Meghan Markle Used a Surrogate According to Some Royal Fans

On Monday, the long-awaited birth of baby Sussex got announced, but it only renewed suspicions of a fake pregnancy among conspiracy theorists who claim they have proof.

Since the announcement of Meghan’s pregnancy in October last year, it got shrouded with secrecy which became like the proverbial catnip to internet trolls.

As Meghan’s unknown exact due date grew closer, the persistent efforts of the royal couple to keep arrangements private just fueled the fire. And since the birth of baby Sussex, some details caused suspicions to run rampant once more.


As Meghan’s pregnancy progressed, many netizens commented on how her body developed with mentions of breast shape, a wiggling belly and a seemingly superhuman ability to bend over with a big pregnant belly.

Some even posted footage they claimed provided proof that Meghan wore a Moonbump to fake her pregnancy, as one Twitter user shared:


As customary after the birth of a royal baby, Buckingham Palace puts out official notice. But once again, conspiracy theorists saw this as evidence of a fake birthing announcement.

On all three of Kate Middleton’s official birth notices, doctors left their John Hancocks, but on Meghan’s, there are no signatures from any doctors.

A Twitter user posted a comparison of the notices and believes that it proves that Meghan never gave birth.


Meghan gave birth at 5:26 am, while Buckingham Palace announced that Meghan went into labor at 2 pm.

Many found it odd that the Palace would say that Meghan went into labor when she had already delivered their bundle of joy more than eight hours earlier. Moreover, they announced the birth of baby Sussex only minutes later, as one Twitter user commented:


While many initially believed that Meghan gave birth to their yet-unnamed 7lb 3oz boy at Frogmore Cottage on the Windsor Estate, recent reports by the Daily Mail states otherwise.

According to the outlet, Meghan secretly got taken to Portland Hospital by Prince Harry and their security team, where Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice got delivered, to deliver the seventh heir to the throne.


A social-media monitoring firm from England named Brandwatch came up with interesting findings around discussions about Meghan and her “Moonbump.”

They estimate that over 1.5 million people saw discussion relating to whether Meghan’s pregnancy got faked or not, a number they recon had quadrupled by now.

Among opinions as a whole, those who think that Meghan Markle didn’t fake her pregnancy still outweigh those who think she did fake it. The firm added that 16 percent of comments include “terms related to it being fake.”

At a growing rate of about 1,500 comments a week, the #Megxit hashtag trends more than others. About 75% of people using the hashtag registered their profile genders as female, which the firm concluded to be “primarily driven” by women.

With the birth of baby Sussex, it also put a focus on the Markle family matters, as her brother reached out with a congratulatory message and the hope of bringing the family back together again.

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