“Game of Thrones” real-life couples

‘Game of Thrones’ is almost over, and the relationships of the characters couldn’t be more complicated. It is almost impossible for fans to separate the actors from their TV selves, but they all have personal lives that are completely different from the drama of Westeros. Let’s find out the real-life couples of the ‘GOT’ cast!


The Mother of Dragons has had many love interests in the past with Khal Drogo, Daario Naharis, and Jon Snow – aside from Ser Jorah. However, the actress is apparently still single. Unlike some other co-stars, she never dated any of her fellow actors in real life despite all the rumors. It was reported that she might have started seeing film director Charlie McDowell, but some believe that they broke up quietly.


Everyone remembers the intense relationship of Jon Snow with the wildling girl, Ygritte. She was Jon’s first love and the only one who almost made him turn away from the Night’s Watch. In 2012, rumors started circling that the actors were dating in real life, but they did not appear together in public until 2016.

Harington admitted later on that they started seeing each other while filming in Iceland, and those remain his favorite weeks of shooting the show. The couple got married on June 23, 2018, at an Aberdeenshire castle in Scotland in honor of Rose Leslie’s family who hails from that country.


It is hard to imagine ‘Game of Thrones’ without the fan-favorite Tyrion Lannister, played by Dinklage. His wife is Erica Schmidt, a writer, and director. They got married in 2005 and had a daughter in 2011, but never revealed her name to the public. They had another kid in 2017, but they are very private about their personal lives.


Everyone misses Khal Drogo, who died on the first season of the show. He was married to Daenerys Targaryen, and the actor Jason Momoa did a great job at portraying this intense and powerful character. Momoa is originally from Hawaii, and he got married to Lisa Bonet in 2017, although they had been dating for a long time.

During an interview, the actor revealed that he was just eight years old when he saw Bonet on TV on ‘The Cosby Show’ and told his mother that she was it. However, Jason did not tell Lisa about his admiration until after they had two kids together.


Brienne of Tarth was finally named a knight of the Seven Kingdoms during the eighth season of ‘Game of Thrones’, and the actress is just as amazing in real life as her character. Gwendoline is a humanitarian, an advocate for female rights, and a fashion icon. The latter is the result of dating Giles Deacon, the English fashion designer.

They have been together since 2013, and Deacon has often talked about using Gwendoline as a muse for his work. In fact, she apparently inspired his first couture collection. In turn, her boyfriend is the actress’ first choice for every red carpet look.

8. NIKOLAJ COSTER-WALDAU – Jaime Lannister

The Danish actor portrays one of the most complicated characters on the show. Jaime was actively hated for the first couple of season for pushing Bran off a window. However, he changed after meeting and traveling with Brienne of Tarth. Jaime might not be married, but in real-life, Nikolaj married former Miss Greenland Nukaaka Coster-Waldau in 1997.

They have two daughters named Phillipa and Safina, and their family lives in Denmark, close to Copenhagen. On an interesting note, it was revealed that Nukaaka has never seen ‘Game of Thrones’, but apparently, she made a deal with her husband’s mother that one day they would watch it. To the actor, it’s apparently a relief.


Littlefinger was killed on Season Seven of ‘Game of Thrones’, but he was quite unforgettable. It is tough for any actor to play such a scheming role, but those are always the most interesting. The actor was married to Olivia O'Flanagan until 2014, and he is now dating the Irish singer Camille O’Sullivan. They have been seen together a lot, but they keep their personal lives to themselves.


The Red Woman was an important part of the Battle of Winterfell, as she lit the Dothraki arakhs and then the barracks when the dragons were flying through the fog. She was also the one who revived Jon Snow and told Arya that she had to kill “blue eyes”. After that, Melisandre took off her necklace and died, but the actress did an awesome work that won’t be forgotten.

Carice is dating Australian actor Guy Pearce, and they have a son named Monte. No word yet on whether or not they will get married, but as long as they are happy, everything else does not matter. They decided to live in Europe because Van Houten hates the “Hollywood life”.


The adorable Tormund was in love with Brienne of Tarth for some time, until Season Eight, Episode Four when it was clear that Jaime won her over. In real life, the Norwegian actor married his longtime girlfriend Gry Molvaer in 2015. However, their two beautiful daughters were born before they walked down the aisle, and Hivju often brought his family to the set of ‘GOT’.

Additionally, he uses his social media account to tell the world how much he loves his family and his wife. However, sometimes they have been captured in the middle of a fight, but that can happens when two redheads fall in love. They always make up quickly.


You might be surprised to learn that the actor who plays the Unsullied general is also a recording artist. Grey Worm is fan-favorite and Season Eight Episode Four was truly a blow for him. Anderson recently married his girlfriend, the English actress Aisling Loftus, in 2018. Jacob once said that his wife is the most caring person in the world, and they have so many things in common. They could not be happier.


Unfortunately, Ser Jorah died during the Battle of Winterfell, and it was sad that Daenerys could never love him as he did her. The Scottish actor was married to the English actress Susannah Harker until 2004. He started seeing Charlotte Emmerson in 2005, and they have been together ever since. They have two daughters together and got married in 2017. Iain is also a great piano and guitar player.

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Sansa has gone through a lot in her short life, and Sophie has grown up with the show as well. She recently married her boyfriend, Joe Jonas, on May 1, 2019, in a small ceremony in Las Vegas right after the Billboard Music Awards. They originally got engaged in October 2017 after dating for only a year. They adopted a puppy just before their engagement and seem deliriously happy.

Their wedding was a complete contrast to Nick Jonas’ several ceremonies with actress Priyanka Chopra. The couple was married by an Elvis impersonator, and DJ Diplo broadcasted it on his Instagram stories. They always take hilarious pictures, which make fans truly think that they are a role model couple.

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Arya is the definite hero of Winterfell, and Maisie Williams also grew up on the show just like Sophie Turner, who has become like her sister in real life. Meanwhile, the young actress has been dating Ollie Jackson for a couple of years, but he is not a public figure. They apparently met at school and announced their relationship in February 2017.

Obviously, real-life is much less dramatic than ‘Game of Thrones’. Let us know what you think of the actors’ relationships. If you liked this article, share it with your friends who cannot wait to see who ends up on the Iron Throne. See you next time!

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