MCU to take over the Disney Fox characters giving them new life

The Disney-Fox merger was finalized in March 2019 which means that many characters can finally join the Marvel Cinematic Universe legally. ‘Avengers: Endgame’ was the end of an era for the franchise, but fans can look forward to the introduction of X-Men, Deadpool, and the Fantastic Four in their beloved saga. There is a bunch of new things in store for Phase Four. Let’s find out more!

10. X-MEN

A few months some Reddit users were sure that ‘Endgame’ would introduce the X-Men into the MCU. Of course, it didn’t happen, but it was wildly speculated that Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine would appear in the post-credits scene, although the actor has already said his farewell to the character. In any case, the mutants will be part of the saga soon enough.

Additionally, it’s expected that the X-Men will have a whole new cast, and they will probably do an amazing job. The issue now is how they will introduce these characters in the MCU universe. Where have they been all this time? Did Nick Fury know about them?

Some believe that Scarlet Witch might introduce them because she is a mutant, but another theory suggests that they will come from an alternate universe. It might sound crazy, but so is the use of the Quantum Realm and time travel.


The Fantastic Four are another set of superheroes that can finally join the Avengers, but there is a bit of a problem. While the comic books are insanely good, the movies about this group have not lived up to the hype. Chris Evans, our dear Captain America, could not save these films when he was the Human Torch. However, now that Marvel Studios and Disney have control over the characters, fans might be surprised.

After all, the MCU did wonderful with the new version of Spider-Man with actor Tom Holland. It was a breath of fresh air compared to ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ movies with Andrew Garfield. Therefore, everyone is looking forward to what Kevin Feige and his team will do. The superheroes are very important in the Marvel Universe; so, they should be introduced in their own film.


One of the biggest concerns regarding the merger was Deadpool, the Merc with the Mouth, and how he would fit in the world of Disney. After all, his movies are all R-rated, and fans worried that the Mouth House would get rid of him. His movies are certainly not for all audiences like the rest of the MCU. There is a pretty simple solution, though.

Deadpool should be himself in standalone films, but when he joins the Avengers, he should be a little more respectful. His personality can still be sarcastic, but he might need to control is swear words and crude, sexual innuendo. They can make it an inside joke that he has to watch his mouth while he works with the team. We just hope that Marvel keeps Ryan Reynolds!


Thanos made an everlasting impression as the Avengers’ worst enemy. So, Marvel has to introduce a new villain that will surpass the Mad Titan. Comic books fans love Doctor Doom, and he might be the most obvious choice now that Disney owns all Fox characters. However, Marvel might wait a bit before adding him to the mix.

The Skrulls, who were introduced in ‘Captain Marvel’, could be the next choice. Although they were the good guys in that film, comic book fans want to see the ‘Secret Invasion’ arc play out in the MCU. After that, their universe might be ready to face Doctor Doom.


This race of aliens might have recently been introduced in the MCU, but James Gunn wanted them in the first ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’. Fans could have been seeing them for years, but Marvel went another way. One of the fearsome Skrulls is Kl’rt. He is also known as the Super-Skrull because he has the same powers as the Fantastic Four.

Super-Skrull is technically part of the ‘Fantastic Four’ comic books, but he has fought other heroes like Spider-Man and the Avengers. Therefore, it is very likely that ‘Captain Marvel 2’ will show this character. Of course, that film has not been confirmed, but it made over a billion dollars.


Another story arc that fans would love to see on the big screen is ‘House of M’, which involves the X-Men and the Fantastic Four. It happens after the ‘Avengers Disassembled’, and Wanda struggles with her immense powers. Therefore, her brother Pietro, Quicksilver, tells her to change reality to something that makes her happier.

She ends up doing and rewriting history. Only Wolverine and Butterfly remember what the world was supposed to be. The mutants have taken over the world with lots of rebellions, Wanda’s mind is a mess, and the Avengers eventually team up to return things to normal. However, Wanda uses an infamous line, “No more mutants,” and erases 90% of them. They would have to rewrite some stuff, but it is possible in the MCU.


Fans have been waiting to see how the Avengers deal with the existence of mutants. They will probably fight them at first, just as they have done with almost every new character. ‘Civil War’ showed superheroes fighting each other over the Sokovia Accords, but ‘Avengers vs. X-Men’ has a much deeper meaning. Captain American wants to keep the world safe while Cyclops wants mutants safe.

The X-Men wants to get the Phoenix Force to protect them, but Cap thinks that it is a bad idea. Everything resolves in the end, and they were both get what they want. This storyline would show all over favorite Avengers and the X-Men. Considering how much fans enjoy team-up films with all the stars together, this arc would make a lot of money at the box office.


Marvel might be one of the most successful businesses in the world right now, but in the 80s, they almost went bankrupt. They decided to make a toy line and then, design a storyline around them named ‘Secret Wars’. The superheroes and supervillains of Marvel were brought to an alien world to fight each other, similar to what happened in ‘Thor: Ragnarok’.

Instead of the Grand Master, however, it was the Beyonder who got all the characters together. It featured some of the iconic moments in comic book history, such as Spider-Man’s black suit and Hulk lifting a mountain. In 2015, the ‘Cosmic Odyssey Secret Wars’ was released with the Fantastic Four and the X-Men included. This could be a great way to introduce them to the MCU.

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Since 2017, Marvel has released three films a year, but from 2015 to 2016, it was two movies. Before that, it was only one motion picture. However, the team has grown so much since the beginning with ‘Iron Man’ that all three premieres each year were fantastic. Some people wonder if they might pump out more the future. Kevin Feige was asked about this, and he said,

“I think it depends. It depends on what happens with big corporate deals. It depends on how we’re feeling as a studio to grow.”

Of course, the Marvel big man won’t give away anything yet, but the Disney-Fox merger seems like a huge “corporate deal”. The MCU has so many characters already that they might need to think about this.

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While it is fun to speculate about the changes that are coming to the MCU now that the Fox deal is done, fans might have to wait a while. Kevin Feige even stated that it might take some time before the new characters enter their universe. Marvel likes to introduce their superhero properly with a solo movie, but there might be something surprising in the mid or post-credits scenes.

We just have to be patient because it might another ten years before another huge event like ‘Avengers: Endgame’. Let us know what characters you want to see most in the MCU. If you liked this article, share it with your friends who were fans since ‘Iron Man’. See you next time!

Source: Youtube/CBR


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