What Stands Behind Emilia Clarke: Truth Rarely Told

Actress Emilia Clarke rose to incredible fame with ‘Game of Thrones’, and her talent promises to keep her on the A-list of Hollywood. She has already appeared in important films like ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ and ‘Terminator Genisys’. Although her HBO series is coming to end, there are still plenty of things that people don’t know about her like how she got her role in the first place. Let’s find out all the details!


‘Game of Thrones’ is known for its many nudes scenes, and Emilia has shown a lot in the past ten years, but she never regretted a moment of them, including a time when she watched one risque scene with her family. Therefore, it is not surprising that Clarke has appeared naked on stage as well. It was a production of ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ at the New York Cort Theater in 2013.

Audiences craved to meet her, but some fans were too zealous and took pictures of the actress in the compromising situation. The show only lasted for 38 performances because of its less-than-enthusiastic reviews. But still, it was her first Broadway credit, and it probably won’t be her last.


After the success of ‘Game of Thrones’, Hollywood was knocking on Clarke’s door, and one popular trilogy wanted her in the main role. She was offered the part of Anastasia Steel in ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’, a soft-core BDSM film based on the books by E.L. James. The actress declined the offer, and Dakota Johnson ended up landing the role while Jamie Dornan got cast as Christian Grey.

Clarke later opened up about her decision not to do the trilogy. It would have earned her a lot more recognition, but she said it was not the kind she desired. She already had a history of nude scenes, and she did not want to be type-cast. Emilia does not her regret her decision as she got different offers later on that suited her better.


Actors from important franchises have been known to get tattoos to commemorate their roles. The cast of ‘Lord of the Rings’ famously got the Elvish symbol for “9”, and the original Avengers, except Mark Ruffalo, have a custom-designed “A” on their skin. Clarke decided to get some ink after filming ‘Me Before You’. She played a caretaker who had a bumblebee tattoo; so, she added one on her pinky finger.

Furthermore, after wrapping filming for ‘Game of Thrones’, some of the cast decided to honor the series as well. Many of them got the date they signed on for their roles on their skin, but the actress decided to get three, tiny dragons on her wrist. Emilia will always be the Mother of Dragons.


Clarke was made to be part of this business as her father worked in the London theater scene as a sound engineer. She saw a production of ‘Showboat’ and quickly fell in love with the craft. Sadly, her father did not think that acting should be her future. He even took her to an audition in the West End to show her how bad it could be.

Clarke did awful, but she kept going. She once said that her father wanted her to know that actors rarely make it in the business, and the only line she needed to know was “do you want fries with that?” Luckily, Emilia continued pursuing her dreams, and the world is a better place because of it.


After graduating from the Drama Center London, she landed smalls parts such as commercials and some brief appearances on British shows like ‘Doctors’ and one SyFy channel film. However, she was named one of the “UK Stars of Tomorrow” by Screen International in 2010, and they were right because she auditioned for ‘GOT’ soon after.

However, before HBO called her, the actress was working six jobs to make a living. She was even a real estate agent for a summer while she attended school. Emilia knew how important that audition would be; so, she took a sick day from her catering job, and the rest is history.


When Emilia got the call about the audition for ‘Game of Thrones’, the pilot had already been shot. Unfortunately, it bombed according to showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss. The creators were not satisfied with some casting choices, the tense deaths or the weird storytelling. They ended up reshooting 90% of the pilot in the end.

Additionally, they do not talk about their decision to recast the role of Daenerys as Tamzin Merchant from ‘The Tudors’ was the original actress. It is hard now to imagine anyone else as the Mother of Dragons, and Emilia has even been nominated for Emmy awards due to the part. But, we wonder why it was necessary.


The actress has admitted that her audition for ‘GOT’ was very strange. She tried searching for everything she could about the novels beforehand as she had no idea about George R.R. Martin’s work. Clarke even told Jimmy Fallon that after reading her lines, the creators asked if she could do something else. Emilia said she could dance and did the “Funky Chicken” and “the Robot”.

After earning some laughs, she was sure that they would not give her the part. Luckily, she was wrong, and Benioff and Weiss have never regretted their decision, although they had hundreds of women audition for the part. They wanted Daenerys to look like a messiah, and Emilia has had her ethereal moments.


Her career is part of the public eye, but Emilia keeps her personal life private. It was only recently revealed that she went through a horrible experience while filming ‘Game of Thrones’. In an essay for the New Yorker, the actress opened up about suffering from a brain aneurysm during a workout session. After a minimally-invasive brain surgery, it was revealed that she had another, smaller one as well.

She was even told that only a third of people survive her type of brain problems. The second could burst at any point, but Emilia went back to work. In 2013, the worst happened. She needed a much deeper procedure to repair that burst aneurysm, and her recovery was grueling. The actress is 100% better now, and she started a charity named SameYou to help others with this disease.


In 2016, Emilia went through some difficult times. The vote on Brexit had been cast, and she was a big advocate for Britain staying in the European Union, and shortly after, she lost a family member. Her father had been dealing with cancer for years but passed that July. The actress could not be there for him, though, because she was filming a movie in Kentucky.

She tried to make it after being told that his health was deteriorating, but by the time she arrived home, he was gone. Additionally, Clarke was expected to return for ‘Game of Thrones’ three weeks later. However, Emilia believes that she became stronger after that and has praised the London medical community, especially the nurses who attended her father during his last days.

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During the first season, she was often with actor Jason Momoa, who played her husband Khal Drogo. They were in Morocco and became close friends, even after Drogo died. Momoa continues to be one of Clarke’s biggest fans. She is also close with Kit Harrington, who plays Jon Snow, her current love interest. They became friends during the first season and can be seen joking around behind the scenes.

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‘Game of Thrones’ has many filming locations around the world; so, Clarke has traveled a lot through these past years such as Croatia, Malta, Ireland, Iceland, and Spain. However, she started traveling herself at a young age and went backpacking through Northern India at 16. Later on, she went to Southeast Asia and South Africa.

Clearly, she was made for the part of Daenerys who traveled all through Essos to get to Westeros. Let us know what you think of her life. If you liked this article, share it with your friends who want to see Dany on the Iron Throne. See you next time!

Source: Youtube/Looper, The New Yorker


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