Avengers: Endgame is a beginning of the new MCU Phase. What’s next?

‘Avengers: Endgame’ was the perfect culmination of 22 films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which started with Jon Favreau’s ‘Iron Man’ in 2008. It also set up some interesting things for the future of the franchise, and it looks like the MCU will be fantastic despite all that was lost in the latest film. Can you guess what’s coming? Let’s find out more!


Black Widow’s role in ‘Endgame’ was extremely emotional. She could not get over the loss of her family, and alongside Hawkeye, she traveled through time to reach Vormir. That is where the Soul Stone is hidden. Once Red Skull revealed that one of them would have to die to get the precious gem, she and Clint started fighting to be the sacrifice.

Natasha eventually won, and she died just like Gamora did in ‘Infinity War’, but that does not mean that she is out of the MCU. ‘Black Widow’ will be directed by Cate Shortland, and clearly, the film will show her origin – finally. Romanoff never gave up hope that the Avengers could somehow fix the Decimation, even after they killed Thanos for destroying the stones.

During their journey in Vormir, Red Skull also mentioned a little detail about her, as he knew her father’s name, Ivan. Natasha told Clint that she didn’t know it herself; so clearly, Marvel was setting up for her film despite the fact that it will be a prequel. All others clue about her life were shown in ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ when Wanda made all of them have visions.

Natasha has also stated that she did a lot of bad things in the past, and something happened in Budapest with Clint. In the comics, Romanoff has pretend-father called Ivan Petrovich Bezukhov. She was the reason she joined the Soviet’s Black Widow Ops program. The MCU will have to change some things because Natasha has apparently not met the man ever, but it will still be pretty amazing.


After the Decimation in ‘Infinity War’, most of the Guardians of the Galaxy except Rocket and Nebula disappeared. Peter, Drax, and Mantis went up in dust, but Gamora was killed by Thanos for the Soul Stone. The snap in ‘Endgame’ could not bring Gamora back from the dead, but 2014 Gamora went to the future as she was still part of the Black Order then.

However, the portal was seemingly destroyed. Therefore, that Gamora might have stayed in the future, but left on her own because she doesn’t know any of the Guardians except for Nebula. At the end of the film, Peter was searching for her but couldn’t find her. This could mean that the next mission for the eccentric group will be to find her, and that is not the only thing fans can look forward to for the sequel.

The Guardians might not have Gamora yet, but they do have a new member of the group, Thor. Thor’s story in ‘Avengers: Endgame’ is hilarious, but it was surprising when he named Valkyrie as the queen of New Asgard. He was finally embracing the fact that he never wanted to be king himself like Loki did.

He wants more adventures. After witnessing his antics with Rocket and Groot in ‘Infinity War’, this seems like an amazing decision. The future of the Guardians seems even more interesting now. But, we have to wonder if Thor will lose all the weight he gained in those five years.


The only person who knew what would happen in the battle against Thanos was Doctor Strange, and it is clear that he played his role in ‘Infinity War’ to make that future happen even when he turned to dust. When the Avengers traveled back to 2012’s Battle of New York, Hulk was tasked to find the Time Stone, which was kept by the Ancient Once at the New York Sanctum Sanctorum.

At the time, Strange was still just a surgeon and knew nothing about the mystic arts yet. The Ancient One removed Bruce from his Hulk body because she was reluctant to give him the Time Stone. However, after revealing that Strange had willingly given the stone away to Thanos, she changed her mind. She said that Stephen would be “the best” of them, which implies that he will be the ultimate Sorcerer Supreme.

She gave Bruce the stone without after he promised that he would return it – and the others – to the same point they were stolen. The post-credits scenes of ‘Doctor Strange’, showed Baron Mordo killing magic users who were seemingly taking advantage of their powers. The sequel should follow that storyline, as it would change the tone after all the magic shown in ‘Infinity War’ and ‘Endgame’.


After the amazing success of ‘Black Panther’, the sequel was a no-brainer. ‘Infinity War’ showed an intense battle in Wakanda against the Black Order while they protected Vision and the Mind Stone. However, ‘Endgame’ did not show Wakanda, but T’Challa, Okoye, Shuri, and their armies showed up to help in the battle at the destroyed Avengers headquarters.

Although it is hard to tell what might happen in the movie, there might have been a hint in ‘Endgame’. During a high-tech conference call with Nat, Okoye revealed that there was an earthquake under the sea, but they would not be “handling it”. Some people believe that the mention of that could mean the appearance of Namor the Submariner in the MCU.

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That was not the first time that the franchise teased the introduction of the characters. He was mentioned in ‘Iron Man 2’, and Wakanda was talked about as well. However, it is one of the few Easter eggs that the MCU has yet to explore. Unfortunately, Universal owns that character rights for Namor, but they might be more willing to negotiate because of the success of the saga.

After all, Spider-Man was borrowed from Sony. However, Natasha wanted to explore more about the earthquake and Okoye shut her down. Perhaps, it is because the Wakandans have known about Namor and his people for a long time.

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Aside from the coming MCU films, the franchise will experience a new era because Disney will soon launch their own streaming service, and Marvel is planning several shows. Unlike the now-canceled Marvel show on Netflix and others, these stories will relate to the MCU. They are planning a show about Loki, and the moment when he took the Tesseract in ‘Endgame’ could be the perfect starting point.

Sadly, Vision was not returned in ‘Endgame’, but Wanda is probably looking for ways to bring him back. This could be the entire plot of her series, ‘WandaVision’. The most prominent set-up in ‘Endgame’ was old Steve Rogers giving the shield to Sam Wilson, implying that he will be the new Captain America. The show about them will be titled ‘Falcon & Winter Soldier’, but the premise could end up making Bucky the new Cap.

In any case, fans will have MCU for a long time. Let us know which film or show you want to see first. If you liked this article, share it with your friends that yelled in the theater during ‘Avengers: Endgame’. See you next time!

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