Netflix's “Dead To Me”: Reasons The New Show Makes People So Obsessed

Netflix's new dark comedy 'Dead to Me' premièred on the streaming platform early in May, and it's already getting rave reviews from followers on social media. The show features Christina Applegate as Jen, a widow mourning her husband's death with help from her new friend Judy (Linda Cardellini), who happens to have a devastating secret of her own.

As it often goes with Netflix originals, 'Dead to Me' has soon become the talk of the town, with countless supporters on social media lauding the show not just for its writing but also for the performances of Applegate and Cardellini.

Below are comments from fans giving the show their stamp of approval, and, if you have not already, head over to Netflix to watch the first season.

1. Netflix's 'Dead to Me' is a masterpiece which proves why we need more women in the business.

2. Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini are definitely of top of their game.

3. OMG!!! It’s amazing On episode 4… Thank you for hitting countless nerves. Season 2 loading...

4. The reaction when you don't want the episode to finish! Keep it open... haha

5. Yes! We all want the continuation immediately...

6. The fans even wanted to delibrate... 'Dead To Me' fans parliament! Haha

7. When fans profess love for Netflix, you know the media-services provider has gotten it right.

8. Fans are becoming attached to the TV show. We hope it'll continue.

9. ''Broke up with my fiance'' oh my God! Fans are going all the way.

10. Binge watched it too!  Absolutely loved it and now we have to wait for season two.

11. Vibrant characters and incredible writing! You’ll love it.

12. This recommendation is spot-on. Every episode has some sort of surprise moment!

13. What we'll all remember most are the two great lead performances by Applegate and Cardellini, no doubt.

14. Some fans drew a comparison between 'Dead To Me' and 'Grace and Frankie'.

15. Yes, very compelling performances. We can’t wait to get more of the series. It’s so addictive!

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16. For some, 16 is the magic number! The show is so carefully calibrated to make you click on the next episode as quickly as possible.

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If you have not watched 'Dead To Me', I recommend you head over to Netflix and binge-watch the first Season. And if you have already, did you like it, did you hate it? What do you think they might do with season two? Let us know in the comments below. And please share this article with your friends.

Source: Popsugar

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