannot be overlooked: Prince William's. The royal has never claimed he wants to be King earlier than expected. He currently seems to be focusing on his royal duties and his role as the father of George, Charlotte, and Louis. Undoubtedly, it is way easier managing three kids than a whole kingdom. 

It seems that the succession to the British throne is a much more complicated matter than the world thinks, but what is your opinion about it? Who should be the next one to sit on the throne? Drop a message with your thoughts in the comment section and stay tuned with us for more exciting articles about royalty. Until next time! 

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