Grey's Anatomy Behind-the-Scenes. The biggest dramas of the show

In a parallel universe somewhere, Isaiah Washington acts Derek Shepherd aka McDreamy and Sandra Oh portrays Miranda Bailey. Find out in this article about the interesting behind the scenes details you missed out on ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’

How many actresses have been pregnant during the show's existence? Which scandal caused Isaiah Washington to get fired? Why was Derek's marriage to his first wife a real shock to even Patrick Dempsey? Another McDreamy? Can you imagine everyone's favorite character 'Derek Shepherd’ might have been played by another actor? Find out why Ellen Pompeo wasn't a fan of the idea.


You might not believe but the character Derek Shepherd was supposed to have been played by Isaiah Washington. Isaiah Washington was set to play the role but Ellen Pompeo had the final say as she didn't like the idea. She refused to play Isaiah's love interest. She turned down the idea because she felt like it was too similar to her real-life situation. She noted that it was really close to what she has with her real-life husband, Chris Ivory. Pompeo told the ‘New York Post’ in 2013:

“You know they want Isaiah Washington to be my boyfriend. Shonda really wanted to put a black man in the mix. I didn't think they were really going to put an interracial couple on the show and I didn't want him. It was too close to home.”

Image Credits: Instagram/therealisaiahwashington

Image Credits: Instagram/therealisaiahwashington

Ellen Pompeo also said she “wanted that Dempsey kid, I think that once Isaiah did not get the role it backfired.” She said of her former co-star whose contract was not renewed for season 4. This happened after he made headlines for his use of homophobic slurs against co-star T.R Knight during an on-set dispute with Patrick Dempsey.
Image Credits: Youtube/OSSA

Image Credits: Youtube/OSSA


Derek's(Patrick Dempsey) marriage to his first wife, Addison(Kate Walsh) gave us so many reasons to worry in the early season of the Grey's Anatomy. It's hard to believe the stars had no idea about such significant detail -including Patrick Dempsey. Patrick said in an extra from season one's DVD set:

“You really don't know what's going to happen from day to day most of the time.” He further added that: “Stuff is always rewritten and changed and the storyline is being revealed to you. You really have to think on your feet. I didn't know I was married until halfway through.”

Quite a shock, right? No wonder he was so good at acting single.

Image Credits: Youtube/OSSA

Image Credits: Youtube/OSSA


Have you ever given a thought to where the materials of the show come from? It is unlikely that the creators of Grey's Anatomy used human bodies right? Well, the mystery of that was unraveled by Sarah Drew. She revealed in an interview I'm 2010 saying:

“We work with bovine organs, which is cow's organs.”

Thank Goodness! Lol.

Image Credits: Youtube/OSSA

Image Credits: Youtube/OSSA

She continued:

“The smell is repulsive and makes us all gag. And we use an actual soldering tool to solder the organs. It smells like burning flesh.”

Doesn't sound very nice, we can't imagine how the actors must have felt. We're not sure if you want to know what the blood is made of, but we're going to give you a hint; it's not that of humans!

Image Credits: Youtube/OSSA

Image Credits: Youtube/OSSA


Chyler Leigh's(Lexie Grey) exit from the show was one of the most desolate plot twists of the show. When the actress decided to leave, she wrapped up Lexie’s storyline on her own terms. That doesn't mean the filming of her death was a total dream. In fact, it was cold, liver cold. She said:

“it was cold. We were up at Big Bear and at one point it had snowed. Then it would rain and be sunny and hot. I never died on camera. That sounds funny saying that. I think everyone has an emotional wellspring and that happens to be a moment where I was sprung.”

Image Credits: Instagram/chy_leigh

Image Credits: Instagram/chy_leigh


This is another role that was almost given to another actress, but luckily, Chandra Wilson got it. It took an extended period for Chandra Wilson to get the role because in Shonda Rhimes’ original script it had in mind a short, blonde white woman. Shonda said the reason they were reluctant to talk to Chandra after she auditioned in L.A is that she was so perfect. She even said:

“ We thought if we spoke to her we would convey ‘oh my God please we want you,’'

as opposed to letting things happen the way they were supposed to.” We're glad she got to play that part as she did it excellently.

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Image Credits: Youtube/OSSA

Image Credits: Youtube/OSSA


Sometimes an actress’ pregnancy can be written into a script quite well and some other times creators have to find a way to hide the baby bump. For example, what happened to the show's star, Ellen Pompeo as she was pregnant at the beginning of the filming of season 6. The show's crew only started filming her from the back, neck up and sitting. Then the scriptwriters created a twist where Meredith donates a part of her liver to her father which makes her end up on a hospital bed. Jessica Capshaw's character broke our hearts with her departure to Africa, but that only happened because the actress had to go on maternity leave.

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Image Credits: Youtube/OSSA

Image Credits: Youtube/OSSA

When Jessica got pregnant again, the creators decided not to send her to Africa again this time, but film her mostly sitting with objects hiding her protruding stomach. Well, Chandra Wilson and Sarah Drew's pregnancies were actually written into the plot. Sarah filmed April's birth scene and 18 hours later, she started the labor process herself. We can’t comprehend how hard it is to be very pregnant and act out a birthing scene. We'd be afraid of giving birth to the baby, right there and then!
Image Credits: Youtube/OSSA

Image Credits: Youtube/OSSA

We're definitely glad the characters, Derek and Bailey were played by Patrick Dempsey and Chandra Wilson as the actors were into their characters flawlessly. We also applaud the crew for how they managed the actresses pregnancies.  What do you think about the behind the scenes details? Let us know which came as a surprise to you. Share this article with your friends who loves ‘Grey Anatomy.’

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