Meghan's incredible baby raising plan, as a very modern royal mom

When it comes to being a modern mom, Markle has everything down on lock. With vegan food bowls, celebrity nannies, and only the highest fashion baby knits, the Duchess of Sussex definitely won’t be one to do things the traditional way. The new mom, 37, will of course slowly be adjusting to her new role. With her baby boy finally being born, the Duchess already has some tips and support from her close friends who’ve already had children.

The influence her own childhood will have on the baby is undeniable. Being a child of divorced parents who both worked and shared custody, and the strong relationship she ended up building with her mother, these are all factors that will more than likely have an effect on her childhood. According to her longtime friend, tennis player Serena Williams, Meghan’s been dreaming about what kind of mom she’ll be for the longest time - and what sort of kid Baby Sussex should turn out to be.


Most families make their own traditions - from Taco Tuesdays to movie nights on Fridays, Meghan has also seemingly jumped on the bandwagon. The Duchess has taken on her godmother Benita Litt’s ‘slumber party’ tradition. Some of her friends even incorporate a Golden Globes them, where kids get to stay up and watch celebrities walk the red carpet, and eating tasty snacks and junk food.

However, Meghan’s close friend Jessica Mulroney puts a healthy spin on the tradition by replacing junk food with fun and healthy snacks. Because of the influence of her friends, Markle is highly likely to incorporate an exciting activity such as this one for her baby boy.


Prince Harry and Meghan are the first to break tradition and decided not to post any photos taken on the hospital steps. Instead, Baby Sussex became the first royal Instagram baby, where the couple decided to share the news of the birth on their online accounts before it was officially announced by Buckingham Palace.

However, despite their social media use, the couple is apparently going to try and steer clear of the online platforms so that their baby boy has a private childhood. It might be difficult for Meghan, since her personal blog, The Tig, was at an all-time high before joining the royal family. Although the Duchess did mention last year that she found it ‘freeing’ to be off social media - so it looks like there won’t be much struggling. And with their personal Instagram @sussexroyal account set up last month, it looks like the couple will be able to get their fix.

Even though their account is set up, it seems like we won’t be getting pictures of the baby’s face just yet. Many celebrities have chosen to only post photos of the back of their children’s heads to preserve privacy - something that's super important for this royal couple as well. In fact, Prince Harry recalled the torment he endured as a child because of his mother’s relationship with the intrusive media. He claimed in a recent speech: ‘Social media is more addictive than drugs and alcohol and it’s more dangerous.’


Way before she ended up marrying into royalty, Meghan has let everyone know that she doesn’t plan on being a stay-at-home wife - or mom, for that matter:

‘I’ve never wanted to be a lady who lunches — I’ve always wanted to be a woman who works. And this type of [charity] work is what feeds my soul and fuels my purpose.'

So with a busy working schedule ahead, Meghan and Harry have been trying to find the perfect nanny that will fit into their family. And it seems like they have some pretty specific preferences for the role. A source stated:

‘Meghan was clear in telling recruiters she favours an American over a Brit and wants them to feel part of the family rather than a uniformed member of staff.'


It’s no secret that our Meghan loves to shop and is a fan of all nice things - especially concerning her outfits. With a £360,000 maternity wardrobe, it's expected that Baby Sussex will be decked out in the finer things, just like her mama. When it comes to her sister-in-law Kate Middleton, the Duchess has always chosen the classic, traditional way. And regarding her children's style choices, she dresses them up in a specific vintage style, designed by Rachel Riley and Cath Kidston. However, Meghan has shown more than once that she’s not one to follow tradition and standards. If she ends up following her stylist friend’s Jessica Mulroney’s example, we can expect to see Baby Sussex’s style going in a very different direction.

The stylist’s children are usually dressed in very cute, chic, dressed-down versions of adult outfits, sporting bright colors and unique touches. Unlike the traditional sense - no smokings and no Fair Isle knits to be seen.


Her closest friends are advocated of the ‘less social media’ move, so it is highly likely that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will adopt this mentality as well. In fact, judging by Prince Harry’s recent rant, it certainly seems that this will be a high priority for the couple. The prince raged over the famous video games ‘Fortnite’, saying: ‘Where is the benefit of having it in your household? It’s created to addict, an addiction to keep you in front of the computer for as long as possible. It’s so irresponsible.’


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Before becoming a part of the royal family, Meghan used to live in Toronto and would often spend her weekends with the Mulroney's. She’s observed some ‘gender-neutral parenting’ from the couple. Essentially, both parents take on their share of work and everything is supposed to be equally spread out. Unlike standard tradition, where the mom essentially plays the biggest role in housework and raising children, the Sussex’s will probably be happy to switch roles or equalize responsibilities in their home.


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Their nursery has also been adapted into a ‘gender-free’ zone. The newly renovated Frogmore Cottage was painted in neutral shades of white and grey - straying away from the typical colors that are usually assigned for boys or girls. In addition, the couple has taken the baby’s well-being into serious consideration by using vegan paint, infused with rosemary and eucalyptus essential oils. A source said: ‘Meghan is actively avoiding any paints tested on animals or ones that contain milk or beeswax as an ingredient.’

All of this makes sense! When we look at Meghan's passion for healthy living - from following vegan diets to regular yoga exercises, it's natural for the new mom to want to incorporate the healthiest lifestyle possible for her baby boy as well. I mean, she did end up making Prince Harry give up vodka for juices, so she probably knows a thing or two about well-being.

Sources: The Daily Mail


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