Iron Man predicted Avengers Endgame much earlier in time and no one noticed

The ‘Avengers: Endgame’ ended up being a bitter-sweet experience for us. We are glad the Avengers were able to defeat the Mad Titan and restore people who disappeared as a result of his snap. However, it wasn’t exciting to lose two of our favorite superheroes - Black Widow and Iron Man. Taking a stroll down memory lane, we'll be exploring how Iron Man predicted the ‘Avengers: Endgame’ even before its event happened. What has always been Iron Man's ultimate destiny? 


Avengers: Endgame starts with Tony and Nebula being rescued from their wrecked spaceship by Captain Marvel and returned to earth. Tony who is in an emotional place, avoids any discussion about ways of saving people who disintegrated after Thanos’ snap. Stark clearly feels like a failure, because he didn't succeed in preventing the occurrence of the snap.

Then swiftly, five years have gone by. We notice that the rest of the Avengers have managed their loss in various ways. Captain America is the leader of group therapy sessions, Clint is a deadly vigilante, and Nat is clearly focused just on work. For Tony Stark, he seems to be happy, and at peace with his wife, Pepper, and daughter - Morgan at their amazing lakeside estate.

Subsequently, we see how the Avengers come up with an idea of how to bring the disappeared ones back through time travel. Tony Stark doesn't support it, because it was too dangerous. However, after Pepper tells him, he'd never be able to "rest" knowing that he had a way to save the world and didn't, he comes around, trying to find a way to make the plan work.

Tony teams up with Steve, Rhodey, Nebula, Thor, Rocket, Nat, Scott, and Hulk on an operation to go back in time and get the Infinity Stones before Thanos ever does, and then return to their own timeline.

The team succeeds, and because he is the only one who can survive it, Hulk volunteers to wear the new Infinity Gauntlet and snap to bring everyone back. We realize from an earlier scene in the movie that snapping while wearing the Gauntlet emits powerful gamma radiation. The gamma radiation affects and wounds half of Thanos’ body, hence for a mortal to try the feat would mean death. Fortunately, the Hulk remains alive, and the snap works.

Flash forward a few scenes and a past form of Thanos has now journeyed through time to battle for the six Infinity Stones and snap out half the world all over again. This leads to a brawl between Thanos, his minions, and the Avengers.

Even though the group is able to subdue the Mad Titan and his armies for a while, things turn in Thanos’ favor when he gets his hand on the Gauntlet. Thanos spills his new catchphrase: "I am inevitable,” before snapping. Unfortunately for him, it is too late as Iron Man has taken the stones from him.

Tony Stark promptly places the stones in a makeshift gauntlet built into his suit and locks eyes with the Mad Titan before proclaiming: "I am Iron Man." (This is reasonable, since those were the exact same words that began the MCU over 10 years earlier at the end of 2008’s ‘Iron Man’).

Iron Man snaps, notwithstanding the effect he knows it will have on his body. He is able to wipe out Thanos and his armies. Tony's expiatory snap immediately releases a lethal wave of gamma energy through his body, frying his right side. This really affects his body and renders him unable to really speak before giving up the ghost. Tony Stark dies on the battlefield with his wife, Pepper, best friend, Rhodey and protégé, Peter Parker, at his side.


Tony Stark being the superhero who finally defeats Thanos by laying down his life makes perfect sense. It is safe to admit that since the release of ‘Iron Man’ (2008), Tony Stark has been the heart of this superhero universe. Despite his flaws such as being egotistical and the likes, he is one of the most relatable characters in the franchise.

All through the first 10 years of the MCU, viewers have gone through an emotional ride with Tony Stark (especially as he experienced the highs and lows of determining whether to become a superhero).

After he was kidnapped in the first ‘Iron Man’ film, he committed his life to the cause of protecting the universe, by fighting villains in his encased armor.

In the first Avengers movie, Captain America, Steve Rogers spilled out harsh words for Tony, who he perceived was only around because of his powerful suit. He said:

"I know guys with none of that worth 10 of you, and I've seen the footage. The only thing you really fight for is yourself. You're not the guy to make the sacrifice play--to lay down on a wire and let the other guy crawl over you."

Despite the odds against him, Tony Stark grew up as a character who repeatedly offered up himself to save the world. Even when he desperately tried to stop fighting, he couldn't, and this was seen in the movie. Tony Stark could have chosen to hold on to his beautiful family and live happily-ever-after, but he didn't; saving the world was very important to him.


Tony Stark has always been concerned about having and leaving behind a great legacy. We have witnessed how he changed over the years from being a rich playboy who only cares for himself, to the superhero that saves the world. In ‘Age of Ultron, ’ Wanda gives Tony a dark vision of the future, which, by the way, is a product of his fears. Then, we see Tony Stark talking to Nick Fury about how he wasn't afraid of death, but about how he would survive while others die. He also implies how he wouldn’t want that to be his legacy.

Amazingly, Tony Stark left behind a good legacy, which is quite different from that of the terrible vision he saw of the future. The beautiful relationships he built, along with his technology, is a part of his lasting legacy that will never be forgotten in the MCU universe.


Tony Stark has committed a couple of mistakes over the last 10 years, but he’s also done his best to take responsibility, and protect the universe, even if it brought death to him. That’s one beautiful legacy, no one would ever disregard.


In the course of the battle, Tony Stark asks Doctor Strange if they were in the one possible future he saw (in ‘Infinity Wars’) where the team defeated the Mad Titan. The Sorcerer Supreme replies:

“If I tell you, it won’t happen, being aware of the fact that other futures where they don’t win could still manifest. 

At the time, Captain Marvel is thrown off by Thanos; Doctor Strange fixes his gaze on Iron Man and raises one finger. By raising one finger, Doctor Strange passes a message that the moment is the only chance to ensure that one possible future, where they won. Tony approaches Thanos and instantly transfers the Infinity Stones from the Gauntlet to his suit. He then snaps his fingers, wiping out Thanos and his armies and saving the planet from destruction.

Now, we remember how Doctor Strange once affirmed in ‘Infinity Wars, ’ that he would do anything to make sure Thanos doesn't get the time stone, even if that involves giving up Tony Stark. However, the sorcerer swiftly pleaded to let Tony Stark live, by giving the Time Stone to Thanos. It is certain that Doctor Strange knew that the future where Thanos is defeated, wouldn't be possible without Tony Stark. Doctor Strange had seen it all, and he also knew it would cost Tony Stark his life. Alas! This was Doctor. Strange's Endgame master plan


For the first time, MCU's post-credit scene is a nod to the past, which pays a tribute to the self-made hero and futurist, Tony Stark. At the end of the credits, as the logo comes up, and a strange metal clanking noise plays in the background. Many fans believe it is the sound of Tony Stark hammering together his initial Iron Man armor in the first Marvel movie.

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A private funeral is held at his lakeside home with all the Avengers present except for Nat. Furthermore, apart from his wife and child, Harley who befriended Tony in ‘Iron Man 3’ is present at the funeral. Pepper's parting word to him is “You can rest now.”  We can say that he gave his life to save the world, not just as Iron Man, but as Tony Stark. Tony Stark who was the beginning of the Infinity Saga also ended up being the end.

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We will surely miss our hero Tony Stark, but we know his legacy will forever live on in the Marvel Universe. What is your opinion: are there other ways you think Iron Man predicted ‘Endgame’ ending that we didn't point out? Let us know in the comments. Share this awesome article with your friends who have seen ‘Avengers: Endgame.’

Source: Flicks And The City, Radiotimes, The Marvel Report, Gamespot, Express

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