Why Britney Spears Has Been Silent About Her Personal And Psychiatric Struggles For Years


Singer Britney Spears has been on a rollercoaster of fame right from the time she came into the pop music spotlight. Her major break came with her dressing as a sexy schoolgirl in ‘Oops, I did it again’ album in 2000. After a series of major personal struggles, Brit’s career was affected. Shortly before the release of her fifth album ‘Blackout’ in 2007, her recurrent hospitalizations resulted in her being placed on a still ongoing conservatorship. Earlier this year, Brit announced a sort of career pause and was later admitted into a mental health facility by her conservator. This then led to an investigation into malpractice headed by the court, which was conducted by her team.


Both Brit and her parents testified at a joint court hearing on Friday. It was a court in Los Angeles that the party had to present their piece over the state of Brit’s mental health. This, according to the Associated Press, was in the bid of hearing Brit’s parents’ side on their child’s troubled mental health management. Ever since the break of Britney’s health problems, her sons have been in the custody of their father, Kevin Federline. Britney's kids, who are 13 and 12 years old respectively have pleaded that their mother is granted access to her medical records.


The control, as well as conservatorship over Brit, has been in the hands of her father for over eleven years. Jamie Spears was named permanent conservator of Britney’s affairs since 2008. The L.A court superior judge, Brend Penny has ordered an expert evaluation about this.

This was to determine which of Britney’s parents has more competence to handle their daughter’s health management. The artiste’s attorney Samuel D. Ingham asked during the hearing that the courtroom should be emptied for that section of the court proceeding. Brit was reported to have attended this part without her shoes on. Jamie and his ex-wife Lynne who is also Britney’s mother, got divorced in 2002.


Brit’s mother has filed a court document. She wants the permission for a lawyer to stand in her stead at the court hearing, regarding her daughter’s health care later in the week. The concerned mother has requested that the court grants to her the services of attorney Gladstone N. Jones III. She intends for him to stand and take part in representing her as her attorney at the status hearing. This is set to hold on 10th May in the court at L.A.

Lynne Spears, Brit’s mother, had her attorneys include in the documents that she has a form of representation at the court status hearing. They stressed that this was in the best interest of their client’s daughter. According to the document, it would be an advantage for Brit to have her mother represented by her attorney at the hearing. These court documents were filed by Yasha Bronshteyn who is one of the attorneys of Lynne Spears. However, CNN’s request for further comment on this was not immediately answered by Bronshteyn.


The CNN had initially reached out to a representative of the singer for comments. The request came after, over a week of Britney’s abrupt departure from the facility, where she had been receiving treatment for her withheld mental issues. An undisclosed source which is quite close to Brit confirmed to the CNN that she already left.


It was last month that singer Britney Spears announced to the public that she would be going on a kind of break. She referred to this as taking some ‘me’ time off to focus on taking care of herself. Some sources have it that it was around the time of her sudden announcement that she checked into a facility. According to reports, it was for her to seek an all-encompassing wellness treatment.

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It would be recalled that it was in January that Brit claimed she was retreating from her career. She said she was also moving from her Las Vegas residency to assist her father, who was then struggling with health problems. Also, in April, the singer revealed that her family was the reason for her seeming absence from the spotlight. She informed her fans that her family was going through some personal issues.

This message was in reaction to so many speculations from her fans and lovers. According to her post on Instagram, she stated:

“My family has been going through a lot of stress and anxiety lately, so I just needed time to deal.” She also included in the post that “

You may not know this about me, but I am strong, and I stand up for what I want.” This is quite a handful, even for those that are not so much of a fan of Brit’s.


Despite all the drama that has been going on in the personal life of Britney Spears, she has just one favor to ask of the public so far. She would like her fans and supporters to grant her a little bit of privacy. Less scrutiny from the public will allow her to handle and deal with all the problematic issues that life has been bringing her way. The singer has promised her fans that she would return very soon.

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Well, for someone like Britney, privacy is undoubtedly a huge deal to ask for. However, let us hope her fans truly love her enough to support her during this tough time.

On the brighter side, it is quite settling that the artist has the undying love and support of her parents. Despite their separation, they are matured enough to work on putting aside their differences for the sake of their daughter. This in itself, one must say, is a win already. A significant milestone that so many have, unfortunately not been able to cross. If anything, it sorts of brings up the hope that Britney Spears is sure to come out of this tough situation full of life and stronger.

What is your take of the Spears family situation? What other thing do you think she would expect of her fans and the public beyond a bit of privacy? You can share your thoughts below. Share this article with your friends who are fans of Britney Spears.

Source: CNN entertainment, The Daily Beast

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