Meghan Markle’s Mother Has More Important Role Than Any Other Royal Relative

Relationships that we have with our parents can play a significant part in not only our future but our children’s as well. With Meghan Markle becoming a new mom herself just a couple of days ago, she has ended up becoming even closer with her mother. Even though the two already had a tight-knit relationship beforehand, Ragland has been spending all of her time around Meghan and Harry since little Archie was born.

In light of this past mother’s day, we’ve decided to find out more about the woman who’s raised the sophisticated and beautiful duchess we all know today. From what we’ve seen, Doria Ragland has always been by her daughter’s side, supporting her in the time she needs her most. And, unlike her father, Ragland has stayed out of the limelight and avoided bad press like the plague. With baby Archie now making his appearance, it looks like Meghan’s mom will be playing an even bigger role in her life, and possibly become a regular within the royal scene. Let’s find out about Doria!


After going through a divorce, Meghan Markle’s mother, Doria Ragland, took on the responsibility of raising her daughter. And even though her father played a role in her life as well, Markle spent the majority of her time with Doria. With her mother’s career in the field of social work, Meghan learned how important it is to give back to society and be socially aware.

Doria has always been Meghan’s greatest supporter. For one, she was the only family member to attend Meghan and Harry’s royal wedding. And, in addition, Doria has apparently been super supportive of the royal couple ever since the beginning as well. She travels to the U.K. very often in order to spend time with the Sussexes and her new family. In fact, sources close to the royal family have stated that they’re currently looking for a home for Meghan’s mom somewhere in the U.K. just so she can spend more time with her new grandchild, Archie.


Meghan’s father isn’t a stranger to the press and is known to attract attention to himself. Unfortunately, many scandals have broken out and made headlines involving their relationship, more than likely leaving Meghan feeling devastated. Doria, however, is the complete opposite. Because she has her daughter’s best interest at heart, Ragland has made it a habit to stay out of the limelight and out of the press entirely.

Some believe that this may be one of the main reasons why Doria has been invited to attend royal events - including holidays - and is currently spending time with the new parents. In fact, the public was shocked to find out that the queen invited Doria to spend Christmas with the royal family - something that’s rarely ever done, and hasn’t even been offered to the Middleton’s.

So it’s really not surprising that the royal family has fully embraced and welcomed Doria into their lives, which comes in stark contrast to the way her father has been received. By staying out of the limelight, not feeding into negative publicity, keeping her daughter’s interest at heart and supporting her partnership with Prince Harry, Ragland has given numerous reasons for everyone to love her.


We know very well that the royal family has their own set of crazy rules and traditions that everyone needs to follow. And, honestly, the list seems endless. And although it might seem like it would be extremely difficult for an outsider like Doria to adjust, Meghan’s mom has basically become an expert on the topic, after being invited to so many royal events.

This also more than likely accounts for why Meghan has built a much closer relationship with her mother lately, compared to her dad. In fact, Ragland is currently staying with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex at their Windsor home, in order to help take care of the new royal baby and the recovering new mommy.


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For the past little while, Doria has been staying in London with Meghan and Harry. Ragland is currently helping the couple prepare their home - and their lives - for the arrival of royal baby Archie. Meghan gushed about having her mother by her side. She said that she has been “so happy” with having her help with the newborn.

Of course, we already know that Meghan and Harry have gone through their fair share of change within their lives, especially as a couple. And now, with a baby entering the picture, the status quo will totally chance. Although having a new baby is exciting and simply indescribable, it is also just a stressful - which is why Doria’s presence means that much more to Markle. There’s nothing more comforting than having your mother by your side.


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Doria has proved herself as a mother, by always looking out for Meghan and supporting her along the way. And judging by the amazing work she’s done as a mom, we can definitely see her being just as wonderful as a grandmother. Harry and Meghan will clearly be needing some extra help adjusting with baby Archie’s arrival - and that’s what Doria’s here for! She’ll be helping the couple for the first few couple of weeks. As expected, Meghan’s mom is reportedly over the moon about her grandson's arrival.

With baby Archie shaking things up in Meghan and Harry's life, we're sure the couple is glad to have someone as reliable and caring as Meghan's mom by their side. With all of the attention on the newborn, the two will definitely need a little break from the stress of adjusting. Let us know what you think about Meghan's relationship with her mom in the comments below! And check out our other related articles about the royals for the latest info.

Sources: CheatSheet


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