Top 10 'Game of Thrones' Characters Who Were Recast

Casting is a difficult job for movies and television shows, and sometimes, the crew has to make hard choices to bring forth the best possible version of a fictional character. ‘Game of Thrones’ is almost over, and they have had to recast several roles in their almost ten-year run. Do you know which people were played by more than one actor? Let’s find out!


Samwell Tarly’s younger brother was their father’s favorite and set to rule their House in the future because Sam did not have the best relationship with Randyll Tarly. Dickon was seen for the first time in Season Six played by actor Freddie Stroma when Sam and Gilly visited Horn Hill for a spell. In Season Seven, however, after joining the Lannisters and destroying House Tyrell, there was another actor in his place.

Tom Hopper played Dickon, who joined his father and refused to bend the knee. Hopper might be more familiar because he landed a major gig after that role on Netflix’s ‘Umbrella Academy.’ Stroma said that he had a scheduling problem as he had to work on ‘Time After Time,’ and the showrunners had to choose someone else.


One of the many children of the disgusting Walder Frey, Lothar is usually seen with his brother Walder Rivers, aka Black Walder. Lothar is also known as “Lame,” and he does not speak very much. He wasn’t an important character at all, and that is probably why no one noticed when the actor was replaced by someone else.

However, he was the one who stabbed Robb’s wife in the stomach during the Red Wedding. He was also seen again when they tried to convince their father to stop the invasion of Riverrun. In Season Three, he was played by Tom Brooke, but in Season Six, Daniel Tuite handled the part.

Image credits: HBO/Game of Thrones

Image credits: HBO/Game of Thrones


Rickard was seen several times after Robb Stark was named King in the North. He was one of his bannermen and a distant relation of the Starks. He is not a terribly important character either until he starts disagreeing with Robb’s decisions, especially after Catelyn released Jaime Lannister. One of his sons had died fighting against the Lannister army, while the other was killed by the Kingslayer himself.

Rickard killed two Lannister boys later on and was executed for it. He first appeared at the end of Season One, but his name was never mentioned, and neither was the actor credited. Later on, actor John Stahl became the gray-bearded man.

Image credits: HBO/Game of Thrones

Image credits: HBO/Game of Thrones


Myrcella was never at the forefront of the show and was just one of Cersei and Jaime’s children. During the first seasons, she was played by Aimee Richardson. Later, she was sent to Dorne to marry one of the young princes, which made Cersei even madder at Tyrion Lannister for planning it. However, when we see her again, she was portrayed by Nell Tiger Free. Luckily, Richarson was not mad about it.


He was the leader of the Brotherhood Without Banners, a group that protected the common folk from the war between the many kings in Westeros. He was not seen much for most of the show, but he was incredibly valuable. He came back from death several times. Beric was first seen in Season One and tasked by Ned Stark to bring the Mountain to face justice.

However, not many remember that moment as the actor was just an extra. When fans saw him again in Season Three, he was played by Richard Dormer. Beric’s purpose was fulfilled during the Battle of Winterfell when he sacrificed himself to save Arya. She was always meant to kill the Night King.


The Night King was a significant threat from the North that the show wanted to emphasize for years. He could raise dead bodies, turn them to wights, and make immortal babies. He was virtually unstoppable. However, he only appeared a handful of times during the years, and the actors were always wearing tons of makeup and prosthetics.

Therefore, it is hard to recognize anyone beneath the mask, and it was very easy to disregard the fact that he was replaced at some point. Actor Richard Brake was the original Night King, and he had a very thin face. Later on, Vladimir Furdik took the role, and he was the one in the scene where the Children of the Forest created the Night King.


Bran Stark might have taken on the role of the Three-Eyed Raven, but that is not what we mean by recasting. Two actors played the character before Bran became the greenseer. Actor Struan Rodger initially portrayed him, and his appearance was much more similar to the description in the books.

However, he was replaced by the remarkable actor Max Von Sydow, who was much more clean-cut. Most people did not object to the image change because Sydow is a legend.


Cersei and Jaime’s children, except Joffrey, were not particularly important until later in the show. Therefore, during the first seasons, Callum Wharry played the young boy. But, after Joffrey’s death, they needed Tommen to look a bit older as he was now inheriting the Iron Throne.

Dean-Charles Chapman played the king who fell quickly for Margaery Tyrell. He played another Lannister in the show before becoming Tommen. Like the many characters mentioned before, the show had to recast them once they became more critical to the plot.

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The Mountain is the most fearsome bodyguard of the Lannisters and The Hound’s brother. He is known for his brutality throughout the Seven Kingdoms. The role was actually recast twice. First, actor Conan Stevens had the part during the first season. Later, Ian Whyte held the torch, but finally, he was replaced by Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, one of the strongest men in the world.

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He was the leader of the Second Sons, a group of mercenaries, and a great fighter. He fell in love with Daenerys quickly, betraying his brothers in arms to join her cause. He became her lover for a while. This recast was one of the most evident and surprising of the show.

Actor Ed Skrein was the first choice, who appeared in Season Three. But, by Season Four, he was replaced with Michiel Huisman, who was also great but had a completely different appearance than Skrein.

Not many people noticed these changes because they were not the most critical roles in the show, and the plot was much more enjoyable. Let us know what you think about recasting. If you liked this article share it with your friends who love the show. See you next time!

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