How Prince Harry as a King could bring the monarchy to the entirely new stage

The line of succession to the British throne is by no means easy to comprehend. But to put it simply, Prince Charles is probably the next King of England, followed by Prince William and his three children. As far as Prince Harry is concerned, the throne is very far away from him. 

But even with those low chances, we cannot help but imagine how the red-headed royal would be as the Sovereign of the UK. So to have a better view of the situation, let us consider some aspects of the Prince's personality and the possibility for him to become a king in the future. Are you ready? 


As Newsweek reported, following Prince Charles (first) and Prince William (second), the next in line is latter's firstborn; Prince George (third). Princess Charlotte (fourth) comes afterward, and then Prince Louis (fifth). After the one-year-old Prince, we find Prince Harry (sixth) and Prince Andrew to complete the first seven spots. 

Notwithstanding, let's keep in mind that once baby Sussex is born, the child will take Prince Andrew's seventh place. And if Meg and Harry have a second child, the kid would be the eighth in line and then Andrew. But we cannot forget that Diana's youngest son was once in the third position.

However, that was before his two nephews and niece were born. Even though the prospects for the red-headed Prince are meager, the succession rules and the Regency Acts might give us a glimmer of hope. Shockingly, Harry does have the possibility to be the monarch before Prince George, well, sort of...

The law states that should Prince Charles of Wales and Prince William pass away before Prince George's 18th birthday, Prince Harry would step in as Regent. But why Harry? The bill also establishes that the person suitable for the role is the next in line to the throne who is minimum 21 years old.

That is, in other words, Uncle Harry. The Acts from 1937 and 1953 determine that George can be King under the age of 18. Nevertheless, the position of a Regent would come into force in that case. This is a person who performs all the royal duties and acts on behalf of the Sovereign until he or she reaches the age of 18. 

Hence, the accession date would be once the ruler is eighteen years old, according to Legislation UK. As Regent, Harry would not technically be a monarch, but he would take the most critical decisions for the country until his nephew is old enough to take power over completely. 


With the light of this info, let's consider Harry's personality to see if he could be a good king then. The first trait that highlights among many is his leadership capacity. Ph. D. Celebrity Psychologist Arthur Cassidy gave some details of this aspect, stating on his website

"He has an extraordinary drive and s self-determination to achieve and has inner strength reflected in his high level of self-efficacy and self-belief."

Perhaps, his mischievous nature did not make his leadership skills very obvious at an early age. But he was a child full of fun with a vibrant personality. Now as a young adult, he usually evaluates all situations objectively to make a firm decision afterward, a leadership ability he learned during his military career. 


Harry has also proven he is a caring royal, showing kindness particularly to the less fortunate and those in need. After years of parties, drugs, and naked pics, the 20-year-old Prince joined the British Army and also began to work more closely with charitable foundations. 

Slowly turning his life around, Harry said goodbye to his military career in June 2015 after ten years, according to Today. As the source explained, the Prince wanted to dedicate more of his time to battle AIDS, help wounded service members, protect the environment, and work with charities that supported different causes. 

One of his best contributions so far has been the foundation of the Invictus Games in 2014. This a global and popular multi-sports competition for sick and disabled service personnel. It's so good to see that Harry was reported on the news not for his scandals but for giving back to others. 

Plus, the ginger seems to have a soft spot for children as he's supported this population greatly. For instance, he attended an event for the WellChild charity in October 2016. According to The List, there was also a time last year that the Prince joined a youth sports festival in Antigua, dancing and playing with everyone. 


It's tough to be sensitive towards the reality most people live when you are a high-born person. But Harry has had life experiences that have helped him taste what it feels like to be a commoner. As the Telegraph explained, Princess Diana had a crucial role in making the Prince a down-to-earth man.

When he was only a child, Lady Di would take him and William to homeless projects and aids wards to make them more empathic to people's emotions, hardships, hopes, and dreams. The List added that the Prince also used to take care of the sheep at the family's country estate or go to amusement parks like any normal kid. 

As a grown-up man, he enjoys a commoner's life from time to time. Pop Sugar revealed that it'd be easy to spot Harry doing things like shopping at discount stores, working on a construction, cooking breakfast, or standing in line for fast food. 

In fact, the source dubbed him as the People's Prince, a title that reminds us of his late mother. Perhaps, he's now living up to her legacy. And this down-to-earth trait definitely makes him suitable to be a magnificent king, one that can truly understand his people. 


It's not hard for the 33-year-old royal to get along with anyone, from babies whom he makes smile to adults and more senior citizens. And this can only be thanks to the charming character he has, an essential quality for any king to possess. As CheatSheet asserted: 

"He is lighthearted, genuine, and honest, and truly the type of person that makes an amazing friend. Besides, the Duke of Sussex is an excellent speaker, he is intelligent, and he enjoys being in the company of others." 

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And the truth is that Prince Harry would be a king the world would love. Cosmopolitan couldn't have explained it better when saying he is the type of man any guy would enjoy a beer with, and all women would like to talk to (and even so much more!). 

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His popularity started even when he was still in his mother womb. And some years down the road, his fame and admiration just keep on increasing and increasing. In fact, Insider revealed the results of a poll conducted last year about the most popular members of the British Royal Family, and guess who the first one was? 

That's right! Prince Harry took the lead! The Duke of Sussex came out on top with a 77% favorable opinion rating. People described him as fun-loving and admirable. So, if you ask us whether the Prince would be a good monarch, we have all the evidence to believe he would! 

Don't you agree with us? We are dying to know your opinion, so please don't leave without dropping a message in the comment section down below. Are you fascinated by Prince Harry as much as us? The good news is that we have many more articles about him, so keep on reading! 

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