Britney Spears Is Rumoured To Be Pregnant Amid Her Mental Break Down

This week the media has been plagued with stories about the Princess of Pop, Britney Spears, who recently checked into a mental health clinic, and some outlets are speculating that she might be pregnant. The pop singer is going through a tough time, but many stories have gotten the facts wrong. Let’s explore the truth about her situation.


Things started last January, when Spears canceled her Las Vegas show, ‘Domination’, to take care of her emotional state. She was too overcome by her father, Jamie, falling ill that she needed time to recover. In April, the pop singer went to a mental health institution and posted on Instagram that she needed time to herself.

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However, she also reassured fans that “all was well”. New details about her situation have surfaced, and it might be worse than everyone thinks. Her manager, Larry Rudolph, who has worked with her on and off since 1999, told TMZ,

“As the person who guides her career—based on the information I and all of the professionals who work with her are being told on a need-to-know basis—from what I have gathered it’s clear to me she should not be going back to do this Vegas residency, not in the near future and possibly never again.”  

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Naturally, fans are worried about their favorite star. Additionally, another issue came up: her conservatorship. After her breakdown back in 2008, her father started controlling her business, financial, and personal affairs. However, in early May, Britney went to courts to ask for the rules of that agreement to be loosened, as she had not been able to decide many things about her own life.

Apparently, she couldn’t even drive a car until very recently. The judge is still deciding, but fans of Spears online have started a campaign with the hashtag “#FreeBritney”. Some of them believe that the singer is being controlled by her father and her staff. Even her mother, Lynne, has liked many of these posts.


Could this mean that the ‘Oops I Did it Again’ singer will never perform again? Even when she came back from a mental breakdown in 2008 and won more VMAs after the horrible performance of ‘Gimme More’? It has become clear that people who suffer from mental health issues do not do well in the industry of entertainment.

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Meanwhile, Spears has not spoken directly about the allegations of her manager, and some fans even believe that none of her social posts were actually made by her. Furthermore, it is no secret that the singer was never alright with fame. She once said,

“I think it’s an escape, because honestly with how shy I really am, I don’t think it’s healthy. . . Something clicks and I go and turn into this different person.”

In her 2008 documentary titled ‘Britney: For the Record’, the singer talked about feeling trapped by her notoriety, and the impact it had on her mental breakdown, which was overplayed by the press. “There’s no excitement, there’s no passion,” she said when talking about her life.

“If I wasn’t under the restraints I’m under, I’d feel so liberated.”

It is only natural that the world is paying attention to the star, and if history repeats itself, the stories in the media will be much worse.


The National Enquirer reported that Spears will face a new obstacle on her journey to recovery because she is pregnant. They cited words from an insider, who said that she is eating too much and gaining weight rapidly. They also stated that she had been feeling physically ill and has slept a lot lately. The same source said that the singer is “ravenously hungry and everyone believes it’s because she’s pregnant”.

However, Gossip Cop and even those around her know that this story is not true, and it’s a lie to say that everyone believes it. The NE has often been disregarded before and scorned for reporting lies, especially now that Britney is in such a delicate state. Not only is the story made up, but their “source” seems completely made up.

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At one point, the “insider” said, “Her hair extensions are a total mess, and she’s been eating lots of junk food like burgers, ice cream, chips, and soda.” The fact is that there is no evidence that the Princess of Pop is pregnant. But, the magazine goes on to say that her boyfriend, Sam Asghari, is already going crazy at the thought of becoming a father.

They also stated, “Britney has to make some hard decisions about what to do next, especially if there’s a baby on the way,” and finally, the source said, “Not everyone thinks she’ll be able to handle it.” For the record, Britney’s rep has denied the rumors, and Gossip Cop was informed that the story is completely untrue.

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However, no one should be surprised that insane rumors are being printed about Spears, as things have always escalated when it comes to her. After her huge mental breakdown of 2008, magazines were able to sell a lot of lies thanks to the Princess of Pop, and back then, social media was barely starting to appear with Facebook.

While the pop singer might not be the main star of our times, she is still adored by older audiences; so, she will always be a hot topic. Additionally, the National Enquirer has done things like this before. For example, last year, they reported that Spears and Asghari were engaged, although they called him her “boyfriend” in this publication instead of “fiancé”.

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They also alleged that the couple would get married in Las Vegas, but more than a year has gone by and there is no news about an upcoming wedding. Just three weeks ago, they reported that Asghari would dump her because she went to a mental health facility, but now he is worried about becoming a father.

That is majorly inconsistent. Furthermore, just a few weeks ago, the singer posted a video doing yoga on Instagram where she showed her tight belly in a bikini. She continuously posts videos on her social media with her stomach on full display; so, those "sources" have clearly not checked her page. 

Obviously, the rumors of her pregnancy are unfounded, and we hope she takes all the time she needs to recover. Let us know what you think of the role the media can play on something as delicate as mental health. If you liked this article, share it with your friends who still love her like it’s the early 2000s. See you next time!

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